Expert Implants

Expert Implants are Alternatives to NobelActive® RP Conical and Standard Conical Implants

Hi-Tec Implants develops some of the most reliable titanium dental implants available today. Directly comparable to NobelActive® RP conical and NobelActive® standard conical, our Hi-Tec Implants can be used in procedures as alternatives to the Nobel range.

Learn about our implant designs and compatibility with the NobelActive® system.

Why Choose Alternatives to Nobel Active® RP Conical and Nobel Active® Standard Conical?

The Nobel Active® RP conical system or Nobel Active® standard conical system is widely used for restorative procedures. Offering good stability even for immediate implantation following an extraction, countless professionals are familiar with the Nobel range.

One of the strongest advantages for patients is the excellent esthetic performance of Nobel Active® RP conical and Nobel Active® standard conical implants. Wide platform implants also offer similar esthetic benefits. The implant is safe and secure and helps to preserve marginal bone and soft tissue.

All of these advantages, along with competitive cost, can also be enjoyed when using the Hi-Tec Implants Expert system. These implants are developed in Israel and are produced in-house based on 30 years of clinical research and experience.

Hi-Tec Implants offer the following advantages:

  • Comparable stability and esthetic performance to that of Nobel Active® RP conical and Nobel Active® standard conical implants.
  • Surgical titanium material to ensure biocompatibility and efficient osseointegration.
  • A complete range of compatible attachments that can be used with Hi-Tec Implants or Nobel Active® RP conical and Nobel Active® standard conical implants.
  • Impressive handling qualities.
  • Tool compatibility with similar conical connection implant systems.
  • The most competitive cost with no compromise in performance or durability.

Dental Implant Technologies® is a distributor of Hi-Tec Implants in the United States. Any clinician looking for reliable alternatives to Nobel Active® RP conical and Nobel Active® standard conical implants will find the Expert line of implants to be effective replacements.

Expert Implants Compatibility with NobelActive® RP Conical

Implant compatibility refers to the connection system and the attachments that are used with implants. Actual implants are proprietary in terms of the osseointegrating bone thread. Specific bone taps should be used whether working with NobelActive® RP conical implants or Hi-Tec Implants in the Expert range.

We supply Hi-Tec Implants bone taps that can be used before implantation. Browse all of our Hi-Tec implants bone taps here.

Attachments are cross-compatible between Hi-Tec Implants and NobelActive® RP conical or wide platform implants when matching systems as per our size guidelines.

Hi-Tec Implants can be used in place of NobelActive® RP conical implants or NP implants when a surgeon is familiar with Nobel products but looking for cost-effective alternatives. With a comparable conical connection system, it’s simple to transition to Hi-Tec Implants. Tools can be used for compatible conical connection implants when working within the same size parameters. Attachments can be interchanged between Hi-Tec and Nobel implants when considering the sizing details above.

Potential Scenarios for our Alternatives to NobelActive® Standard Conical Implants

Cost-saving is not the only reason to transition to Hi-Tec Implants. Expert implants are tapered for impressive performance in all types of bone, with a choice between the smaller 3.5mm narrow implants or 4.30mm/5.0mm standard implants for wider regions of the alveolar ridge. The tapering of the implant and its thread is key to the stability and superior osseointegration of Expert implants.

Clinicians use Expert implants for:

  • Complete restoration with dentures.
  • Single restoration for missing and damaged teeth.
  • Rehabilitation of existing restorations that have used NobelActive® standard conical implants.

Rehabilitation is simple because Hi-Tec attachments can be used with existing NobelActive® standard conical or narrow platform implants. If the implants are stable but the attachment is compromised, the clinician can replace abutments and crowns or dentures using Hi-Tec products.

Even if a NobelActive® standard conical implant needs to be removed and replaced, Hi-Tec Expert implants will offer a like-for-like conical connection solution at a competitive cost. Expert implants are available in varying lengths including 8mm, 10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm, and 16mm to suit the needs of the patient and the determination of the clinician.

Order The Most Reliable Hi-Tec Alternatives to NobelActive® RP Conical and NP Conical Implants

Dental Implant Technologies® offers a convenient storefront with competitive pricing on authentic Hi-Tec Implants. Whether transitioning completely from Nobel implants or simply looking for affordable prosthetic attachments, we have a range of solutions.

Order in confidence from our trusted online store and see how easy and affordable it is to use our Hi-Tec replacements for NobelActive® RP conical and NP implants.