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Dental Implant Removal Kits

Restoring lost or unsalvageable teeth is best achieved with dental implants. The best dental implants are reliable, support natural-looking crowns or dentures, and provide form and function that will give patients the highest possible quality of life.

While implant surgeries are now more successful than ever before, there are cases where things can go wrong. Dental implant removal kits can be used when implants have failed.

Get the most reliable instruments and accessories for your practice including fixture removal kits that are comparable to Nobel™ implant removal kits. You’ll find everything you need at Dental Implant Technologies.

How Many Dental Implants Fail?

Even with the highest quality dental implants and the best dental care, at least five percent of dental implants fail. This can occur in the weeks following the procedure, or months or years later. Implants don’t always fail due to poor placement or design. Implants can fail due to disease that goes untreated.

  • Gum disease is a leading cause of implant failure, leading to the need for dental implant removal kit.
  • Smoking can increase the risk of dental implant failure. Patients that smoke in the weeks and months after surgery are more likely to experience implant failure.
  • If there is insufficient bone to support implants, osseointegration can fail and the implant can become loose, leading to inflammation.
  • Poor oral hygiene also increases the risk of implant failure.

In your practice, you seek to minimize the risk of failure by performing surgeries according to all industry and manufacturer guidelines. You offer patients the right aftercare, instructions, and support so that they can limit the risk of failure. No matter how much effort you put into minimizing the chance of failure, it can still occur. You could also have patients visit who have had implants placed by an inexperienced surgeon, leading to failure.

Whatever the reason, removing the implant safely and efficiently is of utmost importance. This will reduce irritation and inflammation and allow for treatment of the bone and gum. Removal is the first step before restorative procedures like guided bone regeneration and the placement of new implants.

To do it right, you’ll need the best dental implant removal kits on the market. You’ll find them right here at Dental Implant Technologies.

How to Remove a Dental Implant – The Process with Nobel™ Implant Removal Kits and Similar Kits

Experienced clinicians learn how to remove a dental implant with formal training and ongoing experience. As a professional, you continuously advance your skills to further your career and provide better services to your patients.

Knowing how to remove a dental implant effectively is as much about the dental implant removal tools as it is your technique.

When students are taught how to remove a dental implant the trephine method is one of the most common. Trephine drills similar to those used for bone harvesting can be used to cut the bone around the implant, dislodging a fully integrated implant with minimal bone damage and loss. A trephine allows for uniform osteotomy that is suitable for regeneration following extraction of the implant.

Our trephine implant removal kits offer standard sizes to suit a variety of implant diameters and can be used in place of Nobel™ implant removal kits.

Different methods of how to remove a dental implant are used when the unit is fractured. Although rare, knowing how to remove a dental implant that is fractured is essential for any clinician. Fractured implants are typically removed in one of three ways…

    • Reverse torque can be used to remove a superficially fractured dental implant. Grafting is usually necessary to prepare the site for a future implant. Kits for this technique supplied by Dental Implant Technologies are compatible with Nobel™ implant removal kit.
    • The bone trough technique can be used to cut a small segment of bone around the implant, allowing for easy removal of the unit.
    • Some fractured implants are left in healthy bone if the removal would be overly traumatic and if there are no future implants planned for the site. Bone will heal around the implant without complication in most cases.

A fixture removal kit or individual removers can be used for the reverse torque method for failed implants.

The steps of how to remove a dental implant using fixture removers are relatively simple. The tapered body of the remover is placed into the implant thread after the abutment has been removed. Reverse threads engage and with counterclockwise movement and make it easy to safely remove the implant.

What’s in a Fixture Removal Kit?

A fixture removal kit includes all of the tools and accessories needed to remove implants and screws.

Our Implant Fixture & Prosthetic Screw Remover Kit (SKU-FSR) is essential for any practitioner that performs dental implant removal. This kit can be used as a Nobel™ implant removal kit when working with Nobel implants.

More than just an alternative to a Nobel™ implant removal kit, this fixture removal kit is suited to all major implant systems used today. Guides for octa internal, hex, external regular, external mini, sub narrow, tri-lobe style, and tapered screw vent systems are included in the kit. Specific system compatibility includes Straumann® tissue-level implants, Implant Direct™ Legacy implants, Zimmer®, and others.

Our fixture removal kits compatible with Nobel™ implant removal kits are also compatible with our range of Hi-Tec Implants.

Browse all of our implant and fixture removal kits by following the product links at the top of the page.

Dental Implant Removal is Made Simpler with the Best Implant Removal Kits

Whether you need a versatile solution compatible with Nobel™ implant removal kits, or individual trephines and fixture removers, Dental Implant Technologies has you covered. We offer the most reliable dental implant removal tools and implant removal kits at competitive prices. Order today and enjoy the best service with rapid delivery to your practice in the United States.