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Order Kits for the Choukroun PRF Centrifuge System Online

Dental Implant Technologies® is a supplier of the innovative Choukroun PRF Centrifuge System. We offer centrifuges, kits, and instruments comparable to IntraSpin™ for sale.

PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin is an innovative advancement over traditional PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. It allows for highly concentrated growth factors that can hasten recovery times and provide better patient outcomes.

Learn about our PRF kit for sale and order from a trusted online dental supply store.

What is the Choukroun Dental PRF Kit?

The Choukroun DUO Quattro centrifuge is an advanced dental PRF system that includes innovative features to create APRF fibrin clots and IPRF plasma. Blood collection tubes are designed to create the specific type of PRF treatment demanded by the surgical conditions.

The DUO Quattro centrifuge itself is an exceptionally reliable medical device that rapidly spins autologous plasma to create fibrin that is rich in growth factors. The Choukroun system has several advanced features that make it more compelling than the popular IntraSpin™ for sale.

The DUO Quattro features six pre-programmed spin protocol settings that can be selected based on the needs of the patient. The system also has a programmable seventh setting that can be customized to the needs of the surgeon. A surgeon or dental technician can set the cycle speed and time to achieve the fibrin that is desired. The DUO Quattro system is designed to limit unwanted vibrations that could compromise the quality of the fibrin produced. DUO Quattro is specifically engineered to ensure that growth factors remain intact after extraction, to provide the best results in patient healing.

The Choukroun dental PRF kit includes more than just the centrifuge itself. There are various accessories and instruments available to ensure that surgeons can quickly transition to using a centrifuge for PRF treatment.

Each Choukroun dental PRF kit is comparable to IntraSpin™ centrifuge kits for sale.

What’s Included in the Choukroun PRF Kit for Sale?

The most affordable Choukroun dental PRF kit for sale includes the centrifuge itself and all of the basic blood collection tools and instruments that are needed to safely collect autologous blood and process it into platelet-rich fibrin.

The Choukroun kit is directly comparable to kits from IntraSpin™ dental.

Each starter set includes:


This is everything that surgical professionals and technicians need to start working with the Choukroun PRF system. A professional kit is also available with alternative collection tubes.

Dental Implant Technologies® proudly supplies the Choukroun system that directly compares with the IntraSpin™ centrifuge. For reliable medical devices and outstanding customer support, contact us today.

What is the IntraSpin™ LPRF and IntraSpin™ PRF System?

The IntraSpin™ LPRF or IntraSpin™ PRF system is an FDA-cleared centrifuge medical device designed to prepare fibrin from blood samples taken during dental surgery. The system works chairside to use extracted plasma to produce leukocyte or platelet-rich fibrin.

IntraSpin™ for sale is a popular device that competes directly with the Choukroun PRF Centrifuge System. It uses a three-step protocol that includes drawing blood, processing it in a centrifuge, and then processing the fibrin clot and applying it to a site where rapid healing is desired.

The IntraSpin™ centrifuge is sometimes compared to the Choukroun PRF Centrifuge System, but it doesn’t perform in the same way or offer comparable results.

IntraSpin™ LPRF is an older protocol that doesn’t produce growth factors at the same high levels as A-PRF [1]. Only the Choukroun PRF Centrifuge System is updated with the latest protocols to offer better surgical outcomes for patients.

The IntraSpin™ PRF system is made to high standards of reliability, but isn’t directly comparable to the Choukroun PRF Centrifuge System because it lacks the newer lower-speed protocols.

IntraSpin™ for sale should not be considered by surgeons and laboratory teams who are looking for the most advanced platelet-rich fibrin protocols with better clinical results.

The newest Choukroun protocols include A-PRF, S-PRF, and I-PRF. These protocols can be used for injectable treatment, membranes, or as elements in “sticky bone”, a combination of platelet-rich fibrin and grafting particulates. The advanced protocols ensure better healing, reduced pain, and better outcomes for patients, even those that aren’t in optimal health. Postoperative pain is significantly reduced when combining PRF treatment protocols with piezosurgery and traditional surgery [2].

Clinical results have proven that the A-PRF protocol outperforms older protocols IntraSpin™ LPRF with higher levels of human gingival fibroblast migration. Choukroun PRF Membranes have been used in clinical studies to improve bone grafts and the end esthetic results of peri-implant soft tissue [3].

Surgeons looking at InstraSpin™ for sale will find that the Choukroun PRF system offers excellent value. We offer a complete range of accessories including blood collection vials, butterfly blood draw devices, instrumentation, and processing components.

Dental Implant Technologies® is not a supplier of IntraSpin™ dental. We offer the superior Choukroun PRF Centrifuge System that includes unique innovations and quality of life features that can benefit dental surgeons.

Professionals looking for an alternative to IntraSpin™ dental can choose the Choukroun PRF kit for sale at Dental Implant Technologies®.

Choose the Best Alternative to IntraSpin™ LPRF / IntraSpin™ PRF System for Sale

Dental professionals need options when looking for the most reliable centrifuges on the market. The DUO Quattro centrifuge competes and compares directly with the IntraSpin™ centrifuge for sale. Years of development and countless hours of clinical testing ensure that the Choukroun system performs to the highest industry standards, with reliability and durability for the most demanding surgical environments.

Choukroun systems are affordable without making any quality compromises. Choukroun kits include all the essentials to begin the process of blood extraction and platelet-rich fibrin development.

The PRF system is the evolution of platelet-rich plasma therapy. It can provide more concentrated growth factors that can speed the healing process in patients. The Choukroun system is the ideal chairside solution for periodontal healing, including treating implant defects, bone defects, grafting sites, and surgical wounds in the mouth and around the gums.

Order a Choukroun PRF kit for sale from Dental Implant Technologies® today. Enjoy our low prices, commitment to quality, and dedicated customer service. Buy now through our secure online portal or talk to a customer service representative for more information and assistance with your next order.


1. Esfahrood, Z. R., Ardakani, M. T., Shokri, M., & Shokri, M. (2020). Effects of leukocyte-platelet-rich fibrin and advanced platelet-rich fibrin on the viability and migration of human gingival fibroblasts. Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology, 24(1), 15–19.

2. Uyanık, L. O., Bilginaylar, K., & Etikan, İ. (2015). Effects of platelet-rich fibrin and piezosurgery on impacted mandibular third molar surgery outcomes. Head & face medicine, 11, 25.

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