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The Most Reliable Hemostatic Sponges for Dental

Bleeding control is one of the most critical aspects of any dental procedure. Achieving rapid hemostasis aids the clinician while also enhancing safety and benefiting the recovery of the patient. Dental Implant Technologies offers a range of hemostats suited to a variety of scenarios. When a rapid-acting hemostatic sponge is required, our Helistat® collagen sponges provide excellent technical performance and handling.

Order the most reliable hemostatic sponges for dental and ensure effective bleeding control when performing a range of in-office or surgical dental procedures.

Our Hemostatic Sponges

Similar to a gauze pad or thick membrane, our hemostatic sponges are designed to offer bleeding control during dental procedures. Made from bovine collagen, our sponges quickly absorb blood to create an enhanced clot without the typically delayed offset of a natural clot.

Hemostatic sponges can be placed directly at the bleeding site, and are ideal for rigid and semi-rigid tissue structures, especially the alveolar ridge, or inside of bony defects. Sponges can also be used on softer tissue structures, including the tongue. When applied and held in place, bleeding stops rapidly, with Helistat® acting within a matter of minutes. Helistat® typically controls bleeding within two to five minutes.

Customizable Hemostatic Solutions

Sponges are fully customizable to suit any structure in the oral cavity, ensuring that clinicians can use a hemostat that is perfectly sized for excellent handling. Sponges can be cut to size and shape, just like gauze pads or membranes. They are then applied to the site of bleeding, either manually, or with forceps.

Collagen-based sponges can adhere to bleeding sites without hydration or can be hydrated in advance with either saline or thrombin to create a sticky paste that is easy to manipulate and apply to a defect with an irregular shape.

The freedom to customize hemostatic solutions ensures that every clinician has the best solution, regardless of the specifics or complexity of the surgical procedure.

The Advantages of Hemostatic Sponges for Bleeding Control

The advantages of effective bleeding control are significant. Consider the benefits of choosing a reliable hemostatic sponge for any procedure.

  • Patient safety is enhanced by preventing blood loss, especially in patients with an increased risk of bleeding from disorders or blood thinning medications.
  • The surgical field is kept clear with the use of an effective hemostat. Enhanced visibility increases safety while also streamlining any procedure for the clinician. Dental work is more efficient with fewer risks of complication when the surgical field is unobstructed.
  • Uncontrolled bleeding can increase surgical time, which can affect the efficiency of the practices and even the cost of the procedure. This is frustrating for patients and clinicians alike. By effectively controlling bleeding clinicians can reduce the time allocated to procedures, without compromising the quality of the service.
  • Hemostatic sponges are ideal for controlling post-operative bleeding, helping to promote faster healing and reduce post-operative complications.
  • With the advantages in visibility, procedure time, efficiency, patient safety, and post-operative outcome, reliable hemostats are essential for dental professionals. Our Helistat® collagen sponges provide the most effective bleeding control in a convenient, pliable, and resizable membrane-like product.

Ease of Handling

One of the most significant aspects of hemostatic sponges is their excellent handling and ease of use. Decreasing complexity during dental procedures has wide-reaching benefits for clinicians.

When the bleeding site is identified, clinicians can clear debris or foreign objects with instruments, irrigation, and/or suction. The hemostatic sponge can then be cut to shape to suit the wound or source of bleeding. The sponge is then applied to the tissue and held in place until bonded (or hydrated and applied as a paste).

Because collagen sponges work in minutes and require no further intervention, they allow clinicians to quickly return to other aspects of the procedure.

Helistat® Collagen Hemostatic Sponges

Dental Implant Technologies is a supplier of Helistat® Collagen Sponges in the United States. These sponges are made from Type 1 Collagen, are packaged sterile, and are safe for patients with an exceedingly low risk of immunological response or negative reaction.

Our sponges use high-quality collagen from the bovine Achilles tendon. Resorption time is typically up to ten days, ensuring that there is ample time for wound healing. These sponges can absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquids, and because they’re fast-acting, there’s no need to use other types of hemostats like tissue glue when Helistat® is applied.

High biocompatibility ensures safety for patients, while versatility ensures convenience for clinicians. Helistat® is also cost-efficient when considering the excellent performance.

Order the Best Hemostatic Sponges from Dental Implant Technologies

Ensure that your clinic has the best bleeding control solutions for upcoming surgeries. Order reliable hemostatic sponges from Dental Implant Technologies and enjoy our competitive pricing and rapid delivery to your practice in the United States.