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Buy Neomem® FlexPlus Membranes Online

Surgeons seeking a reliable alternative to BioOss™ collagen membrane will find that Neomem® FlexPlus offers comparable handling and performance with impressive technical specifications.

Excellent strength, low inflammation response, and ease of shaping and application have made Neomem® FlexPlus incredibly popular with dental surgeons in America.

Learn more about the product design, its key advantages, and order online from Dental Implant Technologies® for the most competitive pricing and fast turnaround shipping.

Applications for BioOss™ Collagen Membrane Comparable Products

Bio-Oss™ comparable membranes have entered the market, with several affordable alternatives. Bio-Oss™ membrane is known for reliability and durability. Any alternative worth considering needs to meet the performance and handling characteristics without compromise.

Neomem® membranes are suitable for any surgery where an epithelium membrane is required. Because bone tissue regenerates at a slower rate compared to soft tissue in the oral cavity, a grafting site needs protection from cell migration. Membranes create the ideal conditions for the bone to regenerate, while also promoting healing.

Bio-Oss™ comparable membranes like Neomem® are used on surgical sites in the treatment of bone loss. Bone loss is most often caused by:

  • The natural process of aging.
  • Untreated missing or broken teeth.
  • Developmental defects along the alveolar ridge.
  • Damage to the alveolar ridge caused by dentures.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Incomplete extraction procedures.

Grafting allows regeneration of bone tissue, but natural processes within the oral cavity can complicate the procedure. Bone grafting takes time to achieve, with some grafting materials requiring weeks before they are fully resorbed as new tissue develops. Particulate materials, putty, and syringe applied grafting materials require a protective membrane.

Bio-Oss™ comparable membranes ensure that the grafting site is protected. Collagen membranes are made from biocompatible materials, ensuring that healing takes place without the risk of infection or rejection.

Why Do Surgeons Choose Alternatives to Bio-Oss™ Membranes?

BioOss™ collagen membrane is a trusted surgical product that is used throughout the United States and around the world. Once a truly innovative and unique product, Bio-Oss™ membrane now has several competitors on the market.

Surgeons have several requirements in mind when choosing any comparable alternative.

  • The alternative must have similar or superior handling properties to BioOss™ collagen membrane.
  • It must offer natural resorption without negative reactions. 100% biocompatibility is essential.
  • The product should have impressive strength characteristics.
  • It should be affordable.

Price is obviously a key factor, but affordable Bio-Oss™ comparable membranes would fail in the market if they didn’t meet the other requirements.

Neomem® FlexPlus is an alternative that gets everything right. It is high performing, directly comparable, and in some cases superior to the Bio-Oss™ brand.

Note that Bio-Oss™ refers to a range of materials produced by Geistlich-Pharma Switzerland. Bio-Gide® is the company’s membrane product built on the same technological foundation.

Neomem® vs. Bio-Gide® Performance Analysis

In a comprehensive study comparing Neomem® to Bio-Gide®, some key performance advantages were discovered.

  • Neomem® is a single layer collagen membrane with identical sides. Unlike Bio-Gide®, it doesn’t require identification of the correct side during surgery. This makes procedures more efficient and limits the risk of error.
  • Neomem® supports barrier function (the key requirement of a membrane) for longer than Bio-Gide® during the early stages of guided tissue regeneration. Neomem® effectively outperforms the competition in the initial four weeks.
  • Neomem® has been found to produce lower inflammation when compared to Bio-Gide® in vivo. This suggests that treatments using Neomem® FlexPlus will be more biocompatible.

Bio-Oss™ collagen membranes are well tolerated in the body, but analysis shows that Neomem® has an edge. Because of the improvements in handling and barrier function, Neomem® FlexPlus is the ideal Bio-Oss™ comparable membrane for a range of periodontal surgeries.

Neomem® FlexPlus Availability

Neomem® FlexPlus is a suitable option for surgeries where a reliable membrane is required to support the bone grafting process. The single-layer membrane is derived from porcine (swine) peritoneum. The collagen can be extracted from cartilage, tendon, or the bone through an intensive process where other organic materials are removed.

The product is 100% sterile and highly biocompatible. Despite impressive strength shown in studies and clinical applications, Neomem® remains highly flexible so that it can easily conform to the surgical site. This ensures sufficient protection for the bone graft. The membrane can be placed without initial hydration, and it can be shaped before use. Three size options are available to limit waste and cost.

Dental surgeons looking for a more reliable BioOss™ collagen membrane need to consider the following about Neomem®

  • Strength is improved with up to 3x the suture pullout strength of Bio-Gide®.
  • It retains no shape memory and is easily placed and formed around the site of the defect.
  • It has a longer resorption rate than Bio-Oss™ Membrane. Resorption typically occurs within three to four months.
  • It triggers less inflammation response.

We maintain stock of Neomem® FlexPlus to ensure dental professionals have access to the absolute best collagen membranes.

  • Neomem® FlexPlus Resorbable Collagen Membrane 30mm x 40mm (SKU: NF3040).
  • Neomem® FlexPlus Resorbable Collagen Membrane 20mm x 30mm (SKU: NF2030).
  • Neomem® FlexPlus Resorbable Collagen Membrane 15mm x 20mm (SKU: NF2030).

Sterile packaging ensures the stability and safety of the product. We take all necessary steps to protect our medical supplies in transit, using trackable shipping services.

Order Neomem® FlexPlus Resorbable Collagen Membranes Today

Shop at Dental Implant Technologies® for authentic products, the most competitive prices, and the industry’s best customer service.

Buy Bio-Oss™ comparable membranes today and enjoy the advantages offered by Neomem®. Place your order now or contact us for sales support and more information about our dental implant brands.

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