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Tissue Forceps and Tweezers

Reliable instruments are crucial for safer surgeries that provide the best patient outcomes. At Dental Implant Technologies®, clinicians will find a complete range of dental instruments, including Adson tissue forceps and Adson tweezers (sometimes mistakenly referred to as Adison tweezers).

For the best dental instruments that provide excellent handling, durability, and accuracy, insist on Nexxgen instruments from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Adson Tissue Forceps and Adson Tweezers – An Industry Standard

Surgical tools and instruments often take on the names of their inventors. Adson tissue forceps and Adson tweezers are no exception here.

Designed by Alfred Washington Adson, an American neurosurgeon, physician, and military officer, Adson tissue forceps and tweezers are used extensively throughout the dental industry. They provide excellent handling and grip to reduce chairside fatigue and eliminate mistakes or complications during procedures.

The Adson tissue forceps and Adson tweezers supplied by Dental Implant Technologies® are based on the work of Dr. Adson and come with benefits of modern material science and continued innovation on top of the Adson design.

There are various configurations available when purchasing Adson tissue forceps and Adson tweezers. Clinicians will find a complete range available through our online store, ready for delivery to any dental practice in the United States.

Examples of these include:

    • Adson Tissue Forceps, Curved Serrated Tungsten Carbide (SKU: NX-ADCS-TC): Curved Adson tissue forceps are ideal for procedures where access is limited, such as when working with tissue around posterior teeth. These forceps have serrated tips made from tungsten carbide to improve durability. Serrated Adson forceps don’t bite into tissue for grip. Instead, the serrated surface provides atraumatic grip which is ideal for manipulating delicate tissues.

Adson tissue forceps are sometimes referred to as Adson tweezers (or even Adison tweezers when the name is misspelled).

At Dental Implant Technologies®, we also sell specialist tweezers for dental clinicians, such as the Atraumatic Tweezers, Serrated (SKU: NX-AT), which are ideal for manipulating delicate tissue or gripping small pieces of material for grafting or healing, such as a dental membrane.

Is There a Difference Between Adson Forceps, Adson Tweezers, and Adison Tweezers?

Adson forceps is the correct term for all forceps following the original Adson design (either serrated or with teeth). Adson forceps with teeth are also referred to as rat-tooth forceps by many clinicians.

As explained above, Adson tissue forceps may also be referred to as Adson tweezers.

In rare cases, some documentation may refer to Adison tweezers, which can add confusion. To clear this up, Adison tweezers is simply a misspelling of Adson tweezers.

Stainless Steel Instruments Designed to Last

Tissue forceps and tweezers supplied by Dental Implant Technologies® are made from surgical stainless steel. This material has long been accepted as the most reliable and durable material for dental procedures. Surgical stainless steel is safe and won’t cause any adverse reactions when interacting with soft tissues in the mouth.

Stainless steel instruments like Adson tissue forceps are sometimes tipped with tungsten carbide to improve durability. Tissue forceps from Dental Implant Technologies® are supplied with a 5-Year warranty covering material and manufacturing defects, giving confidence to clinicians.

Stainless steel instruments are sterilized after every surgery. Hand cleaning with a pH-neutral detergent will remove debris and fluids from the surface. Nylon brushes should always be used to avoid scratching the surface of the instruments.

Sterilization after hand cleaning can be performed using devices that are commonly found in dental surgeries. The most common sterilization methods include:

  • Unsaturated chemical vapor.
  • Rapid dry heat transfer oven.
  • Steam autoclave.
  • Dry heat oven.

Order the Most Reliable Adson Tissue Forceps and Tweezers from Dental Implant Technologies®

We carry a complete range of Adson tissue forceps, membrane forceps, Gerald forceps, and tweezers. The highest quality instruments ensure successful procedures with the best patient outcomes. Our tweezers are easy to handle and clean, and they offer long-term durability to provide an excellent return on investment.

Browse our Adson tissue forceps and other items today and order in confidence from the online dental supply store that clinicians prefer.