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Dental Immediate Implant Drills and Burs

Dental Implant Technologies® is the leading supplier of implant bone taps, drills, and implant placement burs. Find all of the instruments that you need to prepare for implantation and smile restoration procedures.

Our range of implant placement burs, implant taps, punches, and saws can all be explored from this page. Unlike some suppliers, we offer accurate pricing on every product with no need to create an account and sign in. Consider the most reliable tools for implant placement and preparation, including immediate placement drills made to the strictest tolerances.

Immediate Implant Drills

For patients with sufficient bone in good condition, immediate placement is a possibility. Immediate implant placement requires no provisional grafting or additional procedures. The patient should be infection-free and bone density/structure should be confirmed with imaging and examination before the procedure. Immediate implant drills can also be used in grafted bone after the healing period.

Our reliable immediate implant drills are made from advanced materials using precise manufacturing methods. You can browse a complete range of implant drills and stoppers here, or use the links at the top of the page.

Our Hi-Tec Implants Drills are designed for our reliable implant solutions including internal hex, morse taper, tri-lobe, conical connection, and mini-implants. These drills are non-tapered to create a straight excavation for threaded implants with efficient osseointegration. Our immediate implant drills can be used with all Hi-Tec Implants as well as compatible implants from other manufacturers. Please browse all of our dental implants and attachments to explore our products and learn about compatibility with similar systems.

Immediate implant drills are used before implant taps for threading.

Our simple ordering tool allows you to select an immediate implant drill in diameters ranging from 2.0mm to 5.2mm for wide platform implants. Internal or external irrigation can be selected on the ordering page. Made from surgical stainless steel, all of our Hi-Tec drills are laser marked to measure accurate depth, and are 16mm in length.

Assorted size stainless steel and carbide drills are also available to order today.

Implant Placement Burs

We offer a range of implant placement burs designed to create accurate indentations for drilling. Reliable implant placement burs ensure that procedures progress without complication or problems with implant location.

For a simple and reliable implant placement bur, consider our 2.0MM Round Bur (SKU: RB). Made from surgical stainless steel, it’s the ideal tool for marking an indentation on the bone.

Beyond implant placement burs, we also offer burs used in procedures to remove inflamed or unviable tissue following extraction. These can be used in procedures to prepare a patient for eventual implantation. Our Nexus Biomedical Round Diamond Burs (SKU: NX-RDB) are available in 2.0mm and 3.0mm sizes for high or low-speed applications.

Our sinus burs also complement our implant placement burs. Available in both kits and individual burs, you can browse all of our sinus burs and order today.

Whether you need implant placement burs, surgical burs for site preparation, or sinus burs, you’ll find the widest selection of the most reliable instruments at Dental Implant Technologies®.

Implant Bone Taps

Implant bone taps are used to create an osteotomy specific to an implant thread. We supply implant bone taps for Hi-Tec Implants. Note that manufacturers use unique threads even when platforms are similar and otherwise compatible. Always use the corresponding bone tap for the manufacturer.

Our implant bone taps are available under a single SKU and you can order the specific size for your preferred Hi-Tec Implant system today. All Hi-Tec implant bone taps share the same price for your ordering convenience.

Always use high-quality bone taps to ensure osseointegration and to minimize the risk of implant damage or long-term complications in the patient.

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We offer one of the most extensive ranges of dental implant supplies in America. We supply to clinicians throughout the states and offer rapid delivery turnaround to ensure you have the instruments you need for upcoming procedures. Every product is evaluated for quality and durability to ensure that we only supply the best.

Critically for any practice, our bone taps, implant placement burs, immediate implant drills, and other instruments are competitively priced so that you can run a lean and efficient practice without compromising the quality of service that you deliver to patients. Browse and order online today or contact us at 800-452-0582 for assistance with your order.