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Implants & Attachments Catalogs – Buy in Confidence from a HiTec Implants Distributor

Dental Implant Technologies is a HiTec Implants distributor offering competitive prices and rapid delivery turnarounds to dental professionals and clinicians throughout the United States. We carry an extensive range of HiTec Implants for sale, all of which can be ordered online.

If you’re looking for reliable implants and accessories with products that are comparable to and compatible with BioHorizons®, NobelActive®, and Screw-Vent® to name just a few well-known brands, you’ll find the right solutions to meet all of your surgical and dental laboratory needs. We are based in Arizona and are an authorized HiTec implants vendor.

Learn about our popular HiTec Implants for sale and explore the latest catalogs from a HiTec Implants vendor.

Why Choose HiTec Implants for Sale?

Hi-Tec Implants is a company that combines more than 30 years of global research and clinical experience.

The goal with HiTec Implants for sale has always been to provide cost-competitive products with long-term compatibility. Technological innovation is a focus for the company, resulting in durable and advanced implants that can be used in the most demanding surgical scenarios. HiTec implants for sale are complemented by a complete range of accessories and attachments including abutments and analogs.

Dental Implants Technologies is a respected HiTec Implants vendor.

HiTec Implants for sale are FDA approved and certified by the European Community, giving you confidence in the brand and the products.

With HiTec implants for sale you will benefit from:

    • An extensive range of implant systems.
    • Compatibility with major implant brands.
    • Easy transition from other products.
    • Quality that comes from in-house production and innovation.

Dental Implant Technology is a trusted HiTec Implants distributor with an easy to browse online store and a client service staff with years of experience in the dental field.

Catalogs from Our HiTec Implants Shop

It’s simple to browse our high tech implants for sale using our site navigation and search tools. If you’re looking for an overview of the implant systems and accessories available at our HiTec Implants shop, you can browse the latest catalogs here.

    • Hi-Tec Implants – Expert™ ImplantExpert™ implants available from our HiTec Implants Shop use an internal taper connection with a root form double thread. Implants are made from pure titanium, while elements are available in a variety of materials including zirconium, stainless steel, and titanium. This catalog contains a comprehensive list of all Expert™ implants, elements, and surgical instruments and kits.
    • Hi-Tec Implants – Logic™ ImplantBrowse a complete selection of our Logic™ implants, elements, and instruments available at our affordable HiTec Implants shop. The Logic™ system uses an internal taper connection and self-tapping bone condensing implants made from surgical grade titanium.
    • Hi-Tec Implants – Spark™ ImplantThe Spark™ system is an efficient prosthetic system for all common implant diameters. It uses an internal hex connection, considered to be the industry standard in modern implant dentistry. In this catalog, you will find details on all the Spark™ implants, elements, and instruments available from our HiTec Implants shop.
    • Hi-Tec Implants – Multi-System Product Catalog 12th EditionThis catalog contains a complete overview of the individual products and systems available at our HiTec Implants shop. It includes all of our implant systems as well as prosthetic elements, tools, and accessories. Feel free to save the attached PDF for your reference when browsing our HiTec Implants shop or reviewing products for your future needs.

Advantages of A Trusted HiTec Implants Distributor

Dental Implant Technologies is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and supplies professionals in the United States. It is our mission to offer an extensive range of implants, attachments, accessories, and tools so that you have more choices when creating patient solutions. As an experienced HiTec Implants Distributor, we understand that diversity should be combined with extensive support. That’s why we offer high-quality client service and sales support before, during, and after you complete a transaction.

Our sales professionals are extensively trained and have extensive experience in the dental industry. We can answer all questions related to our products through email, live chat, or our support line at 800-452-0582.

Trust in an experienced HiTec Implants Distributor to enjoy the best support whether you’re buying a single implant package or an extensive range of items to complete your surgical or lab inventory.

As a HiTec Implants distributor, we are always transparent regarding the availability, pricing, and compatibility of our products.

Browsing High Tech Implants for Sale

In addition to our product catalogs supplied herein, we also list all individual high tech implants for sale, along with attachments and tools on our online store.

Catalogs are designed to provide up to date broad overviews of systems, elements, implants, and instrumentation/tools.

Products in our catalogs can be used as search queries from any page on our site. Catalog numbers can be used to quickly identify products, see images, and get the latest pricing on high tech implants for sale.

    • An example is the Esthetic Anti-Rotation Abutment from the Spark™ range with catalog number ACA-E-1. Searching this catalog number will direct you to our product page. Note that high tech implants for sale have catalog numbers that correspond to our internal SKU numbers. Product names can also be searched, although catalog/SKU searches are the most reliable to see our high tech implants for sale.

Your Trusted HiTec Implants Vendor

You’ve browsed our product catalogs and are ready to navigate our HiTec Implants vendor online store. All that’s left to do is order the products that will help you to deliver superior outcomes to your patients.

Whether developing dental replacements in a laboratory or installing implants chairside, you’ll find the most reliable products at our HiTec Implants vendor store. We ship throughout the United States with extensive options available to suit your budget and necessary timeframe.

Explore all of our products now and get the best prices and services from a HiTec Implants vendor.