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Hi-Tech Dental Implants for Your Practice


Finding high-quality dental implants at a competitive price might seem challenging, but with Dental Implant Technologies, you have access to a range of Hi-Tech Dental Implants that can suit any patient, at the right prices.


We are a trusted supplier of Hi-Tec Implants (often referred to as Hi-Tech Dental Implants or simply HiTech Implants). Based in the United States, we have offered the most reliable implants, instruments, and regenerative supplies for almost three decades.


The best treatment outcomes start with the best implants, instruments, and regenerative technologies. Trust a supplier of industry-leading products and get the best solutions for your patients.


The Advantages of Hi-Tech Dental Implants


Today, there are several competing brands offering dental implant systems, which can make it hard to choose the best products for your practice. Hi-Tec Implants (Hi-Tech Dental Implants) are designed and manufactured in Israel, based on decades of innovative precision. They are cost-competitive with the rest of the industry, allowing you to make affordable choices without compromising the quality of service that you deliver to your patients.


Hi-Tec Implants (Hi-Tech Dental Implants) offered by Dental Implant Technologies are comparable to other popular systems on the market, including NobelActive® and ScrewVent®, to name just a couple. Implants are designed in-house with complete control over manufacturing, ensuring exacting tolerances and great surgical outcomes.


Materials used for our Hi-Tec Implants (Hi-Tech Dental Implants) include titanium, and stainless steel, depending on the specific components.


A Broad Range of HiTech Implants Systems


Choosing the right system for the patient is important. Whether you’re looking for a bone level implant connection or something at the tissue level, you will find a range of HiTech Implants available to suit the unique needs of every patient.


Our HiTech Implants include…


  • Conical Connection Implants.
  • Internal Hex Connection Implants.
  • Tri-Lobe Connection Implants.
  • Morse Taper Connection Implants
  • Mini Implants and Attachments.

With a range of HiTech Implants systems, you can have confidence knowing that you can get all of the essential components from a single supplier.


We supply more than just HiTech Implants. You can browse our inventory to find everything used in the process, including the laboratory preparation. This includes the HiTech Implants and abutments, impression copings, castable components, laboratory analogs, locator abutments, and CAD/CAM components for digital restorations.


Instruments for Dental Implants


Our success as the representative of Hi-Tec Implants in the United States has been largely built on our commitment to value, customer service, and understanding what practicing dentists and technicians need. Implant systems must be supported by the right instruments for dental implants.


We supply high-quality instruments for dental implants and other procedures. This includes dental implant placement kits, prosthetic instrument kits, and even PRF systems that can be used to produce Platelet Rich Fibrin for the treatment of a broad variety.


Instruments for dental implants are made to exacting standards to ensure that they are both reliable and accurate when working with our Hi-Tech Dental Implants and compatible systems. Our Surgical Kit for Internal Hex Implants (SKU: IHSK) is an excellent example of how the perfect tools can complement the perfect dental implant system. Fully customizable, this surgical kit can include instruments for dental implants used in preparation and placement. We also offer kits for prosthetic placement and maintenance.


Our instruments for dental implants are complemented by an extensive selection of instruments used for general dentistry, implant dentistry, restoration, and cosmetic procedures.


Although we offer a huge lineup of unique instruments and accessories, there is one thing shared between our instruments for dental implants and other procedures. It’s the quality. We source our equipment from leading manufacturers including Hi-Tec Implants and others. Material selection is important, with instruments made from surgical stainless steel and exotic materials like that seen on our carbide-tipped drills and burrs.


If you want the most reliable instruments for your dental practice, start by browsing the selection at Dental Implant Technologies. Whether you need instruments for dental implants, retractors for routine examinations, or periodontal probing kits for the treatment of gum disease, you’ll find these and much more. Always focused on quality and competitive pricing, you’ll find that it’s easy to keep your practice stocked with the essential instruments used to deliver outstanding patient care.


Regenerative Products


As a leading supplier of dental implant solutions and instruments, we also understand the need for reliable regenerative products. Dental implantation always requires a stable foundation. In many cases, this means grafting before an implant can be placed.


We offer an extensive range of allograft, xenograft, and synthetic materials. We also supply demineralized bone matrix products that are fully prepared and ready to apply chairside. No matter your preferred clinical workflow, our regenerative products can ensure that your patients are ready for the next stage of their treatment.


Browse our inventory to find everything from bone grafting particulates to putty, bone strips, membranes, sutures, tissue glue, and collagen dressings.


Like our Hi-Tech Dental Implants, our regenerative products are selected for value, quality, and safety. You’ll experience predictable results with excellent long-term outcomes when choosing from our regenerative products.


The Choukroun PRF System


Dental Implant Technologies is your trusted supplier of the Choukroun PRF System. Dr. Choukroun developed PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) protocols as an advancement of existing PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) protocols.


Autologous blood prepared in a Choukroun centrifuge can be used to create sticky bone for grafting, natural membranes, and even injectable PRF that is suited to direct application to a defect or as a cosmetic product injected for medical facials.


Your Leading Supplier of Dental Instruments, Implant Systems, and Regenerative Products


Your practice deserves affordable products that are at the cutting edge of innovation and reliability. You’ll find all of your clinical essentials at Dental implant Technologies.


From Hi-Tech Dental implants to reliable instruments, regenerative products, and PRF solutions, the essential components of restorative and regenerative dentistry are found within our store. Browse now, get live help from our customer service team, and enjoy an easy ordering process with convenient delivery to your office.


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