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Hi-Tec Mini Implants for Sale at Dental Implant Technologies®

Mini implants are designed to be cost-effective and reliable for specialist restoration procedures. Ideal for cost-saving restoration, restoration in crowded areas, and dentures, you can find the most reliable small dental implants at Dental Implant Technologies®.

We stock the complete range of Hi-Tec reduced diameter implants, and offer competitive pricing with convenient online ordering.

Why Hi-Tec Implants are Some of the Best Mini Implants for Sale

Hi-Tec Implants develops some of the best mini implants for sale today. Reliability, innovative design, and cost-competitive pricing all come together to create ideal solutions for clinicians and their patients.

30 years of innovation, clinical research, and experience are the foundations of every Hi-Tec product, including the best mini implants for sale. Hi-Tec Implants are designed and produced in-house, allowing for oversight of the quality and reliability of reduced diameter implants.

The best mini implants for sale come with:

  • A wide range of implant systems to suit any specialist application.
  • Comparable quality, handling, and reliability to major brands.
  • Cost-efficient pricing to allow for streamlined dental practices and affordable procedures.
  • Innovative materials and designs.
  • Options for two and one-piece implants.

All of the best mini implants for sale are developed from surgical-grade pure titanium. They feature an innovative integrated surface that is large grit sandblasted and acid-etched to allow for swift and stable osseointegration. Some of the best mini implants for sale, including TRX-OP implants by Hi-Tec, are designed for immediate loading, making them suitable for single-process restoration that is cost-effective for patients.

Clinicians looking for affordable solutions without compromising reliability, performance, handling, or overall quality will find that Hi-Tec Implants are among the best mini implants for sale.

Advantages of Reduced Diameter Implants

For some patients, reduced diameter implants may be the only viable solution for restoration. There are many advantages that clinicians consider when choosing small dental implants for their patients.

Mini dental implants reduce the complexity of restorative surgery. They can be inserted in one day, and in many cases allow the patient to leave the surgery with a restored arch or single-tooth restoration.

Because reduced diameter implants require less bone for stability, they can often be inserted without the need for augmentation, even if some (minimal) bone loss has occurred. Just like regular implants, reduced diameter implants stimulate the natural bone, so resorption can be avoided when treating tooth loss and defects early.

Patients who undergo procedures using small dental implants often find that the recovery is bearable because there’s little risk of the implant interacting with nerves or causing damage. Recovery is faster when compared to full-sized implants because the surgery is less invasive.

Types of Small Dental Implants by Hi-Tec Implants

Hi-Tec Implants has developed a complete range of small dental implants available to clinicians in the United States.

    • Hi-Tec TRX Implants are mono-block small dental implants used to create prosthetics that would traditionally sit on multi-unit implants. They are suited to immediate loading for trans-gingival cases. They are available in both 2.80mm and 3.70mm diameters.
    • Hi-Tec TRX-OP Implants are one-piece implants designed for immediate loading. Featuring an integrated straight abutment, these implants are available in 2.80mm and 3.70mm diameters.
    • Hi-Tec TRX-TP Implants are two-piece small dental implants that can be affixed with an interchangeable ball attachment. They are available in 2.40mm, 2.80mm, and 3.30mm diameters.
    • Hi-Tec TRX-BA Implants are the one-piece implant version of TRX-TP implants. They are designed with a fixed integral ball attachment and are available in 2.80mm and 3.30mm diameters.
    • Hi-Tec TRI Implants are available in a single size with a 2.40mm self-tapping thread, allowing for easy integration into the patient’s natural bone. The one-piece ball attachment is designed for denture stabilization.
    • Hi-Tec TRI-N Implants are a mini crown and bridge version of TRI implants with an integral abutment mount. They are based on the same 2.40mm self-tapping thread platform for efficient insertion with minimal complication.
    • Hi-Tec TRI-OR Implants are specialized orthodontic implants designed to support long-term realignment in patients with severe malocclusion. They feature a multi-purpose bracket design with provision for a round wire, elastic bands, or connecting wire placement tools. 1.8mm and 1.3mm threads are available.

Browse through any of our two or one piece implant systems using the above links to see a complete range of tools and attachments for insertion, crown and denture creation, and maintenance.

One Piece Implants are Significantly More Affordable

Clinicians will find that one piece implants are drastically more affordable than their full-sized counterparts, however, they may not be suited to every restoration scenario. Extreme bone reabsorption or a lack of stability may call for full-sized implants. Although the cost will be increased for both the patient and practitioner, the situation may call for a more traditional approach.

Hi-Tec Implants creates standard implants in addition to affordable one piece implants and mini implants. Browse our complete range of available full-sized titanium implants here.

Order The Most Reliable Mini Implants for Sale

Dental Implant Technologies® is standing by to ship mini implants at the most competitive prices. Whether restoring a single tooth, performing an implant-supported crown restoration, or replacing a full arch, our one piece and two-piece mini implants could be perfect for the procedure.

Get the most reliable mini implants from Hi-Tec Implants by browsing our selection today.