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Dental Diode Lasers for Soft Tissue Treatments

Dental diode lasers, also known as soft tissue lasers, are becoming more commonplace for use in the dental office. They are suitable for a variety of procedures involving the soft tissues of the mouth, gums, and cheeks. With narrow light beams that transmit energy, dental diode lasers allow for precise reduction and shaping with minimal swelling and discomfort.

Clinicians seeking the most reliable dental diode lasers will find that the K2 Mobile available from Dental Implant Technologies offers advanced features at a competitive price, suited to any practice.

Dental Diode Lasers Suited to Several Areas of Dentistry

We supply the world’s best dental diode lasers that are suited to several specialist areas of dentistry, including implantology, oral surgery, endodontics, and periodontics. Laser handpieces can simplify the chairside workflow by offering superior alternatives to traditional treatments.

The K2 Mobile Dental Diode Laser (SKU: K2M) has been designed for efficient use in the following cases…

  • Performing endodontics in cases like root canal sterilization, pulpotomy, pulp capping, and apical abscess treatment.
  • Low-level laser therapy for orthodontic pain relief, melanin depigmentation, and more.
  • Dental surgeries like gingivectomy, fibroma removal, incision, and drainage.
  • Periodontics like pre- and post-scaling, and laser curettage.
  • General dental treatments like laser troughing, hemostasis, prophylaxis, in-office whitening, and the treatment of ulcers.
  • Implantology like treating peri-implantitis, and trimming/shaping soft tissue around abutments.

Suited to virtually every branch of dentistry, the K2 Mobile dental diode laser is an essential tool that every clinician can use to simplify and enhance the chairside workflow. With presets configured on the device, it’s easy to select a protocol and begin treatment. With the pre-set protocols, clinicians who aren’t experienced with dental diode lasers will find that it’s simple to transition to this innovative method of treatment.

Simple Handheld Operation

There’s been a noticeable shift in recent years with handheld instruments transitioning away from bulky tethered devices with controls attached to a separate unit or foot pedal. The new design philosophy focuses heavily on ergonomics.

There are key advantages to this…

  • Clinicians will find it easier to hold and manipulate handheld devices that are slimmer and lighter without excessive outboard controls.
  • A focus on ergonomics improves safety by making it easier for the clinician to position the handpiece at the area of treatment.
  • More comfort means less surgical fatigue so that clinicians can work comfortably and more efficiently.

Dental diode lasers like the K2 Mobile have been designed to satisfy the needs of clinicians with industry-leading convenience and ergonomics. The unit is completely untethered, being powered by an internal lithium-ion battery. This frees up the range of movement for the clinician while improving safety and limiting stress.

There are other advantages to the dental diode lasers available at Dental Implant Technologies. The use of consumables is limited. The aluminum cap of the instrument is autoclavable to ensure sterilization between patients. Autoclavable tips can be cleaned and sterilized up to 50 times before needing to be replaced, and are competitively priced so that the infrequent replacement is affordable for any practice. Tips are available in two configurations – surgical and endodontic. Our K2 Mobile Dental Diode Laser Tips (SKU: K2Mobile-) are available to order today.

Enjoy the Benefits of Dental Diode Lasers for Soft Tissue Treatments

One of the underlying benefits of using a dental diode laser for soft tissue treatment is the inherent nature of laser treatment. A dental laser works by vaporizing soft tissue, a process that is known as ablation. At the same time, it coagulates the tissue, so that hemostasis is achieved. This is what minimizes bleeding during soft tissue treatment, and it also minimizes discomfort for the patient. The laser itself also provides a bactericidal effect, so the risk of infection is limited.

The inflammatory response is also limited thanks to the rapid coagulation and hemostatic effect. This means faster and more efficient procedures.

But it’s not just in the technical properties that clinicians can find advantages. Owning a dental diode laser can open the potential of providing treatments that might not otherwise be offered by the clinician. With the versatility of a unit like the K2 Mobile laser, there is huge potential for income and treatment options.

Less invasive, more precise, and more affordable, it’s difficult to argue against the use of a dental diode laser for soft tissue treatment. Because laser treatment is also quite conservative, it helps to preserve more of the healthy tissue at the treatment site.

Order a Convenient Handheld Dental Diode Laser

When performing endodontics, dental implant treatments, and other surgeries, a dental laser can become an essential tool to enhance patient outcomes. Order the reliable K2 Mobile from Dental Implant Technologies and benefit from increased capability and more treatment options for every patient.