Spark Implants

Internal Hex Connection Spark Dental Implants

Dental Implant Technologies® is an American distributor of Spark dental implants from Hi-Tec Implants. Designed to offer clinicians an alternative to the popular Screw-Vent® system from Zimmer, Spark implant prosthetics and implants are cost-competitive without sacrificing performance or patient outcomes.

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About Spark Dental Implants

Spark dental implants and Spark prosthetics are designed and manufactured by Hi-Tec Implants, a leader in reliable and cost-competitive implant solutions. Based in Israel, Hi-Tec Implants produces its implants and prosthetic elements in-house at advanced facilities. Hi-Tec Implants is approved by the FDA and European Community. You can order Spark dental implants directly from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Spark dental implants are characterized by their internal hex design with a bone-condensing tapered thread. This system is designed for convenient platform switching thanks to one prosthetic size for all diameters in the Spark range.

There are several key advantages to the Spark design. The thread allows for immediate placement and loading in patients with healthy bone and gingival tissue. The bone condensing nature of Spark dental implants ensures a strong bone connection with high primary stability. This is true in both soft and dense bones. In soft bone, the implant design ensures compression for initial stability, even in sites with poor bone quality. In dense bone, apical engagement is achieved with the aid of a finishing drill.

All Spark dental implants are made from surgical grade titanium to ensure the highest level of biocompatibility with minimal risk of long-term complications like infection and inflammation.

Spark implants are comparable to the Screw-Vent® system. With our affordable implants and compatible tools and Spark prosthetics, clinicians will find it simple and cost-effective to transition to a Hi-Tec Implants system.

Size Options for Spark Implants

Spark implants by Hi-Tec Dental are available in a range of sizes.

Please choose the desired implant size to see available lengths, Spark dental attachments, kits, and instrumentation available. Spark systems are comparable to Screw-Vent™ 3.5mm (Green) platform implants.

While Spark dental attachments are compatible with competitor internal hex systems, the implants themselves aren’t interchangeable and should be installed only using a corresponding Hi-Tec Implants bone tap, available to order here in all Spark sizes.

Spark Implant Prosthetics

Spark implant prosthetics cover a broad range of abutments (including modular Spark prosthetics), analogs, impression devices, and universal units. Browse our complete range of compatible Spark implant prosthetics by choosing the desired Spark implant size here.

Examples of Reliable Spark Dental Attachments

The Spark dental implant system is one of the most versatile implant systems offered by Hi-Tec Implants and Dental Implant Technologies®. Even when considering just a few of the abutment types available, it’s easy to see how these implants and Spark prosthetics can be used for single tooth replacement and hybrid dentures.

Loose dentures are becoming less popular as long term solutions, due to the increasing affordability of implant-supported dentures. Ball attachment dentures offer excellent stability and can be used to support a complete row of dentures on just two implants along the lower jaw. Spark prosthetics, like the Internal Hex Ball Abutment, can be used to support dentures that snap into place.

Preparable abutments are ideal for custom implants and crowns where patients don’t require entire row replacement.

We offer a range of reliable Spark dental attachments including this One Piece Preparable Abutment for Standard Platform Internal Hex Implants, and this Straight Zirconia Fused Titanium Abutment for Standard Platform Internal Hex Implants.

For systems like implant-supported dentures using four or six implants, we offer both straight and angled Spark dental attachments.

Compatibility of Spark Dental Prosthetics

Spark dental prosthetics are designed to be compatible with Spark implants and a variety of standard platform internal hex connection implants. This includes all diameters of Logic+ implants supplied by Dental Implant Technologies®.

Spark dental prosthetics are compatible with Screw-Vent® implants by Zimmer. Compatibility ensures that practices can streamline their costs when working with different implant systems. With compatible abutments and other key prosthetic elements, the total cost of implantation can be reduced, helping to improve profitability while allowing cost savings for patients and insurers.

Order Spark Implants and Spark Dental Prosthetics Today

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Spark dental implants can be used in a range of restorative scenarios to restore smiles and full masticatory function. Competitive prices, fast delivery turnaround, and the best customer support make Dental Implant Technologies® your ideal source for implant supplies and regenerative products.