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Dental Implant Technologies® - Fixture Removal Kit

This video shows how to use our Fixture and Screw Removal Kit.

Dental Implant Technologies® Kit For Osteotomy Preparation

This kit utilizes diamond burs to remove granulated tissue and to prepare osteotomy sites for implants. Specially designed burs make the removal of unwanted tissue easy and predictable.

Dental Implant Technologies® Premium Bone Spreading System

This kit is an all in one bone spreading system that allows you to expand a ridge using both expansion taps and spreading pins. This kit is both predictable and reliable; making ridge augmentation easy and affordable.

Dental Implant Technologies® Bone Expander Kit for Ridge Splits

The SBE-01 is a premium bone expansion kit which allows for the augmentation of a patient's ridge. This kit is our most popular bone expansion kit and is both easy to use and reliable.

Dental Implant Technologies® Bone Spreading Kit for Ridge Splits

This kit allows for the expansion of a patient's ridge using spreading pins. This kit is both easy to use and reliable.

Never Loss Bone Collector Kit. Autograft Harvesting

Never Loss Bone Collector. Autograft Harvesting.#NLBC#Autograft#Bone Collector

BCM2-01 Components of Bone Chip Maker Kit by MCTBIO

Dental Implant Technologies® is an authorized reseller for MCTBIO, who manufactures the Auto Bone Harvesting Trephine Kit with components of a bone chop maker for product SKU BCM20-01. Bone harvesting tephines are used in conjunction with stoppers to collect autogenous bone. When the trephines are used, they create chips of bone that are collected within the trephines. The trephines can then be opened and the bone can then be emptied into a bone dish for mixing. We have found this design to be most effective when harvesting autogenous bone because of the special design of the trephine which minimizes bone loss. THIS KIT CONTAINS: (4) Bone Harvesting Trephines (3.4, 3.9, 4.2, 5.2mm) (4) Stoppers for Trephines (5, 7, 10, 11.5mm) (1) Bone Removing Instrument - Used to help empty the trephines of bone once harvested (1) 8.0mm Standard Bone Trephine - Used for core samples

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Aqua Toca Sinus Lifting System by Surgident

Safe Sinus Lifting . Water sinus lifting . Crestal Sinus Approach.

Implant Positioning Kit- IPO Kit by Surgident

Implant Positioning Kit Surgidnet Co.,Ltd

Ultimate Screw Remover Kit


Crestal Sinus Lifting with AQUA TOCA kit by Surgident

Beautiful Sinus Lifting.

Ridge Split System by Surgident

Most safe and effective solution for Dental Ridge splitting. #Bone Expansion#Safe#Easy#Satisfied

Bone Harvesting Kit

This kit is perfect for the collection of Autogenous Bone. These easy to use Trephines allow you to collect bone from doner sites for later use. These specially designed trephines make the collection of bone both easy and predictable.

Top System - Surgident Dental Instruments and Implant Kits

Immediate implant loading after tooth extraction. Removing inflammation and soft tissue without bouncing osseous tissue.

Elec Electric Wireless Torque Driver


MCTBIO Auto Bone Tac System


Video Vista


Fixture Removal Kit


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