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Dental Extraction Forceps

Complications during tooth and root extraction are minimized when using high-quality extraction forceps. Most extractions today are performed with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue structure and pain is limited for patients. Atraumatic extraction forceps are essential for every clinic’s inventory.

Dental Implant Technologies stocks a complete range of standard dental forceps and atraumatic extraction forceps, ensuring that clinicians have the right instruments for every case. Browse our inventory and order in confidence. The best extraction forceps on the market can help every practice to succeed.

American Style vs. English Style Dental Forceps

In the early years of the dental industry as we know it today, extraction dental forceps evolved in unique ways when comparing English and American instruments. Both styles are now used extensively no matter the country where procedures are being performed. Today, when clinicians refer to American dental forceps and English dental forceps, the differentiator is the design.

  • American pattern dental forceps are a broad class of tooth and root forceps where the hinge is directed in a horizontal direction, matching the handles of the forceps. These dental forceps are commonly used as tooth and root forceps as well as for gripping materials and surgical items in the oral cavity during procedures.
  • English pattern dental forceps relates to another class of tooth and root forceps. Unlike the American pattern, this type has a hinge that has a fulcrum closer to the working end. The hinge is vertical, rather than opening in the same direction as the handles. This design allows clinicians to access areas of the mouth that would be difficult when using American pattern forceps.

Examples of both are available at Dental Implant Technologies.

    • Our P7 Atraumatic Forceps (SKU: NX-FP7) are dental forceps designed for minimal pain and excellent leverage. They are suited to the lower molars. These fall into the English pattern category.

Atraumatic Extraction Forceps Should Be Used with Standard Chairside Procedures

The best atraumatic extraction forceps must be used with industry-standard chairside luxation procedures to ensure that the extraction is indeed atraumatic. Clinicians typically need to detach the periodontal ligament to ensure that trauma and post-operative inflammation are minimized. Even the very best atraumatic extraction forceps require that the clinician prepares the extraction site thoroughly before the tooth is ready to be removed.

Atraumatic extraction forceps are the final tool used in the extraction, and clinicians must ensure that the highest quality instruments are selected. Dental Implant Technologies supplies the best stainless steel tools for tooth extractions.

Root Forceps for Dental Clinicians

In cases where the crown of the tooth is damaged, clinicians can rely on root forceps to achieve the necessary grip for extraction. Deep gripping forceps, also known as root forceps, engage below the gumline.

The right root forceps will even allow for the extraction of root tips in cases of fracturing or extreme tooth decay and degradation.

Our P6X Atraumatic Forceps, Serrated (SKU: NX-FP6X) are an excellent example of the quality that clinicians can expect from Dental Implant Technologies. Designed with long and narrow heads, these serrated forceps are designed specifically for gripping root tips.

Atraumatic Forceps and Dental Forceps Kits

Clinicians can browse our wide range of atraumatic forceps and order from our secure online store today. Individual forceps can be ordered to replace worn instruments or to add instruments that are currently lacking in a clinic’s inventory. We also offer atraumatic forceps in kits, creating an incredible value for clinicians who need a full set.

The Atraumatic Extraction Forceps Kit (SKU: NX-FPK) has eight instruments including forceps P1 through to P8 for anterior, lower roots, upper roots, and molars (excluding third molar/wisdom teeth). With lightweight handles and the highest quality surgical stainless steel, these forceps are easy to work with and provide excellent chairside results. This kit can be ordered with a sterilization cassette and divider for cleaning and storage.

Nexus Biomedical instruments are made to the highest industry standards and the forceps in this kit are all offered with a 10-Year warranty to inspire confidence and ensure a strong return on investment.

For the best atraumatic forceps and dental forceps for extraction, order from Dental Implant Technologies today.

Order the Most Reliable Dental Extraction Forceps

Our dental extraction forceps are made from durable materials, offer excellent handling characteristics, and we have a complete range to support any type of extraction including root fragment and root tip extraction.

Browse our complete dental forceps product lineup and order today for convenient delivery to any practice in the United States.