Implants & Attachments Case Studies

  • Comparing various implant designs and surfaces
    Roy Leshem D.M.D., David Leshem M.D
  • Impact of implant overloading on the peri-implant bone in inflamed and non-inflamed peri-implant mucosa
    Avital Kozlovsky, Haim Tal, Ben-Zion Laufer, Roy Leshem, Michael D. Rohrer, Miron Weinreb, Zvi Artzi
  • Der zahnlose Oberkiefer petientengerecht versorgt
    Ein Beitrag von Dr. Rolf Fankidejski, M.Sc
  • Acceptance and Rejection Evaluation Study of 65 Concequently Placed Single Crown Implants in a Population of Non-Smokers and Smokers.
    Sandberg Harri, DDS Skandinavian Dental Hospital 2005.
  • Mini-Implants to Reconstruct Missing Teeth in Severe Ridge Deficiency and Small Interdental Space: A 5-Year Case Series.
    Ziv Mazor, DMD, Marius Steigmann, DMD, Roy Leshem, DDS and Micahel Peleg, DMD.
  • A Simple Technique for Fabrication of Immediate Interim Removable Prosthesis Supported by Transitional Implants
    David Leshem, MD, Ziv Mazor, DMD, Roy Leshem, DMD, Daren Rosen, DDS.
  • Implantatgetragener Zabnersatz bei scbmalem Interdentalraum und Patienten min Alveolerfortsatz-Atropbie
    Roy Leshem D.D.S.
  • Hitec meets Hightech
    Ein Beitrag von Dr. Rolf Fankidejski, MSc.
  • Evaluate The Effects Of Implant On Alveolar Crest.
    Dr. Sabir at Al.
  • Virtuelle 3D-Zahnextraktion
    Rolf Fankidejski, Msc.
  • immediate bone augmentation after infected tooth extraction using titanium embranes
    Efraim Kfir, DDS; Vered Kfir, DDS; Edo Kaluski, MD.
  • Minimally Invasive Guided Bone Regeneration
    Efraim Kfir; Vered Kfir; Eli Eliav and Edo Kaluski
  • Minimally Invasive Antral Membrane Balloon Elevation: report of 36 Procedures.
    Efraim Kfir, DDS; Vered Kfir, DDS; Edo Kaluski, MD.
  • Minimally Invasive Antral Membrane Balloon Elevation – Results of a Multicenter Registry
  • Minimally Invasive Antral Membrane Balloon Elevation in the Presence of Antral Septa: A Report of 26 Procedures.
    Efraim Kfir, DMD; Moshe Goldstein, DMD; Israel Yerushalmi, DMD; Ronen Rafaelov, DMD; Ziv Mazor, DMD;Vered Kfir, DMD; Edo Kaluski, MD, FACC, FESC, FSCAI.
  • Das Sofortimplantat in der mehrwurzeligen alveole
    Dr. Volker Knorr.
  • Mini dental implants‑for rehabilitation of narrow single tooth edentulous space: A clinical study of seven cases.
    Manish Raghani, Bipin Sadhwani , Sonal Anchlia , Shaili Sadhwani.
  • Predictable aesthetic outcome with immediate placement and early loading of one piece mini implant - A 5 year follow-up case report.
    C S Anand Mohan1 , P Harinath , Priyanka K Cholan , D Lokesh Kumar.
  • Single Unit Restoration with Tissue Level Wide Platform Implant.
    Case Report - Dr. Roy Leshem, DDS, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • A clinical study on the 6-year outcomes of immediately loaded three implants for completely edentulous mandibles.
    The Society of The Nippon Dental University 2019
  • A 5-year prospective clinical trial on short implants (6 mm) for single tooth replacement in the posterior maxilla: immediate versus delayed loading.
    The Society of The Nippon Dental University 2018