Helistat® Hemostatic Collagen Sponge -18/Pack

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Helistat® Hemostatic Collagen Sponge

  • Material: Type 1 bovine collagen
  • Dimensions: 1x 0.5 in
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Resorption Time: 10-14 days
  • Includes: 18/box
Helistat® Hemostatic Collagen Sponge -18/Pack
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Helistat® Hemostatic Collagen Sponge -18/Pack Helistat® Hemostatic Collagen Sponge -18/Pack

HeliSTAT® Collagen Hemostatic Sponge

With excellent handling and a nonfriable structure that is easy to control, HeliSTAT® hemostatic sponge is one of the most reliable collagen sponge products available for dental surgeries. Developed by Integra®, HeliSTAT® hemostatic sponge is made from highly purified bovine collagen to offer the best performance and biocompatibility.

Explore the features and benefits of HeliSTAT® hemostatic sponge and order from Dental Implant Technologies today.

HeliSTAT® Absorbable Collagen Sponge Key Details

Developed by Integra®, HeliSTAT® absorbable collagen sponge is a hemostatic sponge ideal for any surgical procedure where effective and rapid hemostasis is demanded at the wound site.

  • Material: Type 1 Bovine Collagen
  • Dimensions: 1”x0.5” (2.54x1.27cm)
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Resorption Time: 10-14 days
  • Includes: 18/box

HeliSTAT® absorbable collagen sponge is FDA approved and made from the highest quality purified bovine collagen to provide effective hemostasis while also supporting healing if left in situ. The most demanding clinicians can rely on HeliSTAT® absorbable collagen sponge, available in convenient boxes of 18 units from Dental Implant Technologies.

HeliSTAT® absorbable collagen sponge is biocompatible with minimal risk of immunological response.

HeliSTAT® Sponge Hemostatic Performance

Dental sponge hemostatic performance is particularly impressive when choosing HeliSTAT®.

Integra® develops surgical collagen from bovine Achilles tendon, the purest and most abundant source. The collagen is processed by Integra® to achieve the highest levels of purity and biocompatibility. Compared to synthetic materials, sponge hemostatic performance is incomparable.

The collagen works to stop bleeding rapidly, with control achieved within two to five minutes of application. HeliSTAT® sponge hemostatic performance is made possible thanks to a nonfriable structure that is easy to manipulate. Every HeliSTAT® sponge can be compressed into a cohesive mass ready for application in flaps, sockets, or any other area of oral application.

HeliSTAT® sponge hemostatic performance is proven with a long history of efficacy and safety. Even with the impressive sponge hemostatic performance, HeliSTAT® sponge won’t swell when left in situ. This makes it ideal for use under closure for healing over the 14 day resorption time.

HeliSTAT® vs Surgifoam® vs Gelfoam®

Clinicians have an abundance of choices when it comes to regenerative products and wound dressings. HeliSTAT® absorbable collagen sponge has performance and handling properties that make it the best choice when comparing HeliSTAT® vs Surgifoam® vs Gelfoam®.

Note the following when considering HeliSTAT® sponge vs Surgifoam® vs Gelfoam®:

  • HeliSTAT® can be wrap packed or sutured to a wound site. Surgifoam®, a prepared sponge product, isn’t suited to skin closure. HeliSTAT® doesn’t swell.
  • Gelfoam® is a powdered collagen product requiring preparation which can add to chairside complexity. Gelfoam® is only resorbable when used in minor quantities.
  • Comparing HeliSTAT® vs Surgifoam® vs Gelfoam®, only HeliSTAT® is made from bovine Ultra Pure Collagen™. The competing products are derived from porcine collagen.
  • HeliSTAT® is versatile and can be hydrated with saline or thrombin to create an effective hemostatic paste.

HeliSTAT® vs Surgifoam® vs Gelfoam® reveals that only HeliSTAT® is derived from purified bovine collagen. It is suited to closure because it doesn’t swell or interfere with wound edges. It is fully resorbable in 14 days and comes in standardized packaging, eliminating the guesswork of a preparable powder like Gelfoam®.

HeliSTAT® hemostatic sponge is the most reliable and convenient hemostatic sponge product on the market today. Order in confidence from Dental Implant Technologies and enjoy competitive pricing with the best customer service and rapid delivery fulfillment to clinicians in the United States.

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