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The LOCATOR® Overdenture Implant System, commonly referred to simply as LODI by dental professionals, is considered the gold standard in implantation technology. Developed by ZEST®, the system is cost-effective, durable, and offers excellent handling for dental professionals.

More professionals turn to LODI implants every day. At Dental Implant Technologies®, we offer affordable ZEST® LODI implants supplies for dental surgeons in the United States.

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Providing the Best Patient Outcomes with ZEST® LODI Implants

Patients who have experienced significant tooth decay and loss are seeking cost-effective and manageable solutions for whole mouth restoration. Implantation is the most effective way to support dentures.

Patients prefer LODI implants because they are:

  • Stable in the mouth.
  • Implant-supported dentures are more stable than traditional dentures that rest on the gums.
  • LODI implants can help to preserve the bone in the jaw by preventing density loss.

Overdentures are also incredibly long-lasting, especially when patients maintain good oral hygiene. Surgeons should ensure that patients don’t have underlying conditions that could damage overdentures. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and even conditions like bruxism could reduce the lifespan of affordable ZEST® LODI implants.

The Advantages of LODI Implants

ZEST® implants add unique benefits that go beyond comparable overdentures and implants. Narrow ridge implants make it possible to perform overdenture treatment for patients who have narrow ridges or extreme cases of resorption. In some cases, implants can be used without expensive and time-consuming bone grafting procedures. The narrow ridge LOCATOR® system can be placed through existing tissue without the need for a flapping procedure. This further helps to reduce costs and surgical downtime for the patient.

There are four key elements of narrow ridge ZEST® LODI implants that make this possible.

  • The ZEST® system features a reduced vertical height. This improves patient comfort when the denture is removed, while also improving strength. The performance is significantly enhanced when compared to O-Ball attachments.
  • The thread design tapers and then widens at the coronal portion. This improves stability and allows for immediate loading.
  • The surface of the thread is textured down the entire length of the implant to improve stability throughout the lifetime of the implant.
  • ZEST® uses a proprietary self-tapping design to improve surgical handling and ensure that stability is maintained.

Standard ridge implants are also available. These are a recent development by ZEST®. The standard ridge system can be used in patients who need dentures but have ample bone volume available for implantation.

  • The standard ridge ZEST® LOCATOR® is self-aligning and features a pivoting design. This ensures that the denture cap has a stable connection that can withstand chewing while maintaining the durability of the attachment.
  • Cuff heights are higher (2.5mm and 4.0mm) which improves placement opportunities when there is more bone density available. Locator abutments can be ordered in cuff sizes right up to 6.0mm.
  • A range of diameters is available for ordering today. Like narrow ridge implants, the standard ridge ZEST® LODI implants feature an innovative thread design, textured thread surface, and self-tapping properties.

Any dental surgeon seeking more cost-effective, stable, and durable solutions for patients should consider the LOCATOR® overdenture system. We stock a complete range of ZEST® products at Dental Implant Technologies®.

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A Comprehensive Range of LODI Implants

Our ZEST® LODI implants are available in standard sizes in all-inclusive packages. Each package contains a single implant, LOCATOR® abutment, and a processing pack. Processing packs are designed to suit a range of patients while minimizing cost and waste. Included is a denture cap, block-out spacer, and three unique color-coded attachments to set retention levels.

Standard packaging includes a blue low retention attachment, pink medium retention attachment, and red low retention attachment.

We also offer individual abutments in sizes ranging from 2.5mm up to 6mm, allowing for the perfect fit in any clinical case. All of our abutments are authentic for use with the ZEST® LODI implants system.

Healing caps and processing spacers are also available to order today. We offer competitive prices and all of the essential LODI implants supplies, making it easy to order products for inventory or as-needed.

The ZEST® system is designed to be used with high-quality implant drivers, drills, and tool accessories. We supply these as well, making Dental Implant Technologies® your all-in-one supplier for ZEST® LODI implants. In addition to individual drills, tools, and parts, we also offer surgical kits. Newly formed dental practices and surgeons transitioning to the ZEST® system can purchase kits to get access to all the essential tools and extras.

The LODI Premium Surgical Kit (SKU# 7422) is our most complete kit, including all essential surgical instruments for narrow ridge implantation (excluding 1.8mm and 2.6mm drills). For professionals who have surgical instruments available, our individual tools and drivers are the most cost-effective way to ensure a fully prepared surgery for implantation procedures.

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