Internal Hex Connection

Spark Implants and Other Solutions for Internal Hex Connection

Internal hex connection implants are known for their compatibility with a range of prosthetics and impressive abutment stability. The internal hex is one of the most efficient connection methods and is preferred by many clinicians over conical and morse taper implants. Any clinician seeking affordable alternatives to our implant Vision implants and similar systems will find that Hi-Tec Implants, including Spark implants, are ideal for a range of restorative procedures.

Learn about our Spark Implants and the complete range of internal hex connection implants available to order today.

The Advantages of Internal Hex Connection Implants

Solutions like Hi-Tec Spark implants and implant Vision implants have been widely used in the dental industry for several years. Internal hex connection implants offer a variety of benefits that make them popular with clinicians.

The internal hex method of connection provides advantages including:

  • Simple placement of the abutment and screw with ease of fit and reduced height.
  • Limited possibility of mishandling or losing a screw in the mouth when placing.
  • An internal hex offers superior closure that is flush with the implant at the bone level when compared to external hex implants.
  • When using ball attachments, there’s a shorter collar height that suits thin tissue.
  • Ceramic abutments in particular benefit from an internal hex connection due to more material in the abutment mounting slot.

To enjoy these advantages, it’s important to choose reliable internal hex connection implants like Spark implants at Dental Implant Technologies®. Reliable implants ensure smooth handling and predictable results.

Spark Implants, Logic Plus Implants, and Self-Thread Implants

There are three internal hex implant systems available when choosing Hi-Tec Implants from Dental Implant Technologies®.

    • The Spark Implants system is designed with a sharp cutting edge. It is bone condensing and allows for platform switching with one prosthetic size suited to all diameters of implant. Spark implants, like all Hi-Tec Implants, are made from surgical-grade titanium for stable and efficient osseointegration.
    • Logic Plus (Logic+) Implants use an internal hex connection and are developed by Hi-Tec Implants. This system is bone condensing making it suited to all conditions, including soft bone. One prosthetic size is used for simplicity and platform switching.
    • Self-Thread Implants by Hi-Tec Implants use a proprietary self-tapping system to improve handling and reduce complexity for clinicians. The implant body closely mimics the shape of a natural tooth root to ensure stable osseointegration in original or grafted bone.

Thanks to platform switching, Spark implants and other internal hex connection implants by Hi-Tec Implants are compatible with a single line of abutments and prosthetic attachments. This reduces inventory complexity and helps to make ordering more streamlined and efficient for clinicians.

Practices can order the most popular prosthetics and keep them on-hand for use in upcoming surgeries.

To discover individual implant sizes and available prosthetic elements, simply follow the links to our Spark, Logic Plus, or Self-Thread implants. When selecting an implant size, all compatible prosthetics and tools are available to browse and purchase.

Consider Tri-Lobe Implant Vision Implants

Clinicians seeking a stable and non-rotating abutment connection can also consider tri-lobe implant Vision implants.

Implant vision implants are conical implants that use a specialized tri-lobe connection for additional stability and reliability. Dental professionals seeking a solution similar to internal hex but with a connection that results in extremely consistent torque distribution can consider these.

Vision implants are designed for use in all general restorative scenarios but are not as versatile as options like Self-Thread. Vision implants aren’t self-tapping or bone condensing, so preparation can be more involved.

Please browse our complete range of implant Vision implants by Hi-Tec. Note that Vision implants are not platform compatible with prosthetic elements designed for internal hex.

The Clever Engineering of Internal Hex Implants

We’ve outlined the key advantages of internal hex implants, although it’s worth exploring the engineering in more detail to see exactly why these are among the most preferred implants used today. Clinicians appreciate the stability and success rates offered by internal hex implants. Patients also benefit from longer-lasting restorations.

Every major implant manufacturer in the world produces a range of internal hex implants. Implant Direct®, Biohorizons®, Zimmer®, Lamina™, and Blue Sky Bio® are just some of the examples. Of course, Hi-Tec Implants is also a major manufacturer of internal hex implants and is the brand that discerning clinicians choose when seeking reliability and cost-efficiency without technical compromises.

Before internal hex implants, the first modern dental implants used an external hex connection. However, it was found that the external hex had the drawback of the hex height providing sub-optimal engagement between the implant and the abutment. This would result in screw loosening, micro movement of the abutment, and fatigue fractures.

Internal hex implants put the connection inside of the implant body, minimizing stress even when external force was applied to the restoration. This improved the stability. Even while other systems were developed, like the conical implant system, internal hex implants have remained the most popular choice. Manufacturing technology has improved over time so that measurement tolerances are extremely strict, minimizing micro movements.

Could conical connections one day take over internal hex as the defacto industry standard? Many clinicians have transitioned to conical connection implants and have found that the geometry of the connection ensures maximum stability, even surpassing the internal hex in some cases. But there are considerations to be made, like clinicians not being as familiar with the conical system, and existing tools found in dental offices being specialized for internal hex. At this time, the unique systems available all provide advantages and disadvantages. Patients that already have internal hex implants will require maintenance for the rest of their lifetimes, so there will remain a place for the abutments, tools, and accessories used for upkeep.

The internal hex connection remains the most commonly used system available today and when choosing this system, it’s important to have a reputable implant supplier with access to the best implants, attachments, and instruments. Dental Implant Technologies supplies Spark, Logic Plus, and Tapered Self Thread internal hex systems.

Ordering Spark Implants and Internal Hex Connection Implants Online

Dental Implant Technologies® is a trusted supplier of dental implants to professionals in the United States. Browse through to any of our platforms to expand a list of implant diameter options, length options, and compatible prosthetic elements. Hi-Tec Implants offers an all-in-one implant system that includes abutments, healing elements, impression elements, tools, and surgical instruments.

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