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How do HeliMEND™ Collagen Membranes Compare to BioMend® Membranes?

HeliMEND™ collagen membranes are a reliable alternative to BioMend® membranes. How do the products differ? In terms of performance and product composition, they are similar, and clinicians can easily transition away from BioMend® membranes without any significant change in workflow.

BioMend® membranes are developed from the bovine deep flexor, or the Achilles tendon, which is the same source for HeliMEND™ collagen membranes.

HeliMEND™ collagen membranes are made from the highest quality Type-1 collagen, and the brand is respected throughout the industry for its high-quality products. Integra has been trusted for decades thanks to its high-quality collagen that produces excellent results in dental applications.

HeliMEND™ collagen membranes are the highest quality resorbable collagen membranes on the market today. If you insist on high performance with a competitive price, you can have confidence in choosing HeliMEND™ over BioMend® membranes.

Is it Safe to Leave HeliMEND™ Membranes to Resorb?

Clinicians can absolutely leave resorbable membranes to naturally break down and resorb. That’s what they’re designed for. Although they can also be used as temporary dressings, HeliMEND™ collagen membranes are mostly used as barriers after surgical procedures. Using resorbable membranes is an easy way to provide essential collagen to the site to enhance healing and stop bleeding (hemostasis).

Do HeliMEND™ Collagen Membranes Adhere to the Treatment Site?

Handling is an important factor to consider with any dental membrane. Clinicians familiar with the handling of BioMend® membranes will find that HeliMEND™ provides the same level of handling ease and consistency.

Collagen membranes like HeliMEND™ and BioMend® membranes easily adhere to bony structures and soft tissue. Handling during the surgical procedure is stress-free. It’s easy to situate the membrane before achieving surgical coverage. Membranes can be cut to size and shape to make them ideal for the unique surgical case.

HeliMEND™ collagen membranes, like BioMend® membranes, are packaged for single surgical use. Any material left after cutting should be discarded. The material cannot be sterilized again or used for another patient.

Available in a range of sizes comparable to BioMend® membranes, HeliMEND™ products can be selected to suit the procedure and limit waste.

Choose a cost-efficient and reliable alternative to BioMend® membranes. HeliMEND™ is a trusted brand that offers reliability and predictability in resorption and healing. Preferred by clinicians around the world, you can order HeliMEND™ products for your practice in the United States.

Buy HeliMEND™ Advanced Membranes Online

HeliMEND™ membranes are advanced collagen membranes used to limit foreign body reaction, prevent cell migration, and promote rapid healing around surgical sites in the oral cavity. Dental surgeons looking for reliable membranes will find the best products at Dental Implant Technologies®.

We supply HeliMEND™ membranes that are comparable to BioMend® membranes and OraMem® membranes. Our advanced membranes offer a longer resorption profile.

Our absorbable membranes are ideal for a range of surgical applications from regenerative procedures to extraction and implantation. Learn how HeliMEND™ collagen from Integra LifeSciences outperforms the competition, and order resorbable membranes from our convenient and secure online storefront.

HeliMEND™ Advanced Membranes with Integra Collagen

Integra LifeSciences is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of collagen for surgical applications. The Type-1 collagen found in HeliMEND advanced membranes is developed with three key principles to ensure performance and safety for patients.

Integra HeliMEND™ collagen has unique characteristics that stand out from competing products. The ultra-pure collagen in every membrane is designed to:

  • Limit reaction to foreign bodies to ensure complete biocompatibility.
  • Minimize the risk of encapsulation from surrounding tissue.
  • Eliminate the risk of an immune response from the patient.

This is made possible through proprietary collagen treated with a unique sterilization and purification process. Integra sources HeliMEND™ collagen from trusted bovine tendon sources. Integra’s collagen is considered to be one of the purest of all known commercial sources.

Each product is developed using specific engineering techniques to ensure suitability for dental applications. The collagen in HeliMEND™ membrane is specifically formulated to perform well when protecting wounds and limiting cell transfer. Integra has more than three decades of proven experience in Type-1 collagen production. Dentists around the world trust Integra to provide the most reliable surgical materials.

The HeliMEND™ collagen membranes available to buy at Dental Implant Technologies® are comparable with BioMend® membranes and OraMem® membranes. Professionals familiar with these products will find that the enhanced handling and performance of HeliMEND™ allows for better surgical outcomes.

Easy Handling and Great Surgical Outcomes with HeliMEND™ Collagen Membranes

HeliMEND™ is designed specifically to create space for guided tissue regeneration procedures. The advanced product resorbs in 18 weeks, making it ideal for surgeries where a longer healing and regeneration duration is needed. The Type-1 collagen in each membrane helps to stabilize wounds while protecting against interfering cell migration.

Collagen promotes hemostasis, making it ideal for procedures where oozing blood interferes with the surgical site. HeliMEND™ works quickly, allowing blood clots to form around surgical wounds and extraction sites.

Handling is particularly impressive when using HeliMEND™ collagen membranes. Available in a variety of standard sizes, each membrane can be trimmed to suit the unique surgical application. The material is pliable, allowing it to be shaped so that it conforms perfectly around the alveolar ridge. HeliMEND™ is easy to grip with surgical tools and doesn’t become slippery when hydrated by saline solution, blood, and other fluids.

Surgeons experienced with BioMend® membranes or OraMem® membranes will find it easy to transition to the new membrane. Surgical processes remain the same, while technical handling abilities are enhanced. Standard BioMend® membranes typically absorb within eight weeks of surgery. Standard OraMem® membranes are absorbed within the same period, sometimes within the fourth week.

Choose HeliMEND™ advanced membrane and benefit from the longer resorption rate for linear, predictable, and extended performance duration.

Key Advantages of HeliMEND™ Membrane Cannot be Overstated

The benefits of HeliMEND™ will be appreciated by any experienced dental surgeon. Order our membranes for:

  • Dental procedures that require a reliable hemostatic membrane with pure collagen to manage blood flow.
  • Surgeries where space needs to be maintained around a grafting site.
  • Procedures where a four or eight-week resorption rate is not enough.
  • Better handling that retains grip even when wet.
  • Instances where aspiration is required frequently to eliminate accumulated blood.
  • Improved patient comfort with less bleeding.
  • Temporary dressing before surgical closure.

HeliMEND™ advanced membranes are highly porous and will retain many times their original weight in moisture. Membranes can be used when necessary to address short term bleeding during a surgical procedure. In this way, they function much like standard dressings, but with the added advantage of the hemostatic properties of collagen.

Every dental practice should maintain an inventory of HeliMEND™ membranes for scheduled surgeries and emergency procedures.

HeliMEND™ Collagen Membrane Availability

Dental Implant Technologies® is ready to supply HeliMEND™ in a range of sizes. We stock both advanced membranes and standard membranes. Standard membranes are fully resorbed within eight weeks.

  • HeliMEND™ Resorbable Collagen Standard Membrane 30mm x 40mm (SKU: 62-205)
  • HeliMEND™ Resorbable Collagen Standard Membrane 20mm x 30mm (SKU: 62-204)
  • HeliMEND™ Resorbable Collagen Standard Membrane 15mm x 20mm (SKU: 62-203)
  • HeliMEND™ Resorbable Collagen Advanced Membrane 30mm x 40mm (SKU: 62-208)
  • HeliMEND™ Resorbable Collagen Advanced Membrane 20mm x 30mm (SKU: 62-207)
  • HeliMEND™ Resorbable Collagen Advanced Membrane 15mm x 20mm (SKU: 62-206)

HeliMEND™ products can be trimmed to suit the surgical application. Each membrane is sterile packaged for single use only. Trimmed sections cannot be sterilized after unpacking.

Buy the Best Collagen Membranes Online Today

Our HeliMEND™ advanced membranes and standard membranes are in stock and ready for your order. Buy the most reliable membranes with ultra-pure Integra collagen. Convenient sizes and affordable pricing ensure that you can keep your surgery stocked at the lowest possible cost.

Order online now and have collagen membranes delivered directly to your practice, with overnight priority shipping available on request. Purchase right away or contact us for more information and assistance with your order.