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In both performance and appearance, dental implantation is the most realistic option for replacing missing teeth. Patients appreciate implants for their functional benefits, but not every mouth is compatible with implantation immediately after extraction.

As every experienced dental professional knows, bone grafting is often necessary to restore the alveolar ridge and prevent density loss. For enhanced stability and reliable grafting, bone grafting mesh is used.

At Dental Implant Technologies®, we supply Cytoflex® mesh, one of the most trusted solutions for bone grafting. Learn more about our titanium mesh products and order online for a seamless experience, fast shipping, and the best prices.

What Makes Titanium Mesh the Ideal Bone Grafting Solution?

Titanium is considered to be the gold standard for metal implant materials. It’s an abundant material although costly to extract and process. Because Cytoflex® mesh products are relatively compact in terms of density and volume, prices are kept affordable for dental professionals throughout America.

Titanium is strong and it won’t corrode like other materials, helping it to outperform even advanced surgical steel alloys. For dental implants, titanium is ideal.

The benefits of titanium are well-understood in the dental industry.

  • A cost-effective solution compared to other solid barrier membranes.
  • Perforated titanium, like Cytoflex® mesh, allows for ample blood supply to support grafting regeneration and healing.
  • While robust in a surgical environment, titanium is pliable and can be shaped to suit implants and bone defects.

Not all titanium products are created equal. Cytoflex® is a leading solution that offers all of the mentioned benefits as well as other advantages that are unique to the brand.

Advantages and Best Application of Cytoflex® Grafting Mesh

Cytoflex® titanium mesh is made from surgical grade ultra-thin titanium. The light yet sturdy structure improves handling while making it easier to conform the mesh to unique tissue contours. The mesh is compatible with bone tacks and screws to ensure it can be secured at the grafting site.

The primary application of Cytoflex® mesh is the reconstruction of the alveolar ridge. The material creates a barrier that helps to retain the grafting material used, while the perforations ensure that nutrients can penetrate the metal membrane. Cytoflex® grafting mesh can be used with the surgeon’s preferred grafting material, whether it be mixed particulate, syringe applicated particulate, putty, bone block, bone sponge, or any other suitable graft.

Handling is important for any highly technical grafting procedure. Materials should be easy to work with to reduce chair time and the risk of errors during surgery. Cytoflex® bone grafting mesh meets and exceeds these requirements. The material is pliable and can be easily shaped around the contours of any remaining teeth and the alveolar ridge. While it’s easy to manipulate, the material will retain its shape and rigidity once set in place. There is minimal irritation caused by the mesh, and its design reduces the likelihood of tissue exposure.

There are thousands of micropores on every piece of mesh. These allow for secure flap attachment and regeneration. Cytoflex® grafting mesh even takes looks into account. The yellow-gold color of the material suits the gingival tissue well when placed below a flap.

  • Guided bone regeneration (GBR) for periodontal tissue loss, damage, and implantation defects. Cytoflex® titanium mesh creates an effective barrier to allow for new bone to form, with the assistance of grafting material.
  • Reconstruction of extraction sites to prepare for new tooth implantation. Patients with severe decay often lack suitable bone density for implantation. Cytoflex ® titanium mesh can be used to protect a graft while the site regenerates enough to facilitate implantation.
  • Reconstruction of a damaged or decayed alveolar ridge. Significant bone density loss, damage from trauma, and periodontal defects can leave the alveolar ridge in a state of decay. Titanium membrane mesh can be used to help guide and protect new grafts.

Titanium mesh is suitable for any procedure where a robust and solid membrane is needed.

Why Choose Cytoflex® Mesh Over Pre-Shaped Titanium Membranes?

Dental professionals will find pre-shaped bone grafting mesh that is designed to closely approximate the shape of the alveolar ridge. While this may be appealing with the promise of improved handling and reduced surgical time, the lack of versatility can be a disadvantage.

Cytoflex® grafting mesh is produced in perfectly flat membranes that can be shaped by the surgeon for the needs of the surgery. This eliminates problems with poor fitting and application. Pre-shaped Mesh that has been formed in manufacturing may lose its strength as it is adjusted to suit the unique shape of a patient’s alveolar ridge.

Cytoflex® is designed to be shaped to suit every specific surgery with zero compromises. Surgeons appreciate the improved structural strength and ability to form the mesh as it is needed, rather than relying on an approximation set by the manufacturer.

Cytoflex® titanium mesh is available to order today.

Cytoflex® Options at Dental Implant Technologies®

We offer three unique titanium Cytoflex® products to suit a range of dental surgeries.

  • Cytoflex® Mesh 20mm x 25mm Pre-Cut for Bone Screws (SKU: C02-4301)
  • Cytoflex® Mesh 30mm x 40mm (SKU: C02-4501)
  • Cytoflex® Mesh 25mm x 30mm (SKU: C02-4401)

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Cytoflex® grafting mesh is ideal for any periodontal surgery where a stronger membrane barrier is needed for grafting. Buy mesh today at the lowest prices with the best customer support in the industry. Order now or contact us for more information on our dental membranes and implant products.