10x20mm Large Osteogen Plugs

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Large Osteogen Plugs

  • Material: Type 1 bovine collagen infused with calcium apatite
  • Dimensions: 10x20mm
  • Resorption Time: 4-6 months
10x20mm Large Osteogen Plugs
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10x20mm Large Osteogen Plugs 10x20mm Large Osteogen Plugs 10x20mm Large Osteogen Plugs 10x20mm Large Osteogen Plugs 10x20mm Large Osteogen Plugs
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10x20mm Large OsteoGen® Plugs

OsteoGen® collagen plugs are reliable bone plugs used for socket preservation and ridge defect repairs. Combining pure collagen with non-ceramic bone grafting material, 10x20mm Large OsteoGen® Plugs support healing and bone regeneration.

Learn about the advantages of 10x20mm Large OsteoGen® Plugs and order the best bone plugs from Dental Implant Technologies.

10x20mm Large OsteoGen® Plugs Key Details

Collagen plugs are indicated for the immediate preservation of extraction sockets and minor or moderate ridge grafting procedures. 10x20mm Large OsteoGen® Plugs can be rolled or trimmed to size and shape to suit the needs of the patient’s unique anatomy.

  • Material: Type 1 bovine collagen infused with calcium apatite
  • Dimensions: 10x20mm
  • Resorption Time: 4-6 months

10x20mm Large OsteoGen® Plugs are sterile from the packaging and are ready to be implanted. For socket preservation, the defect site should be thoroughly debrided. After implantation of 10x20mm Large OsteoGen® Plugs, the blood supply at the site will fully soak and hydrate the material. Avoid over-packing or over-compressing the plug. 10x20mm Large OsteoGen® Plugs can be secured with sutures in a cross-linked pattern.

The Benefits of Using Collagen Plug Dental Products

The benefits of collagen plug dental plugs are extensive.

With 10x20mm Large OsteoGen® Plugs, there’s no need to use a dental membrane. The plug will provide the scaffold for bone remodeling and space maintenance while also protecting the site. It promotes the generation of keratinized tissue at the edge of the plug, mitigating gingival tissue migration into the graft itself.

The material is malleable and is easily shaped to a socket defect. It can also be trimmed for ridge defects. Dental Implant Technologies stocks a range of OsteoGen® collagen plug dental bone plugs, ensuring that the most efficient size is available for any procedure.

Collagen is a natural hemostat that will help to control bleeding and regulate the supply of nutrient-rich fluids within the graft. The bone grafting crystals in the plug can simulate human bone minerals. They are fully resorbed during remodeling. OsteoGen® Plugs contain calcium and phosphorous as key ingredients to initiate osteoclast and osteoblast activity.

Collagen plug dental products have a long shelf life of up to four years from the date of production. Expiry is indicated on the packaging. The stability and ability to store collagen plug dental products at room temperature make it easy to keep these on hand in the clinical inventory.

OsteGen® Plugs are Safe and Sterile Improvements to Standard Collaplugs

Safety is always a primary concern when choosing bone grafting and wound management materials. These high performance enhancements to regular collaplugs are provided sterile and can be placed dry into the defect without additional processing. The bovine collagen is purified to eliminate contaminants. There’s no risk of cross-infection or negative immunological response.

Because these plugs reduce surgical complexity, they limit fatigue for the clinician. The simple implantation and suturing process keeps things simple and limits the potential for error. OsteGen® Plugs support excellent patient outcomes with newly remodeled and healthy bone.

These plugs may look like regular collaplugs, but they aren’t directly comparable when it comes to grafting performance. Unlike collaplugs that only contain collagen, OsteoGen® has both the collagen and bone graft matrix to promote regeneration. Use OsteoGen® instead of standard collaplugs and get excellent grafting performance without complexity.

Ideal Clinical Cases for Bone Plugs

Bone plugs are ideal for socket preservation immediately after extraction. They can be used in any case where the clinician aims to preserve the socket and limit bone resorption. OsteoGen® bone plugs can be used in advance of restorations with dental bridges, dentures, or even delayed placement implants. Remodeled bone with bone plugs is consistent in quality to host bone.

Order OsteoGen® Plugs Today

Dental Implant Technologies is a trusted supplier of 10x20mm Large OsteoGen® Plugs in the United States. Insist on the best regenerative products for better patient outcomes. Browse our complete range of bone plugs and order in confidence from our storefront today.

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