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Dental Implant Handpieces

A 20:1 surgical handpiece is one of the most used instruments in implant surgery. Reliability and performance are essential when selecting a dental implant handpiece 20:1 instrument, especially for a busy dental clinic.

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies the most advanced dental implant handpiece 20:1 instruments to clinicians in the United States. Choose from our quality implant handpiece 20:1 models and enjoy the performance and cost-efficiency that leads to consistently positive patient outcomes.

Making an Informed Decision When Purchasing Implant Handpiece 20:1

Three key considerations should be made when selecting an implant hand piece…

  • The implant hand piece should feature superior quality and materials.
  • The implant hand piece must be reliable.
  • The implant hand piece should provide excellent performance.

With a crowded market, it can be difficult to make the right decision. Although rare in the United States thanks to strict regulations, counterfeit or poor-quality implant hand pieces are sometimes sold. Avoid bargains that seem too good to be true. The best implant hand pieces are fairly priced. Being complex dental instruments with high-quality materials and several bespoke parts, the cost of investment typically falls within the $1,000 - $2,000 range depending on the performance of the specific instrument and the accessories chosen at the time of purchase. Models that cost much less are likely to underperform and will require early replacement, offsetting any savings made at the time of purchase.

Considering the number of surgeries that an implant hand piece can be used for, the investment pays for itself over time in the professional fees generated. Patients will receive the best care and the reputation of a practice can improve when high-quality instruments are used to deliver better patient outcomes.

Implant hand pieces from Dental Implant Technologies® are covered by a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty for defective parts and workmanship.

High Torque Surgical Handpieces for Reliable Performance

We supply two unique models of surgical handpieces with high torque potential to cover any type of implant placement or restoration.

Implant platforms are designed for use at low torque settings, typically ranging from 15 to 45 Ncm. However, having a surgical handpiece with higher torque potential can be advantageous. A higher torque rating on a surgical handpiece indicates the quality of the instrument and the reliability of its parts. The higher the torque rating, the stronger and more reliable the surgical handpiece will be.

Our standard models are available in Latch or Push Button configurations. Our Mont Blanc Implant Handpiece can be ordered with an adjustable depth stop for safety during osteotomy drilling. An LED Optic is also available for the Mont Blanc Implant Handpiece to ensure complete illumination of the surgical site.

Our surgical hand pieces offer excellent compatibility with simple cleaning and disassembly. For both convenience and reliable performance, insist on the high-quality surgical hand pieces supplied by Dental Implant Technologies®.

Our Dental Handpieces are Easy to Clean

We supply the best dental handpieces for clinicians in the United States. Beyond the impressive performance of our dental handpieces, maintenance and cleaning are simple. This helps to streamline in-office procedures.

The cleaning procedure is simple with our dental handpieces being autoclave compatible. Our dental handpieces should be sterilized before the first use, and after every procedure.

  • Surfaces should be disinfected before and after each procedure. Disinfection removes only surface contamination and doesn’t provide full infection control between patient contact.

The dental handpiece, tubing, clips, and all instrument attachments used should be steam autoclaved.

  • Any debris should be scrubbed from the handpiece. The handpiece can be wiped with a cotton swab or cloth.
  • A dental handpiece lubricant/cleaning spray can be applied to the instrument.
  • Dental handpieces can be autoclaved at 135°C or 275°F for twenty minutes for sterilization.

Complete cleaning and maintenance documentation is available upon purchase. Our surgical hand piece models for dental implants are manufactured by Aseptico®, a leader in dental instruments based in the United States.

Surgical Hand Pieces with Excellent Compatibility for Implant Motors and Irrigation

Investing in high-quality surgical hand pieces should come with few limitations in terms of compatibility. Clinicians will enjoy the best compatibility when choosing surgical hand pieces from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Our Mont Blanc Surgical Hand Piece works with all internal and external irrigation implant systems. The best performance is achieved with a 7000 Series Implant Motor. The Aseptico® AEU-7000 Series Motor (SKU: AEU-7000) ensures excellent accuracy with a dynamometer calibration system. The software can be upgraded to ensure compatibility and performance for years to come. The system provides up to 80 Ncm of torque while in Implant Mode, and up to 4.95 Ncm for surgical applications. The system is FDA compliant, inspiring confidence.

The 7000 Series features a Multifunction Foot Controller, with pump, flow rate, direction, torque, and preset control.

Pairing our surgical hand pieces with an advanced and highly reliable motor allows for smoother chairside procedures and better patient outcomes.

Order the Most Reliable Implant Hand Pieces

Dental implant hand pieces play a key role during surgery, ensuring that everything from the osteotomy to the implant post are placed accurately and with minimal stress on the part of the clinician.

Perform safer and more reliable surgeries when the best instruments are available. Order implant handpieces from Dental Implant Technologies® and enjoy the best experience with advanced features that contribute to successful implant procedures.