Morse Taper Connection

Morse Taper Connection Implants – Hi-Tec Tightfit Implants

Morse taper connection implants from Hi-Tec Implants and Dental Implant Technologies® offer key advantages to practitioners performing dental restoration procedures.

Tightfit implants (officially branded as Tite-Fit) are designed for one-stage surgical procedures. They help to simplify handling while eliminating much of the complexity that is common with restorative dentistry. These implants are installed at the tissue level, which improves biocompatibility and reduces the likelihood of developing implant defects or long-term peri-implantitis in the soft and hard surrounding tissues.

Dental Implant Technologies® is a distributor of cylindrical and tapered TiteFit implants. These implants are compatible with Straumann® implant prosthetics as well as Hi-Tec Tite Fit implant prosthetics.

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Choosing Between Cylindrical and Tapered Tightfit Implants

Studies are mixed when it comes to the primary stability of tapered tightfit implants and standard cylindrical implants. Tapered tightfit implants closely mimic the shape of natural tooth roots, which can allow for better placement and stability. Osseointegration is impressive when using tapered implants.

However, some analysis of past cases reveals that straight cylindrical implants can provide primary stability that is equivalent or in some cases better than tapered tightfit implants.

In the study Comparison Between Cylinder and Tapered Implants by George et al., it was concluded that tapered implants offer better primary stability but the study also noted contradictions in the research material, suggesting that cylindrical implants can offer better primary stability in certain conditions[1].

Because of the deviation in clinical results, the real-world conclusion is that both standard and tapered tightfit implants can offer similar levels of stability when correctly applied by practitioners when adequate bone support is available. Tapered tight fit implants are most commonly used where the practitioner desires a strong connection for immediate implant placement after tooth extraction. Tapered tight fit implants have self-tapping properties to optimize bone compaction.

Morse taper connection implants, both cylindrical and tapered, used with Hi-Tec or Straumann® implant prosthetics, provide advantages like reduced invasiveness, high predictability, and shorter healing times.

Choose the design that best suits the needs of your patient, and a successful outcome will be achievable.

Compatible with Straumann® Implant Prosthetics

Hi-Tec Implants cylindrical and tapered tight fit systems are compatible with Straumann® implant prosthetics. Straumann® is an implant system not supplied by Dental Implant Technologies®. It provides similar benefits to Hi-Tec morse taper connection implants. Practitioners looking for cost-efficient alternatives to Straumann® will find Hi-Tec products to be the preferred solution.

  • Tite-Fit 3.3mm, 4.1mm, and 4.8mm implants are compatible with Straumann® Tissue Level™ RN.
  • Tite-Fit 4.8mm (Wide) and 5.6mm (Wide) implants are compatible with Straumann® Tissue Level™ WN.
  • Tapered Tite-Fit 3.7mm, 4.2mm, and 4.9mm implants are compatible with Straumann® Tissue Level™ RN.
  • Tapered Tite-Fit 4.9 (Wide) implant is compatible with Straumann® Tissue Level™ WN.

A practitioner’s existing inventory of Straumann® implant prosthetics can be used safely with tapered tight fit implants developed by Hi-Tec Implants.

Availability of TiteFit Implant Prosthetics

Dental Implant Technologies® offers a variety of TiteFit implant prosthetics compatible with Hi-Tec morse taper connection implants. There are solutions to suit the most popular restorative dental procedures used today. This includes angulated abutments, single and two-piece abutments, and over-denture ball attachments for hybrid solutions.

TiteFit implant prosthetics are made by Hi-Tec Implants in Israel in advanced facilities. Hi-Tec Implants has been approved by the FDA and European Community for more than two decades.

TiteFit implant prosthetics elements provide complete solutions to take patients from impression coping, all the way through to the installation of their permanent dentures. Impression transfers, castable sleeves, and analogs can all be ordered from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Browse through our Tite-Fit and Tapered Tite-Fit product pages to choose your implant size and explore a range of compatible attachments.

Morse taper connection implants can be used with either TiteFit implant prosthetics or Straumann® implant prosthetics. Compatibility is a key advantage of the Hi-Tec Implants brand.

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