Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift Instruments

Sinus augmentation, also known as a sinus lift or sinus bump, is an essential process for implant placement. The procedure grafts new bone material to provide a stable platform for implants, ensuring successful restorations with positive long-term patient outcomes.

Dental Implant Technologies® offers a complete range of sinus lift instruments designed to make the chairside workflow stress-free for the clinician and safer for the patient.

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Unique Design Qualities of Sinus Lift Tools

Sinus lift tools provide several important functions:

  • Drills, burrs, cutters, and reamers are designed to create the osteotomy for a sinus lift procedure. These cut, file, and grind bone, and are considered the core sinus lift tools.
  • Curettes and elevators are essential for sinus lift procedures. These are used to lift the sinus membrane to allow for the application of the grafting material.
  • Other sinus lift tools like grafting syringes, graft packers and scoops, bone jars, and even specialized measuring devices are used in all procedures.

We have separated our sinus lift tools on this page into distinct categories to make it easier to find every essential item and complete kits to perform crestal and lateral sinus grafting procedures. Please browse our categories to learn more about specific products and sets available to order.

Handpiece Sinus Lift Tools

To create an osteotomy safely and efficiently, handpiece sinus lift tools are used. These are connected to implant handpieces to provide adequate speed for procedures. Handpiece sinus lift tools are typically used between 800 and 1,200 RPM.

Our Round Diamond Burs (SKU: NX-RDB) are examples of the best handpiece sinus lift tools. Burs are designed to remove granulated tissue and are coated with a safe and biocompatible diamond material to ensure excellent results with minimal trauma. We offer burs in both low and high RPM versions.

Our Lateral Approach Sinus Window Side Cutters (SKU: LASC) are examples of slow-speed handpiece sinus lift tools. These rotating blades widen the sinus window after the initial osteotomy is made. Like our burs, these are diamond coated to ensure safe and efficient cutting.

We offer a complete range of handpiece sinus lift instrumentation. Browse all of our categories to purchase individual units or complete sets.

Purchasing Sinus Lift Instrumentation Within a Complete Kit

It’s not always necessary to use handpiece tools to perform a successful sinus lift procedure. Osteotomes fall within a specialized category of sinus lift instrumentation. They use pressure to cut bone, rather than powered rotational motion.

Osteotomes are available in kits and are the best type of sinus lift instrumentation to use in cases where the clinician prefers not to use a handpiece.

    • Our Crestal Osteotome Sinus Lift Kit (SKU: NX-SLCOK) is designed for the crestal approach and contains all of the sinus lift instrumentation necessary to perform a successful procedure, right down to a bone grafting syringe for placing the augmentation material.
    • The lateral approach can be performed with our Lateral Sinus Lift Kit (SKU: NX-SLLEK). Titanium-coated sinus lift instruments are designed to retain their shape and sharpness for successful procedures.

Kits can complement individual instruments already in the surgical inventory or can be used as all-in-one solutions for sinus lift procedures.

Autoclavable Instruments Suited to the Dental Office

All dental instruments must be cleaned and sterilized to prevent cross-contamination between patients. Sinus lift instruments engage with bone and soft tissue, as well as biological fluids. Materials used for our instruments include stainless steel, titanium, and diamond dust.

Instruments can be hand washed with neutral detergents to prevent acid or alkaline reactions. Sterilization is achieved with traditional in-office methods like steam autoclave. Sinus lift tools in kits are provided with sterilization cassettes. Individual tools can be placed in any standard sterilization cassette, like our 14-Piece Lattice Instrument Cassette With Adjustable Divider (SKU: NX-CS14C).

Order the Most Reliable Sinus Lift Instruments from Dental Implant Technologies®

Whether selecting individual handpiece tools, handpiece kits, or manual osteotome kits, Dental Implant Technologies® offers the best selection of sinus lift instruments.

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