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Order the Best CHAIRSIDE® Restorative Materials Online

Dental Implant Technologies® offers a range of the highest quality CHAIRSIDE® dental cement and tools for surgeons. With reliable and affordable products like CHAIRSIDE® pickup material, dental professionals can offer exceptional service to patients with the best possible outcomes and limited discomfort.

From individual tools to prep and polishing kits, take a look at our CHAIRSIDE® materials and order online from our convenient storefront.

A Complete Range of CHAIRSIDE® Dental Cement and Tools Available to Buy Now

We offer a complete range of essential tools and chair side acrylic for dental professionals. All of our products are competitively priced and can be ordered online today. With rapid delivery, dental surgeons throughout America can maintain stock of the very best chair side processing materials and restorative dental products.


With a reliable silicon carbide top, the CHAIRSIDE® polisher is used to achieve a satin-smooth finish on overdentures. As a bur polisher, it can be used in dental surgery as well as in laboratories for preparation. Available here in packages of five, the CHAIRSIDE® polisher is also a component in our complete denture prep and polish kit.

This polisher can be operated at speeds up to 12,000 RPM, is reusable, and compatible with an autoclave machine for sterilizing.

Order with SKU# 9580


We offer reliable grind bur products to remove excess chair side processing materials around housings for denture attachments. This is an essential component in our prep and polish kit and can be ordered here in individual packages.

Order with SKU# 9583


The CHAIRSIDE® trim bur is designed for use in denture conversion processes. Once denture attachments are cured, the trim bur can be used to remove any excess chair side processing materials. This is an essential tool for use in denture preparation. Order in confidence and enjoy industry-leading CHAIRSIDE® products from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Order with SKU# 9579

CHAIRSIDE® Vent Hole Bur

The CHAIRSIDE® vent hole bur is an essential tool used during denture conversion. It is designed to allow excess chair side processing materials to flow from the prosthesis after making a bottom hole on the recess that then passes through the lingual wall. Ensure precise denture conversion with our reliable vent hole bur.

Order with SKU# 9578.

CHAIRSIDE® Undercut Bur

The CHAIRSIDE® undercut bur is available for order today. Found in our complete prep and polish kit, individual burs can also be ordered when the bur head has worn down over time. Ideal for preparing overdentures for patients when using CHAIRSIDE® processing materials, the undercut bur is made from the highest quality stainless steel to ensure exceptional results every time.

Order with SKU# 9577


The unique design of the CHAIRSIDE® recess bur ensures quick preparation with exact sizes when preparing attachment housings for dentures. Made with the highest grade surgical stainless steel, this is an essential tool used in overdenture preparations. The advanced design and max operating speed of 30,000 RPM ensure that requirements are met in record time. CHAIRSIDE® burs are designed to be used in the surgery or dental laboratories.

Order with SKU# 9576

CHAIRSIDE® Soft Reline Material

We stock CHAIRSIDE® materials including this soft reline material. The compound is silicone-based and naturally colored to ensure a flawless esthetic. The finish is secure and durable and allows for extra patient comfort. Work time is incredibly short at just two minutes, and this soft reline CHAIRSIDE® processing material will set within five minutes.

Order with SKU# 9573

CHAIRSIDE® Block Out Material

Block out material is a type of Chair side acrylic that provides several important functions. The resin is curable in light, making it fast-setting and easy to work with. This CHAIRSIDE® processing material can protect the patient’s tissue during the processing of overdentures. It can also block the gingiva during whitening and abrasive procedures. It may also be used to seal rubber dams during repairs. It doesn’t adhere to overdentures, making it one of the most versatile CHAIRSIDE® materials.

Order with SKU# 9574


Simple and reliable, APM short mix tips are designed to be used with 4mL CHAIRSIDE® syringes. Each order is for 15 pieces and is perfect to keep within an inventory when working with chair side acrylic.

Order with SKU# 9125-15

CHAIRSIDE® Attachment Processing Material

Sometimes referred to simply as chair side acrylic or CHAIRSIDE® dental cement, this attachment processing material is designed for use during the processing of partial and full overdentures. The material is a composite that is self-adhesive and dual-curing. Reliability and patient comfort are made possible with a work time of just under two minutes, and a set time of up to seven minutes. Handling characteristics are impressive, making this CHAIRSIDE® acrylic ideal for dental surgeries.

This CHAIRSIDE® processing material is designed to be used with the LOCATOR® implant system. There’s no primer necessary, helping to reduce chair time and improve patient outcomes. The shorter mix time helps to limit cost per surgery and minimize waste.

CHAIRSIDE® processing material is offered with reduced cost per case compared to competitor products. The CHAIRSIDE® material bonds to itself, allowing for effective touch ups and void-fill procedures. We offer two sizes for convenience and an efficient inventory at any practice.

Order an 8g Syringe with SKU# 9566 or a larger 18ml cartridge with SKU# 9565.

CHAIRSIDE® Denture Prep and Polish Kit

Order all of our bur and polishing attachments in this denture prep and polish kit. The kit is ideal for preparation when using CHAIRSIDE® acrylic and CHAIRSIDE® dental cement.

The best tools ensure that excess CHAIRSIDE® materials can be easily cleared when preparing dentures. All items in the prep and polish kit are made to the highest surgical standards using stainless steel. Individual pieces can be replaced as necessary from our complete CHAIRSIDE® catalog.

Order with SKU# 9582.

Buy the Most Reliable CHAIRSIDE® Acrylic and Denture Prep Tools Online

We offer the complete range of CHAIRSIDE® pickup materials, denture prep tools, and chair side acrylic. All of our products meet the highest industry standards to ensure smooth workflow in laboratory and surgical environments.

Enjoy competitive prices when you order CHAIRSIDE® pickup materials and prep tools from Dental Implant Technologies®. Buy online today or contact our customer service team to learn more.