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Root Tip Removal Instruments

When root tips are unable to be extracted in one piece, root tip removal instruments can ensure that sectioned fragments are removed safely and without damage to the surrounding structure of the socket. Accurate tools, including picks and forceps, enable removal without leaving damaged or infected tissue in the socket. The use of these instruments is often an essential step in preparing the socket for preservation or the placement of dental implants.

The quality of the instruments is important. Instruments that are effective and ergonomic can simplify the process, ensuring safety for the patient and a stress-free workflow for the dental professional. Dental Implant Technologies is the leading online supplier of reliable root tip removal instruments.

A Broad Range of Instruments for Root Tip Extraction

We offer a comprehensive range of instruments to ensure that root tip extractions are not just successful, but also stress-free to perform. Quality enhances everything from the patient’s comfort to the success of a procedure.

Our broad range includes:

  • Root tip removal kits and sterilization cassettes.
  • Picks, elevators, and spades for root tip extraction.
  • Precision forceps to easily grip and remove tips and fragments.
  • Root tap extractors.

Root Tip Picks

Root tip picks have fine and sharp heads to easily access difficult-to-reach areas of the sockets where root tip fragments remain after successfully sectioning a tooth. These tips can also be used to loosen and dislodge fragments that remain after severe tooth decay. They are also known as elevators as they can help to raise the fragments for removal with forceps.

The periodontal ligament should be severed before elevating and dislodging, to prevent damage to instrument tips.

Root Tip Forceps

Fine forceps should be used in conjunction with picks to grasp and remove root fragments. Forceps are available in two basic designs: angulated and straight. Angulated forceps are more effective and have improved ergonomics when removing fragments at the mid-range of the ridge and in the posterior. Straight forceps are easier to use at the anterior, although angulated forceps could be used in all scenarios depending on the experience and preference of the clinician.

Root Tap Extractors

In some cases, if the root remains intact after tooth breakage it’s possible to remove it in a single section with a root tap extractor. The Nexxgen Biomedical® Root Tap Extractor (SKU: NX-RE2) is designed for dental handpieces operating at 60 RPM in a clockwise direction. A 2.0mm guide hole is drilled into the root, before threading the tap and raising/extracting the root.

Although root tap extractors aren’t suitable for every scenario, they can make the workflow much simpler in specific cases.

Insist on the Most Reliable Root Tip Removal Instruments

Dental Implant Technologies is committed to quality. When precision tools are available in the dental office, procedures are safer, more accurate, and with less stress for the clinician and better outcomes for the patient.

The highest quality root tip removal instruments bring a host of benefits that any practitioner can appreciate.

  • The best instruments make procedures safer and more efficient, limiting the risk of complications and enhancing the comfort of the patient.
  • Quality means less breakage and wear over time, improving the return on investment from precision dental instruments.
  • The risk of damage to surrounding tissue and bone is limited when using the best root tip removal
  • Corrosion-resistant instruments can go through a long duty cycle with countless uses and sterilizations before the metal begins to pit or corrode.
  • Reliable tip removal instruments come with competitive warranties for peace of mind, like three years of coverage against defects on many of our stainless steel instruments, and five years on most of our titanium-nitride coated instruments.

Ultimately, purchasing root tip removal instruments is an investment. That investment should pay off with many successful surgeries, a smooth chairside workflow, and a great reputation gained from providing efficient treatments. Dental Implant Technologies supplies precision instruments designed to ensure that the investment will pay off in all of these ways and more.

Order today and enjoy the superior performance of high-quality root tip removal instruments from Dental Implant Technologies.