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Collagen membranes are essential for periodontal reconstruction, allowing for efficient and safe guided tissue regeneration. As a fundamental building block of tissue in mammals, collagen is the ideal material for preventing cell migration around an extraction site.

The stability and strength of collagen sheets can improve the results of many periodontal regenerative procedures. At Dental Implant Technologies®, we offer a range of reliable collagen barriers comparable to Bio-Oss™ collagen membranes.

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The Advantages of the Best Collagen Membranes for Dentistry

Membranes derived from bovine collagen offer significant advantages for dental surgeons performing reconstructive and regenerative procedures.

  • Collagen is compatible with synthetic materials, allowing for the development of innovative collagen sheets.
  • The material is highly biocompatible when processed and sterilized.
  • The best collagen membranes are easily molded to the surgical site.
  • Blood coagulation is promoted, helping to protect surgical wounds.
  • Collagen barriers are bioresorbable, eliminating the need for complex removal procedures.

In the past, pure collagen was a high-cost material which limited the availability of the best dental products. Today, it’s possible to buy affordable and functionally comparable alternatives to Bio-Oss™ collagen.

We offer the best bovine collagen products including Neomem®, CollaGuide™, and HeliMend™

Neomem® Collagen Barriers

Neomem® is one of the best collagen membrane options for dental professionals. As an alternative to Bio-Oss™ collagen, Neomem® performs exceptionally well.

Derived from bovine collagen, advantages include:

  • Higher mechanical strength to aid in membrane stabilization.
  • Longer stability for slow-healing wounds. Resorption is up to 38 weeks in standard Neomem® membranes.
  • Easy to trim and shape. Membranes can be hydrated before placement or applied dry.
  • A fully sterilized product packaged in double pouches for safety.

We offer Neomem® collagen membrane dental products in two variations. Standard membranes offer a high level of strength and moderate flexibility compared with other products. Neomem® FlexPlus is a more flexible collagen membrane derived from porcine (swine) collagen. It offers similar performance and handling characteristics with enhanced molding capabilities.

Order standard Neomem® collagen barriers in the following sizes:

  • Neomem® Resorbable Collagen Membrane 30mm x 40mm (SKU: N3040)
  • Neomem® Resorbable Collagen Membrane 20mm x 30mm (SKU: N3030)
  • Neomem® Resorbable Collagen Membrane 15mm x 20mm (SKU: N1520)

We also offer more flexible porcine collagen sheets in the following sizes:

  • Neomem® FlexPlus Resorbable Collagen Membrane 30mm x 40mm (SKU: NF3040).
  • Neomem® FlexPlus Resorbable Collagen Membrane 20mm x 30mm (SKU: NF2030).
  • Neomem® FlexPlus Resorbable Collagen Membrane 15mm x 20mm (SKU: NF1520).

Any surgeon seeking an affordable alternative to Bio-Oss™ collagen can order Neomem® membranes today.

CollaGuide™ Collagen Barriers for Regenerative Dentistry

Curasan Inc. produces another effective alternative to Bio-Oss™ collagen in the form of CollaGuide™. These membranes are designed for both guided bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration. The fibrillar matrix strength of the membranes allows for excellent protective strength around a surgical site, limiting the transfer of new cells.

Key advantages of CollaGuide™ include:

  • Excellent membrane strength comparable with the leading brands.
  • Membranes maintain structural integrity to improve handling and reduce surgery time.
  • Healing is optimized thanks to a structure with no chemical cross-linking.

CollaGuide™ goes through a process of membrane separation during resorption. Fibrils create a matrix that supports cellular attachment. The result is a well-healed and structurally sound regeneration site.

Dental professionals prefer CollaGuide™ for the enhanced handling capabilities. The material is transparent and easily pliable, making it easy to conform to a surgical site. Because the material is resilient and structurally strong, technical errors are limited during surgery. Like the best collagen membranes, CollaGuide™ can be cut to size from single-use pouches. There are three standard sizes available to limit waste.

  • CollaGuide™ Membrane 30mm x 40mm (SKU: 20650-03)
  • CollaGuide™ Membrane 20mm x 30mm (SKU: 20650-02)
  • CollaGuide™ Membrane 15mm x 20mm (SKU: 20650-01)

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HeliMend™ Resorbable Collagen Membranes

We stock reliable HeliMend™ collagen sheets for use in tissue and bone regeneration procedures. Dental professionals can choose from two unique products with slightly different advantages.

HeliMend™ uses an absorbable bovine collagen compound that is highly biocompatible. Each membrane features impressive structural strength while being flexible and pliable to conform to a wound site. These membranes support wound stabilization while inhibiting unwanted cellular transfer.

HeliMend™ and HeliMend™ Advanced are two separate product lines based on the same technology. Advanced membranes offer a longer resorption profile of up to 18 weeks, compared to 8 weeks for standard membranes. Both are available in three sizes and can be cut to shape before application.

  • HeliMend™ Membrane 30mm x 40mm (SKU: 62-208)
  • HeliMend™ Membrane 20mm x 30mm (SKU: 62-207)
  • HeliMend™ Membrane 15mm x 20mm (SKU: 62-206)
  • HeliMend™ Advanced Membrane 30mm x 40mm (SKU: 62-205)
  • HeliMend™ Advanced Membrane 20mm x 30mm (SKU: 62-204)
  • HeliMend™ Advanced Membrane 15mm x 20mm (SKU: 62-203)

We maintain stock of our popular HeliMend™ bovine collagen membrane dental supplies to ensure that surgeons have access to the best regenerative barriers.

Handling Properties of Collagen Dental Membranes

Our range of reliable collagen dental membranes offers excellent handling when considering any of the brands across the range.

Membranes are soft and pliable and can be easily manipulated and placed with precision dental forceps. Membranes don’t always require hydration before placement. The material will adhere to tissue and fluids at the defect, so initial stability is often excellent. However, when there is a lack of fluid or adhesion is weak, collagen dental membranes can be hydrated with saline to improve the handling properties.

The soft and pliable nature of collagen membranes means that they are also ideal for resizing and reshaping. Clinicians can cut membranes to suit the defect site if the available size is unsuited to the procedure. Membranes can also be rounded or angulated in any fashion to suit the defect site if the standard rectangular shape is unsuitable.

Even when shaped or cut to size, collagen dental membranes retain impressive structural strength so that they can be draped around a defect without the risk of tearing or excessive stretching. This ensures an effective barrier.

To avoid wastage, it’s recommended that clinicians keep a variety of collagen dental membrane sizes available in the clinical inventory. Select the size that closely approximates the defect before cutting or reshaping.

Safety of Collagen Dental Membranes

The use of collagen dental membranes can enhance patient safety and the success of the treatment. Collagen membranes have hemostatic properties and can help to control bleeding at the defect site once implanted.

In terms of biocompatibility, collagen is one of the most biocompatible materials available to clinicians. The risk of immunological response is exceedingly low, with extensive clinical testing showing a negligible risk of negative reaction across all of the widely available brands.

Dental Implant Technologies sources collagen membranes from the world’s most trusted biomedical companies. Our brands are compliant with all necessary Federal and State regulations to ensure confidence and patient safety. The collagen used for our dental membranes is sourced from abundant and ethical animal sources, including Porcine peritoneum, Porcine pericardium, and Bovine deep flexor.

Careful processing ensures that any contaminants are removed. Our collagen dental membranes are packaged sterile and are intended for single use. Offcuts should be discarded unless they are used in the same surgical procedure for the same patient in a sterile clinical environment.

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