Synthetic Resorbable Membranes

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For excellent handling, flexibility, and high biocompatibility, dental surgeons prefer synthetic membranes. Suitable for a broad range of periodontal defect treatments, dental membranes help to promote bone and tissue regeneration while preventing disease and infection.

We stock the industry’s best Cytoflex® Resorb and Epi-Guide® membranes at the most competitive prices. Explore the advantages of these products and order online for convenience and cost savings.

Cytoflex® Resorb Membranes

Cytoflex® Resorb is one of our most popular dental membranes, and one of our most affordable options. Our factory-direct pricing model ensures that dental professionals have the best option when restocking inventory or ordering products for upcoming surgeries.

Cytoflex® is preferred by dental professionals for its outstanding performance as a synthetic membrane.

  • Cytoflex® has a moderate resorption profile, dissolving within six months.
  • Membranes provide up to four months of barrier protection.
  • The composite synthetic design allows nutrient transfer for successful healing.

With a unique composite of synthetic materials, Cytoflex® Resorb is ready to perform in all surgical applications where long-duration regeneration of bone and soft tissue is necessary. A single membrane creates a flexible barrier that readily adapts to the unique contours of a patient’s tissue. The flexibility ensures protection and effective regeneration.

Each membrane is made from a combination of polylactide and lactide copolymers, along with polyglycolide. These synthetic materials are widely used in healthcare and are well-known for their biocompatibility and resorption abilities. When Cytoflex® synthetic membranes break down through hydrolysis, they are converted into water and carbon dioxide gas.

Cytoflex® Synthetic Membranes Are More Efficient Than the Box Technique

The use of Cytoflex® membranes offers similar performance to the Box Technique, but with higher levels of efficiency and convenience. These membranes are more flexible and thinner than those used in the Box Technique, significantly improving handling for the surgeon.

Because the membranes are resorbable, there’s no need to schedule follow-up surgery for removal. This can significantly decrease the cost in both time and resources for the surgeon. These cost savings can be passed on to patients and insurers.

Cytoflex® Resorb is cleared for use by the FDA for periodontal defect treatment. This includes bone defects across two or three walls, furcation defects, recession defects, dehiscence defects, and circumferential defects. These membranes are often used for defects following poor-quality dental implantation surgery.

For convenience, Cytoflex® synthetic membranes are offered in three sizes. This minimizes waste during surgery, further decreasing costs. Each membrane can be trimmed and shaped as necessary. While there’s no need to hydrate the membranes before shaping, the surgeon can use a saline solution or the patient’s plasma to aid in placement during surgery.

Buy Cytoflex® Membranes Online

We maintain stock of Cytoflex® membranes to ensure dental surgeons have access to the highest quality regenerative products.

Sizes available are:

  • Cytoflex® Resorb Membrane 12mm x 24mm (SKU: C03-0301)
  • Cytoflex® Resorb Membrane 20mm x 25mm (SKU: C03-0201)
  • Cytoflex® Resorb Membrane 30mm x 40mm (SKU: C03-0101)

Synthetic membranes are packaged individually in sterile pouches.

Can Cytoflex® Synthetic Membranes Be Used Without Primary Closure?

Cytoflex® hasn’t been clinically evaluated for performance where primary closure isn’t achieved. It is FDA cleared for use with primary closure techniques. Surgeons seeking dental membranes that perform without primary closure can consider Epi-Guide® instead. Epi-Guide® offers comparable performance and handling properties but is only offered in a single membrane size.

Epi-Guide® Synthetic Dental Membrane

Epi-Guide® is one of the most trusted synthetic membranes in the dental industry today. Developed with proprietary three-layer technology, the product offers impressive handling with excellent technical performance for outstanding dental results.

  • These membranes feature a unique three-layer architecture to ensure space is maintained while preventing epithelial migration.
  • The synthetic construction is biocompatible and mitigates the risk of infection that exists with naturally-derived products.
  • The resorption profile eliminates the need for follow-up removal surgery.

Designed for a range of periodontal restorative surgeries, Epi-Guide® aids in the regeneration of bone tissue and supportive tissues to restore structural defects and damage.

The three-layer design is key to the product, providing many of the key advantages. A synthetic resorbable polymer is used to offer complete biocompatibility. Epi-Guide® has an extensive history in the dental industry and is trusted to be safe and effective in even the most demanding surgical cases.

The three-layer construction works by attracting, trapping, and holding epithelial cells to facilitate new bone development. Periodontal tissue development is also enhanced in the process. Dental surgeons appreciate Epi-Guide® for its ability to perform over long durations. It maintains structural integrity for up to 20 weeks after implantation, ensuring that outcomes are linear in their progression. Surgeons seeking a more effective way to ensure successful implants can consider Epi-Guide® today. Resorption is typically achieved within six to twelve months, ensuring convenience and minimal follow-up procedures for patients.

Each Epi-Guide® synthetic membrane measures 18mm x 30mm, allowing for easy handling and placement in the oral cavity. The membrane creates a barrier to prevent infection and promote healing of the soft tissue. Epi-Guide® keeps working even if there are issues with flap recession and without primary closure. This gives it a significant advantage over competing products.

Membranes are both affordable and readily available thanks to our secure online ordering system. Enjoy a discount when ordering five packages. Each sterile package contains a single 18mm x 30mm membrane.

  • Epi-Guide® PLA Synthetic Resorbable Membrane (SKU: 50600-03)

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Are Synthetic Resorbable Membranes Safe?

Synthetic resorbable membranes are made from safe materials that have been clinically proven to produce a minimal response in terms of irritation or inflammation. Cytoflex® Resorb is made with a synthetic polylactide (PLA) and polyglycolide (PGA) combination. These copolymers provide effective barrier protection before they are broken down and metabolized. Clinicians that are familiar with synthetic sutures will recognize PLA and PGA from various products, further indicating their record for safety and suitability for dental procedures. Both synthetic materials are approved for use in medical devices by the FDA.

In addition to safety, synthetic materials can have other benefits, especially for patients. Some patients may object to having membranes implanted if they are made from materials sourced from animals. Xenograft materials derived from porcine and bovine sources are extremely common in dentistry, but a small subset of patients will reject these products due to their animal origin. Likewise, some patients could reject allograft solutions derived from human tissue for personal or even religious reasons. Synthetic resorbable membranes are made entirely from laboratory materials without the addition of animal sources, so they are suited to all patients regardless of their preferences.

Periodontal cells typically attach more successfully to PLA/PGA membranes than they do to PTFE membranes, so the consistency of both soft tissue and hard tissue regeneration is ensured.

The Bottom Line – Are Synthetic Membranes Better for Patients?

Many clinicians would argue that synthetic membranes provide better treatment outcomes, thanks to the excellent biocompatibility, inherent safety, and sterile nature of the products. PLA and PGA are excellent for attracting and trapping cells, ensuring that activity is stimulated for remodeling. This can theoretically reduce the time needed for remodeling, although in the real world, recovery times for patients are typically comparable as long as the right grafting materials are used, and the correct procedural steps are followed. Myriad other biomechanical factors beyond membranes can affect healing times in individual patients.

So, what is the key advantage of choosing synthetic resorbable membranes? In the case of the products available at Dental Implant Technologies, clinicians can ensure safe and predictable results with the excellent remodeling of both soft and hard tissues. Synthetic membranes are reliable and cost-efficient when ordering from a trusted supplier like Dental Implant Technologies.

Consider synthetic resorbable membranes for patients in upcoming surgeries and enjoy the advantage of excellent handling, safety, and technical performance.