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The Best Dental Bone Expander Kit Prices

Dental implants require a stable base to ensure positive long-term outcomes. When the alveolar ridge lacks the size to support an implant, ridge expansion is performed. Trimming the crest, cutting the ridge lengthways, and using bone expander screws allows for a gradual expansion of the ridge. Dental Implant Technologies® is the supplier to choose when looking for a dental bone expander kit for sale. Our competitive bone expander kit prices allow clinicians to get the best dental instruments while keeping costs manageable.

Consider the options and order dental ridge expansion kits from our convenient online store.

The Advantages of Ridge Expansion with a Dental Bone Expander Kit for Sale

A dental ridge expansion kit can be used when a patient lacks bone in the jaw to support an implant. This is a typical result of atrophy after tooth loss and extensive decay. Using our dental bone expander kit for sale, a clinician can divide the ridge and force the inner and outer sections apart through a wedging process. A dental bone expander kit for sale includes specialized titanium screws that can gradually separate the inner and outer sections until there is enough space to insert a dental implant.

Ridge splitting is predictable and has a high rate of success. A dental bone expander kit for sale that uses screws allows for lateral augmentation. Screws condense soft bone to increase volume and density, allowing for successful immediate implant placement. Ridge splitting with a reliable dental bone expander kit preserves bone at the surgical site without damaging soft tissue. Primary stability is typically excellent, and the screw expansion method is more cost-effective for the clinic and the patient.

Elements of a Dental Ridge Expansion Kit

Using the safe and effective expansion screw method, clinicians can ensure the best patient outcomes. Purchasing a dental ridge expansion kit provides access to all necessary instruments to complete the procedure.

Our Easy Bone Expander Kit (SKU: NX-BEKX) is one of the best options for clinicians that routinely perform bone expansion and dental implant procedures. This kit contains expansion screws to allow for the gradual separation of the inner and outer bone to allow for implantation.

This dental ridge expansion kit includes:

  • 5x Tapered Bone Expander Screws from 2.4mm to 4.3mm.
  • 1x Contra Angle Pilot Drill.
  • Contra Angle Saw.
  • 1x 4mm Square Ratchet Wrench
  • 1x Square to Contra Angle Adaptor (for use with an implant handpiece).
  • 1x Cassette for Sterilization and Storage.

The use of this dental ridge expansion kit is simple, and the process is consistent whenever following the screw expansion method. We offer competitive bone expander kit prices.

The pilot drill is used to create an initial osteotomy for the implant. If more than one implant will be positioned along the ridge, the saw can be used with a dental handpiece to split the ridge between the osteotomies. Starting with the smallest expander, screws are placed sequentially to expand the ridge until the clinician’s desired profile is reached for the placement of dental implants.

The screws in our Easy Bone Expander Kit can be used with or without a dental implant handpiece. The included ratchet wrench is suitable for inserting the screws for expansion.

Clinicians that don’t need a ratchet wrench can order our Bone Expander Kit Mini (SKU: NX-BEKM). It contains bone expander screws, a 2.0mm pilot drill, a saw, and a sterilization/storage cassette.

The Best Bone Expander Kits with Advanced Materials

Our dental ridge expansion kits include instruments made from surgical stainless steel and gold titanium. Bone expansion screws are made from gold titanium to prevent damage to bone and ensure that they can be easily sterilized between surgeries. All tools should be cleaned by hand or with an electronic device like an ultrasonic bather. Sterilization is typically performed with an autoclave unit.

Our materials resist corrosion and provide the best possible patient outcomes even after countless surgeries.

Competitive Dental Bone Expander Kit Prices

Dental Implant Technologies® offers surgical instruments, implant systems, and regenerative supplies at competitive prices. It is our mission to provide cost-effective solutions so that clinicians can streamline their procurement costs without compromising the service delivered to patients.

Our dental bone expander kit prices are always kept up to date and are published with each product listing. There’s no need to log in or create an account when reviewing our dental bone expander kit prices.

Browse our complete range of bone expander instruments and kits and order the most reliable tools from Dental Implant Technologies®.