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Dental Implant Technologies® supplies a complete range of collagen and dental synthetic membranes for surgeons throughout America. For regenerative procedures, membranes can provide the protection and grafting support that is necessary for swift recoveries and outstanding patient results.

We stock the world’s leading brands and products, including OsteoGen® plugs and strips. From collagen foam to PTFE membranes and titanium mesh, enjoy the best prices and the most reliable products in one convenient location.

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The Advantages of Dental Synthetic Membranes for Regenerative Procedures

Even for experienced dental professionals, the wide selection of synthetic membranes on the market can be overwhelming. With similarities and overlaps between products, the choice between brands and specific products comes from a combination of preference and surgical application.

In the majority of regenerative applications, membranes are used to provide a secure barrier to contain a grafting material. In some cases, the application of a dental synthetic membrane is all that’s required to prevent soft tissue cell migration and allow new bone to form. This is especially true in procedures like socket preservation following tooth extraction.

The right membrane can improve handling and safety during a surgical procedure. The best membranes incorporate features like non-slip surfaces and easy conformity to a surgical site. Collagen membranes can support regeneration and allow for nutrient passage. Some synthetic membranes are used primarily for surgical site protection and support.

Collagen Plugs and Sponges

For wound healing, collagen plugs and sponges are the ideal solutions. Dental professionals choose collagen products because they are biocompatible and contain the building blocks of human tissue. Reliable plugs and sponges can be used to control bleeding, stabilize surgical wounds, and provide support throughout the initial healing stages.

Collagen sponges and plugs are readily absorbed into the body and can limit discomfort for patients. We carry popular brands including OsteoGen® plugs and HeliPlug® resorbable collagen plugs. All our products meet the highest surgical standards and are competitively priced.

Collagen Membranes and Tape

Collagen membranes are typically used to provide regenerative support for mucosal flaps and extraction sites. The Type-1 collagen used in membranes and tape is sterile and biocompatible. Both types of materials can be easily formed to surgical sites, ensuring effective protection for a surgical wound. Collagen tape and membrane products promote blood coagulation to stop bleeding and enhance healing.

Collagen membranes and tapes are resorbable, limiting the need for follow-up procedures. Explore our complete range of collagen products and order today for the best prices and swift delivery times.

Dental Synthetic Membranes

Synthetic membranes made from PLA and PTFE offer a high level of biocompatibility with engineered strength and stability. Surgeons often prefer synthetics for their ease of handling, consistency, and affordability.

Cytoflex® is one of our most popular dental synthetic membrane options. The material is non-resorbable, allowing for long-term implantation and protection of a surgical site. Available in both a textured and non-textured strip, Cytoflex® offers impressive handling and enhanced tissue attachment. Cytoflex® is used primarily in the regeneration and repair of bony defects and other grafting procedures. The material is easily retrieved once bone growth is complete, and it remains intact as a single membrane to improve safety for the patient and limit errors and complexity during the procedure.

Our Cytoflex® synthetic membranes are available to order now.

Amnion Membranes

Amnion membranes are popular for regenerative procedures where the highest levels of protection and rehabilitation are needed. SteriShield II™ is a popular amnion membrane developed using placental tissue. It’s a safe and naturally derived membrane that offers a high level of biocompatibility with reduced inflammation.

SteriShield II™ is available to order today.

Titanium Mesh

Some procedures will require more support than a membrane alone can achieve. Implantable titanium mesh is an efficient solution when alveolar defects require fixation of the augmentation material. This mesh is thin, lightweight, and is pliable and easily conformed to tissue. It is pre-formed with bone screw holes for simple implantation.

When titanium-reinforced synthetic membranes aren’t enough, Cytoflex® Mesh is a reliable solution. We offer titanium mesh in convenient sizes, which are available to order now.

About OsteoGen®

OsteoGen® is one of the world’s most trusted brands for synthetic membrane and plug products. OsteoGen® plugs and strips are some of our most popular regenerative products.

This brand is unique because it combines the advantages of grafting material and membrane performance in a single package.

OsteoGen® plugs are designed to be inserted directly into an extraction socket. The product is easy to form, ensuring complete coverage and socket preservation. The mineralized collagen aids the bone grafting process, while the plug develops a membrane at the exposed area. There’s no need to use an additional dental synthetic membrane when using OsteoGen® plugs.

OsteoGen® strips combine the same technology in a flat resorbable bone graft. Strips can be used instead of particulates in sinus grafting surgery. They are also ideal for eliminating the gaps present in bony walls. More convenient than particulates, OsteoGen® strips are an excellent and relatively affordable alternative for grafting procedures.

View any of our products to learn more about OsteoGen® grafting solutions and any of our dental synthetic membranes.

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