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Implant Bone Taps

For the most reliable implants that restore function and provide years or even decades of durability, a stable foundation is necessary. This begins before the implant is even inserted when the surgeon prepares the bone with an implant bone tap.

Bone taps are essential to ensure that there is a threaded channel to allow for the insertion of a dental implant. If the implant tap doesn’t suit the specific implant being used, or if the thread is of poor quality, the stability of the implant could be compromised. This could lead to necessary follow-up work or additional stabilization and grafting before a patient receives their new teeth and their new smile.

To minimize unacceptable errors in the implantation process, it’s important to buy only the highest quality implant bone taps. Dental Implant Technologies® supplies Hi-Tec implant taps to professionals throughout the United States.

Discover the advantages of these highly compatible implant taps and order online for convenience and the most competitive prices.

The Advantages of Hi-Tec Implants

Hi-Tec implants is an innovative dental implant company that develops and manufactures a diverse range of prosthetic elements and implant devices.

Founded in 1990, the company integrates more than 30 years of research and clinical experience into every product released. These products are designed by dental professionals who strive to provide more choices in the market with competitive costs and compatibility with the major implant systems.

Hi-Tec Implants became FDA approved in 1994 and received its European Community certifications in 1997. Dental Implant Technologies® is a distributor of Hi-Tec bone tap implants.

Dental professionals who purchase Hi-Tec implant taps and other implant supplies will benefit from:

  • Innovative products that meet or exceed industry standards of quality and reliability.
  • In-house production techniques and complete oversight of the manufacturing process.
  • Easy and cost-saving conversion to Hi-Tec products thanks to compatibility with major implant systems.
  • A wide range of implant systems and supplies including implant bone taps.

Take a look at the bone taps offered today and see compatibility details to easily transition to the affordable and reliable Hi-Tec dental implant taps today.

Implant Tap Compatibility Guide

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies a diverse range of square and hex ratchet bone taps to suit your preferred Hi-Tec implant system. All of our implant taps are offered with standard pricing to make it simple and convenient to refresh your inventory.

  • Logic System - The Logic system is an implant system designed to be compatible with NobelActive® and NobelReplace® systems. Logic implant taps are designed specifically for our Logic implants and are not suited to implants from other manufacturers. We offer all standard sizes available to order today. Simply use the drop-down menu to select your size.
  • Logic Plus System – Our advanced Logic Plus (Logic+) system is designed to be compatible with Zimmer Screw-Vent®, Biohorizons® internal hex systems, and other standard hex systems. When working with Logic Plus implants, you can order our Hi-Tec implants bone taps.
  • Implex System – Implex by Hi-Tec Dental is designed for compatibility with the NobelActive®, NobelReplace®, and BioMAX NP™ systems. This is a conical system similar to Logic.
  • Self-Thread System – We also offer self-thread implant taps designed for use with implants that are comparable to Zimmer® Screw-Vent™, Biohorizons® internal hex, Implant Direct™ Legacy (Purple), and similar systems. Our self-thread bone taps are specifically designed for use with Hi-Tec implants.

Ordering our implant taps is as easy as selecting your system, your size, and buying online from our convenient online store. All of our Hi-Tec implant tap products are designed to exacting surgical standards with the tightest tolerances for dimensions and structural integrity.

Our implant taps are more than just compatible in size and function. They also offer comparable handling properties, durability, and overall quality to major systems. For the most cost-effective dental supplies for implants, choose the reliable products from Hi-Tec Implants and Dental Implant Technologies®.

Customizable Surgical Kits with Implant Bone Taps and Essential Tools and Accessories

In addition to our individual implant bone taps, we also supply Hi-Tec Implants surgical kits that can be fully customized to your needs.

This Surgical Kit for Conical Connection Implants (SKU: CONICALSURGICALKIT) is designed to be used with the Logic system, making it compatible with other comparable systems like NobelActive® and NobelReplace®. It can be customized with insertion tools, drivers, torque wrenches, adaptors, implant bone taps, drills, and burrs.

A surgical kit is ideal if you need to acquire new or replace existing implant tools and accessories. Our kits are priced affordably so that you can get your implant bone taps and essential accessories to perform reliable implant procedures.

Insist on the Highest Quality Bone Taps from Dental Implant Technologies®

Next to surgical skill, it is the dental tools and devices that have the biggest impact on long-term patient results. For reliable implants, start with the best implant bone taps on the market. Our implant taps are made to the highest standards and are compatible with the most popular implant systems, including our own Implex and Logic systems.

Order in confidence online and enjoy expert customer support, fast shipping, and the most competitive rates.