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Dental Membrane Fixation Kits

Dental membrane fixation kits are used to secure and stabilize membranes when performing guided bone regeneration. The best dental membrane fixation kits provide excellent handling and performance and are cost-effective for clinicians. Dental Implant Technologies® is a trusted supplier of dental membrane fixation kits in the United States.

Review how and why screw and dental membrane tacking systems are used and order the most reliable dental instruments and supplies available today.

What are the Advantages of a Dental Membrane Fixation System?

There are various advantages offered by using a dental membrane fixation system, we will explore many of these in detail in the following sections.

For reference, the most important benefits of a dental membrane fixation system are as follows…

  • A dental membrane fixation system makes it easy and intuitive to secure membranes for guided bone and tissue regeneration.
  • The best dental membrane fixation systems can be used for titanium mesh and soft membranes.
  • Dental membrane fixation systems can be used with any membrane that has high pull-out strength.

The micromotion of a membrane can change the volume of a grafting site. This problem is especially prevalent when using particulate grafting materials. The use of a dental membrane fixation system limits the movement of a membrane so that regeneration is predictable and reliable.

How do Bone Tack Systems Work?

Bone tack systems use non-threaded tacks to secure a membrane to tissue. The tack is pressed into the tissue using a specialized tool, which can be manual or automatic. Bone tack systems leave tacks embedded in the tissue until removed by a clinician.

Bone tack systems use pressure and friction to remain in place. Unlike screws that are secured by a thread, bone tack systems can be thought of as ‘press fit’ systems. This makes removal and insertion an easier process and is one of the reasons that bone tack systems have been widely adopted by clinicians throughout the United States and around the world.

With the introduction of advanced instruments and bone tack systems. It is easier and more intuitive for clinicians to place bone tacks.

The Difference Between Membrane Tack Systems and Screw Systems

As covered, membrane tack systems use smooth tacks, while screw systems use threaded screw posts. The design of the device is different between the two, as is the insertion method. Membrane tack systems have a simpler insertion and removal method. Screw systems do offer impressive handling with just a little added complexity during surgery.

Generally, both screw and membrane tack systems are easy to work with. Because they serve slightly different functions with some crossover, clinicians should consider keeping both screw and membrane tack systems for the surgical inventory.

  • A membrane tack system is used only for securing membranes. Regardless of the membrane tack system, the device shouldn’t be used to secure block bone.
  • Membrane screws can be used to secure membranes as well as block materials. They are self-tapping and self-threading and typically don’t require pilot drilling.

Should Membrane Tack Kits and Screw Kits Be Used Instead of Sutures?

Sutures aren’t always viable when placing dental membranes. In cases where bone blocks are grafted before implant surgery, membrane tack kits and screw kits should be used. Tack kits can secure soft membranes and meshes while screw kits can be used to secure mesh with bone block materials.

Sutures can efficiently provide primary closure of a flap or even secure a membrane to soft tissue, but membrane tack kits are much more convenient. In addition to convenience, membrane tack kits are suited to securing and stabilizing solid titanium membranes.

Membrane tack kits and screw kits aren’t directly comparable to sutures. They function differently.

Membrane tack kits are often used to complement sutures at different points of a long-term treatment plan. Dental Implant Technologies® supplies both sutures and membrane tack kits for clinicians, ensuring that the best solutions are always available, no matter the specifics of the case.

Why are Membrane Tacking Systems Avoided for Bone Block Procedures?

Although there are some cases where bone blocks are stabilized without the use of a screw (mesh is used to stabilize the block and grafting material under the flap), most clinicians choose to use bone screws to attach a membrane to the bone block to guide tissue regeneration.

Membrane tacking systems are avoided for bone block procedures as the device is typically smaller and unable to provide effective stabilization. Small movements could limit stabilization when using membrane tacking systems for a bone block.

Always use the right system for its purpose. Screws are suited to block bone and membrane stabilization. Membrane tacking systems are suited to membrane stabilization, but not in bone block cases.

The easiest way to decide between a membrane tacking system and a screw system is to determine the complexity and critical nature of the procedure. When the most effective stabilization is required, a screw system should be selected over a membrane tacking system.

The Most Reliable Membrane Fixation Kits

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies membrane fixation kits intended to simplify chairside workflow. Our kits are cost-efficient and extremely reliable.

    • The MCT Tenting Screw Kit (SKU: TSK-01) is designed to be used for procedures where a tented membrane is required to guide and maintain space during guided bone regeneration. This kit includes screws and a specialized driver.
    • The MCT Membrane & Bone Block Fixation Kit (SKU: GBR-04) is a cost-efficient solution for stabilizing membranes with tacks or stabilizing block bone and membranes with screws. The kit includes screws, tacks, hand instruments, and a latch attachment for use with a powered handpiece.
    • The premium GBR Master Ultimate Screw and Tack Kit (SKU: GBR-05) contains screws, tacks, hand instruments, an automatic tack gun, and accessories to implant screws and tacks. It is our most versatile screw and membrane fixation kit providing solutions for any surgical case.

We also supply a complete range of replacement screws and tacks in various length and diameter options to suit any procedure. Browse all of our cost-efficient, high-quality membrane fixation kits and accessories to place an order today.