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VeraGraft™ (sometimes mistakenly referred to as VeriGraft bone graft or VeriGraft grafting material) is a reliable mineralized or demineralized graft used in dental procedures.

Surgeons that demand reliable cortical cancellous bone grafting products will find a complete range available at Dental Implant Technologies®. We offer the industry’s top brands at competitive prices, making it easier to hold stock for upcoming surgeries or purchase cortical cancellous allograft as needed.

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VeraGraft™ Cortical Cancellous Bone Graft

We are a supplier of original VeraGraft™ cortical cancellous bone graft materials. This brand is trusted throughout the dental industry for its high quality, impressive handling, and convenient packaging in cortial cancellous bone particulate vials.

Cortical allograft products are used in a range of regenerative therapies, including socket preservation, cosmetic repairs, cyst repairs, and even major reconstructive therapies. Our mineralized cortical allograft and demineralized cortical graft products are offered at competitive prices to ensure that surgeons throughout America have access to the best products. You can purchase our mineralized cortical allograft and demineralized cortical graft products online today.

VeraGraft™ is sometimes incorrectly referred to as VeriGraft bone graft and VeriGraft grafting material.

Depending on surgical needs, our particulate vials are available for both cortical and cancellous regeneration. Cortical cancellous allograft materials are made to the highest surgical standards and can ensure the intended patient outcomes.

Corticocancellous grafting materials can be used for:

  • The cortical or compact bone with a dense outer cortex layer.
  • The cancellous or spongy trabecular bone tissue beneath the compact bone.

Vials are available as specific cortical allograft, cancellous allograft, or a combined particulate. Combined particulates are available as mineralized cortical graft and demineralized cortical graft.

Naming Conventions of Cortical Cancellous Allograft

VeraGraft™ is a brand name of cortical cancellous bone graft developed by Gencure, a subsidiary of BioBridge Global.

The brand is a leader in cortical cancellous Allograft products and is often used as a reference point for similar products. When researching products and brands, various terms can confuse even the most experienced dental professionals. Misspelling of both brand names and technical terms is a challenge in the industry.

VeriGraft bone graft and VeriGraft grafting material are two terms often mistakenly used when referring to VeraGraft™ and similar products. VeriGraft allograft is another common misspelling.

When searching for cortical allograft and cortical graft materials, always insist on trusted brand names. Check product labeling and descriptions to avoid unregulated or misrepresented offers.

OssoGen™ Particulate Mineralized VeriGraft Grafting Material

We stock OssoGen™ corticocancellous grafting materials. OssoGen™ is developed using a blend of cortical allograft and cancellous allograft. The graft blend is 70% cortical and 30% cancellous.

These materials are FDA certified and state licensed where applicable. For an affordable and reliable alternative to other VeriGraft grafting materials and VeriGraft bone grafts, choose OssoGen™.

Raptos® Particulate VeriGraft Bone Graft

This is another popular brand with dental professionals. The consistency and reliability are comparable to other VeriGraft allograft products. Raptos® can be used as a standalone product, or as a composite with other grafting products.

The material offers a reliable osteoconductive platform for cortial cancellous bone regeneration. When using demineralized Raptos® materials, there is a noticeable improvement in osteoconductive properties. The particulates create an organic framework to support the grafting process, ensuring that the desired surgical outcomes are achieved.

Raptos® is an affordable similar-VeriGraft for sale and we have stock on hand ready for order today.

PentOS OI™ Max Particulate Vials

All PentOS OI™ products are developed on a platform of five principles. The cortial cancellous bone used in these comparable-VeriGraft allografts must meet standards for:

  • New bone formation.
  • Bone marrow generation.
  • Presence of osteocytes.
  • Presence of cartilage compounds.
  • Presence of chondrocyte cells.

Donor bones are subjected to a rigorous testing and sterilization phase to ensure that all the standards are met. PentOS OI™ is a product of Citagenix, one of the most trusted names in corticocancellous grafting materials.

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Our VeriGraft allograft materials are designed to provide the best handling, surgical application suitability, and reliability. Loose vial particulates are ideal for mixing into composite particulates as demanded by specific surgical scenarios. Particulates like VeriGraft for sale are often less expensive than pre-mixed putty, and are more flexible, giving the surgeon more control over the blend of corticocancellous grafting materials.

VeriGraft for sale might appear confusing with the combination of brand names and different terms to refer to mineralized and demineralized cortical graft products. There may be misspellings used throughout marketing and information materials. The key takeaway is to remember the most reliable brands on the market.

VeraGraft™, OssoGen™, Raptos®, and PentOS OI™ are the best options when seeking reliable particulate vials. All our products are sterilized, meet strict FDA and state requirements, and are securely packaged to ensure confidence and safety when mixing the compounds and preparing for surgery.

Any dental professional wanting the best for their patients will find our products to be ideal.

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