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The World’s Best Dental Implant Motors

Dental implant motors provide the power for precise handpiece operation and more successful dental surgeries. Even with the most reliable handpiece, peak performance can’t be achieved without a reliable dental implant motor.

As a leading supplier of instruments for implant surgery, Dental Implant Technologies is the best place to find dental implant motors. Learn about the features in Aseptico® motors that will give any practice the edge it needs to succeed and grow its reputation.

Why is a Dental Implant Motor So Important?

Implant placement is a complex and demanding task, no matter the unique conditions. The dental implant motor that powers the handpiece can have a significant impact on the quality of the surgery and the stress that the clinician experiences. For any clinic that has a dental motor that is underperforming or that is aged and in need of replacement, choosing the best dental implant motor will be one of the most important decisions the practice makes.

The right implant placement motor can make surgeries less complex so that clinicians can focus on patients and their needs without having to worry about how the equipment is performing.

What to Look for in an Implant Placement Motor

There are several key factors to consider when choosing a reliable implant placement motor.

  • Is the implant placement motor compatible with the preferred handpiece?
  • Will the implant placement motor provide consistent torque regardless of RPM?
  • Does the implant placement motor have lighting to aid during implant placement or drilling?
  • Does the implant placement motor have lighting to aid during implant placement or drilling?
  • Is the device compliant with regulatory standards?

At Dental Implant Technologies we supply Aseptico® implant placement motors. These are among the most reliable in the industry, with excellent features that make the chairside process simpler and safer.

The Aseptico® AEU-7000 Series Motor is a High-Performance Motor for Dental Implants

The Aseptico® AEU-7000 Implant Motor (SKU: AEU-7000) has been designed to provide maximum versatility with reliable performance for any surgery. Based on more than three decades of manufacturing experience, the 7000 Series motor for dental implants has adjustable torque allowing it to be used for implants, endodontics, and general surgical applications.

FDA compliant, it meets the highest regulatory standards. The Aseptico® 7000 Series motor for dental implants is compatible with standardized E-Type handpieces including 1:8 Endo handpieces, 1:1 and 1:2 surgical handpieces, 1:5 high-speed handpieces, and 20:1 implant handpieces. The versatility ensures a strong return on investment.

Features of the Aseptico® motor for dental implants include:

  • Automatic adjustment to handpiece ratio.
  • Upgradable software for futureproofing.
  • Selectable auto-stop and auto-stop-reverse.
  • Simplified user interface.
  • Multifunction foot controller.
  • Dual voltage operation.
  • 40,000 RPM autoclavable micromotor.
  • Easy-load irrigation pump.
  • Optional optic for surgical site illumination.

For implant placement, the Aseptico® 7000 Series motor for dental implants can be used with traditional (full size) implants as well as mini implants for immediate placement.

Aseptico® 6000 Series Motor for Implants

If affordability and performance are desired with compatibility for implant and endo handpieces, the Aseptico® 6000 Series Motor for Implants (SKU: AEU-6000-70V) is a reliable option.

This device omits some of the advanced features to provide a more affordable package. It is best suited to the 20:1 Mont Blanc Implant Handpieces (SKU: AHP-85MB). It also features a 1,000 g/cm endo mode.

This motor for implants provides up to 50 Ncm of torque making it compatible with all major implant systems. It is programmable with a user-friendly interface, allowing for fast switching between endodontics or implant mode. Whether use specifically as a motor for implants or as an endo/implant motor for a busy practice, this model provides excellent performance and reliability from its autoclavable micromotor.

Like the 7000 series, this motor for implants has an easy-load irrigation pump, is compatible with E-Type handpieces, and has dual voltage operation with autosensing for seamless switching.

The Aseptico® 600 Series Motor for Implants is proudly made in the USA and is available to buy from Dental Implant Technologies.

Explore Our Complete Range of Dental Implant Motors

With the most reliable dental implant motors on the market, Dental Implant Technologies is the best place to buy critical equipment and instruments. We carry products where quality, usability, and performance are guaranteed. The best dental implant motors improve chairside procedures for better patient experiences and outcomes. With intuitive equipment that is safe and simple to use, clinicians can reduce stress and focus more on the patient’s needs.

Browse our complete range of dental implant motors and order in confidence from our secure online store.