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Buy Synergy Xenograft Bovine Particulate Online

Bovine bone is one of the most valuable materials used to develop bone substitutes for regenerative dentistry procedures. It has impressive osteoconductive properties, allowing for reliable and rapid bone reformation.

At Dental Implant Technologies®, we offer a range of the highest quality surgical-grade bone regenerative compounds. Synergy xenograft particulate is a popular option for surgeons looking for an affordable product that is comparable in performance to Bio-Oss™ bone graft products.

Discover the advantages of Synergy, and order surgical dentistry products from a trusted American supplier.

Synergy Bone Grafting Materials Derived from Bovine Bone

The bovine bone used in Synergy and competing products like Bio-Oss™ grafting materials is one of the most effective regenerative substances known. Synergy is developed with microscopic pores in its bone mineral compound. These pores create a three-dimensional structure that promotes rapid bone tissue growth.

Bovine bone grafting materials, when sterilized and processed into bovine particulate, have structures that mimic those of natural human bone. When bone density or structure is insufficient to perform dental procedures, Synergy is an effective solution.

Synergy bovine bone graft materials are offered in particulate vials for use in dental surgeries. We offer a range of single-use vial sizes to make it easier to keep an inventory stocked with xenograft particulate.

All bovine grafting materials are derived from the bones of domesticated cattle. The bone is heavily processed to remove unnecessary compounds that could reduce biocompatibility. The result is a 100% sterile bovine particulate that can be mixed with a solution and applied directly to surgical sites. Cow bone-derived materials are naturally resorbed into the body as new bone tissue grows. The result is rapid regeneration that provides a base for implantation and other critical dental procedures.

Synergy Outperforms Bio-Oss™ Bone Grafting Materials

Finding effective regenerative products is critical for surgeons. The highest quality bovine grafting materials can ensure rapid recovery and surgical results that promote patient health and allow for necessary follow-up procedures.

Dental professionals unfamiliar with Synergy cow bone particulates can refer to Bio-Oss™ bone grafting materials as a baseline.

According to clinical results published by Synergy, the product can actually outperform Bio-Oss™ grafting materials in two key areas.

In trials comparing Bio-Oss™ (sometimes written as BioOss), Synergy provided a higher percentage of new bone formation in a limited time frame. Synergy promoted more bone formation than BioOss grafts in four, eight, and twelve-week periods. Synergy performed best at the four and twelve-week benchmarks.

Synergy is highly biocompatible and has a slower resorption profile compared to Bio-Oss™ grafting materials. Because Synergy remains active for longer over four, eight, and twelve-week periods, it can promote more bone tissue regeneration than the competition.

These results offer confidence to dental surgeons, especially in cases where a patient requires consistent bone regeneration over a prolonged period. The FDA has concluded that Synergy is equivalent in performance to Bio-Oss™ bone grafting materials.

Dental professionals looking for highly effective and affordable cow bone grafting particulates can trust Synergy. Browse our single-use cow bone graft vials today and order online for convenience and the most competitive pricing.

Best Applications for Synergy Xenograft Bovine Grafting Materials

Bovine particulate in the form of Synergy is effective for a range of dental procedures. Bone regeneration is often needed before implantation. Single tooth extractions may also require bone grafting to prevent density loss.

Cow bone graft particulates are commonly used for:

  • Filling defects as necessary for guided bone regeneration.
  • General bone regeneration procedures.
  • Elevating the maxillary sinus floor.
  • Filling sockets left from tooth extraction.
  • Preserving the alveolar ridges in cases of tooth decay and loss.
  • Filling periodontal defects.
  • Filling defects left from cystectomy, resection, and apicoectomy.
  • Reconstructive and augmentation treatments.
  • Preparing for dental implantation.
  • Whole-mouth dental restoration.

Cow bone grafting materials are available to order today. Synergy is a versatile and reliable product designed to exceed FDA standards and outperform competing products.

Synergy Bovine Bone Graft Particulates

Xenograft products from Synergy are derived from 100% sterile bovine grafting materials. All products are comparable with Bio-Oss™ (BioOss) particulates.

We offer eight granule size and dosing packages, all of which are ready to order.

  • SMALL 350-840UM particulates in a 0.4CC vial. (SKU: ALPE-840)
  • LARGE 840-2000UM particulates in a 0.4CC vial. (SKU: ALPE-2000)
  • SMALL 350-840UM particulates in a 3.0CC vial. (SKU: HU2G-840)
  • LARGE 840-2000UM particulates in a 3.0CC vial. (SKU: HU2G-2000)
  • SMALL 350-840UM particulates in a 1.6CC vial. (SKU: ESP1G-840)
  • LARGE 840-2000UM particulates in a 1.6CC vial. (SKU: ESP1G-2000)
  • SMALL 350-840UM particulates in a 0.8cc vial. (SKU: SYN-CE-840)
  • LARGE 840-2000UM particulates in a 0.8cc vial. (SKU: SYN-CE-2000)

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Order Bovine Bone Graft Products from Synergy and Dental Implant Technologies®

We proudly supply the most reliable bovine bone grafting materials that meet and exceed the expectations of competitors like Bio-Oss™ (BioOss). Improve your procurement process with an easy ordering system and competitive online prices.

Synergy is ideal for dental procedures that require bone regeneration treatment. With convenient single-use vial sizes, it’s easy to keep xenograft particulates in stock or to order on an as-needed basis.

Browse our products and order now or contact us for more information and sales support. With both online chat and phone support, we are standing by to help you get the best regenerative products for your dental practice.