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Dental Screw Removal Kits

Although highly resilient, dental implant abutment screws aren’t immune to failure. Screws may seize and fracture in older implants, while stripped threads can occur when incorrect tools are used. Dental screw removal follows two unique processes, depending on the type of damage. Dental Implant Technologies offers abutment screw removal kits and tools to make life easier for the clinician.

Learn how to remove a dental screw and browse the best dental screw removal instruments available for clinicians in the United States.

How to Remove an Abutment Screw When It’s Fractured

Learning how to remove an abutment screw when it’s fractured is an essential part of performing dental implant procedures. Fractured screws can occur during maintenance. Patients may also present with fractured screws if they’ve had their implants in place for several years.

Fractured screws make it impossible to place a new abutment and screw. They must be removed before providing restorative treatment. See how to remove an abutment screw in five simple steps…

  1. If using a prosthetic guide, check that it matches the implant system.
  2. Attach the guide to the guide handle and engage the connection.
  3. Use a handpiece in reverse at 1,200 RPM to create a divot in the screw fragment.
  4. Remove the guide (if used).
  5. Use a handpiece in reverse at 80 RPM or slower. Press a dental screw removal tap into the divot and engage the fractured screw to reverse and remove it from the channel.

These dental screw removal steps can be followed with our Fractured Screw Remover Kit (SKU: SD-SR), the most reliable universal screw remover kit. Guides make removal easier, although clinicians can also perform the steps freehand if a guide is unavailable for a specific system.

Clinicians that know how to remove an abutment screw will find it a routine process with practice. Even inexperienced clinicians can follow the steps covering how to remove an abutment screw and enjoy immediate success using one of our abutment screw removal kits.

How to Remove a Dental Screw with a Stripped Thread

Dental screw removal is simpler when the screw remains intact. If the problem is a stripped thread, the process of removal is relatively straightforward.

Here’s how to remove a dental screw with a stripped thread…

    1. Use a fine surgical round head bur to create a flat rectangular channel on the screw head.
    2. With the channel created, use our Stripped Screw Flat Tip Driver (SKU: FTD-01) to engage the screw and reverse it out with a handheld ratchet or implant handpiece at low RPM.

After learning how to remove a dental screw with a stripped thread, any type of screw can be removed with ease.

Abutment Screw Removal Options for Every Manufacturer

Knowing how to perform abutment screw removal, whether it’s fractured or stripped, is only the first step. The instruments used will influence how straightforward the process is.

Dental implant Technologies recommends investing in an abutment screw removal kit to ensure compatibility for every major system in cases of fractured screws.

The previously mentioned Fractured Screw Remover Kit (SKU: SRK-01) is the best option for cases where fragments are lodged in the implant body. This kit includes six guides to cover all major implant systems. It can be used with or without the guides, making it a truly universal solution.

If a kit isn’t needed, we offer individual screw taps and drills, all available to browse at the top of the page. Experienced clinicians won’t always need guides. Guides simply engage with the connection on the implant to make the process simpler and error-free.

For a more comprehensive solution, we also have a complete Implant Fixture & Prosthetic Screw Remover Kit (SKU: SD-FSR) available. This kit includes our screw guides and screw removers, along with fixture removers to remove failed implants. This solution is compatible with all major implant systems and includes hand instruments for manual removal of either screws or complete implant posts. This kit can be used for stripped and fractured prosthetic screws. Despite being a more significant investment, it represents excellent value for a clinician that needs all the essential tools to remove damaged implants and abutment screws before restorative treatment.

Browse the Best Dental Screw Removal Kits

We’ve covered how to remove a dental screw that has fractured, how to remove an abutment screw with a stripped head, and suggested some of our versatile products that make the chairside process easier.

We supply clinicians throughout the United States. Our dental instruments are of the highest quality and are made with stainless steel to ensure durability, easy cleaning, and sterilization with typical in-office methods. Browse all our dental screw removal kits at the top of the page and order now for swift delivery to any dental office.