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The efficient management of blood flow in a dental wound or surgical site is essential. Whether preparing for implantation, repairing a defect, or performing a regenerative surgery, hemostasis can be achieved with the assistance of a reliable collagen sponge.

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies the industry’s best Helistat® absorbable collagen hemostatic sponges. Excellent performance and handling combine in a product that can be used in a range of dental surgery applications.

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Collagen is an Essential Building Block of the Human Body

Collagen is considered one of the essential human building blocks. This substance holds all elements of the body together, and it can provide an organic scaffolding to allow for healing and regeneration of tissue.

Its use in the dental industry is vast, with exogenous collagen being found in strips, granules, pastes, specialist tapes, membranes, socket plugs, and our Helistat® hemostatic collagen sponges.

Collagen is ideal for regenerative treatments and wound management.

  • Collagen is found all throughout the body, it is particularly essential in bones, connective tissue, and skin.
  • Collagen can attract new cells around wound sites, helping to provide healing properties after hemostasis is achieved.
  • The material is stronger than steel when compared by weight.

It’s no surprise that collagen has been the subject of intense research in the medical field. Some of our most popular products, including membranes and dental plugs, are collagen-based.

Our collagen sponges are yet another example of how this important material can be used to improve patient care and recovery. Helistat® is one of the most reliable hemostatic sponge products on the market today.

Safety of Collagen-Based Sponges in Dental Surgery

There’s a vast amount of academic literature covering the use of absorbable collagen sponges. Recent studies show significant benefits when using sponges to treat wound sites after surgery.

A 2015 study found in the U.S. National Library of Medicine[1] sought to evaluate the complication rates of using absorbable Type-1 collagen in third molar extraction sites. The study covered more than 2,600 patients to identify postoperative complications. From the patient group, the total complication rate was assessed at 4.52%, with just 3.00% of patients experiencing infection after extraction and treatment with a collagen-based sponge.

Allowing variances from different patients (age, health, etc.) hospitals, and surgical procedures, this is an incredibly low figure that reinforces the importance of using dental sponges to achieve hemostasis after surgery. The rate indicates that the use of collagen sponges is safe, providing better results than wound healing without sponges.

The study noted some key advantages to sponges, including their ability to be formed to fill a void left after extraction. Sponges also help to promote healing, so they offer benefits beyond simply achieving hemostasis.

Helistat® Absorbable Collagen Hemostatic Sponge

To ensure that surgeons have the right materials to address bleeding and promote post-operative healing, we stock Helistat® collagen sponges.

Each sponge is soft, pliable, and non-friable (non-crumbling). Sponges are absorbent, helping to manage blood flow and fluid around the surgical wound. Being pliable, each sponge can be form-fitted according to surgical needs. Square sponges are in some cases more versatile than plugs because they can be shaped without limitation.

The collagen in Helistat® sponges is harvested from the bovine deep flexor tendon. The material is heavily processed and sterilized in the production process, ensuring complete biocompatibility to eliminate the risk of allergic reaction and infection.

The use of Helistat® sponge is recommended in most surgical cases.

  • More than a third of major dental procedures like extraction are affected by a bleeding event.
  • Patient medications (unrelated to dental procedure) can increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Patients with a high risk of bleeding need an adjunct medical product to achieve hemostasis.

Controlling bleeding doesn’t just improve the surgery. It can also improve patient outcomes. By achieving hemostasis early in the procedure, chair time can be reduced. In a severe bleeding event that requires observation, the cost for the patient can significantly increase. Collagen sponges are an effective tool to manage the surgery and the total cost. This benefits the surgeon, the patient, and the insurer if the surgery is covered.

Helistat® collagen sponges can be used for continuous oozing and problematic bleeding. Pliability and conformity make sponges ideal for difficult to access wounds and sockets. Our sponges also reduce rebleeding risk when the surgery is complete.

Why Choose Collagen Sponges Over Plugs and Syringe Applicated Collagen?

Many surgeons find square sponges to be preferable over shaped plugs and syringe applicated collagen.

With standard sizing, there’s little room for error when determining how much of the product to apply. Because the material is pliable, it can be easily shaped and lightly compressed to fit the space where hemostasis is needed. Syringe applicators can sometimes be messy to apply, especially if excess material is allowed at the surgical site.

For a safe and effective hemostatic solution, choose Helistat® collagen sponges. Affordability and performance combine in an impressive product that is preferred by leading dental surgeons throughout America.

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Our collagen sponges are packaged in boxes of 18. Each sponge measures 1” x 1/2” and can be trimmed before application. Due to the cohesive material, unwanted dispersal around the surgical site is avoided.

We offer discounted pricing when purchasing three or more boxes of Helistat Absorbable Collagen Hemostatic Sponge.

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