Order OsteoGen® in CA for Effective Socket Preservation

Socket preservation maintains the alveolar ridge and prepares patients for follow-up treatments. The process is enhanced with OsteoGen® in California.

The State of California is one of the largest and most competitive markets for dental care in the United States. Products that allow for more effective patient care can make a difference. OsteoGen® in California simplifies socket preservation by removing complexity and enhancing results.

Patients deserve the best care. Practitioners demand the best bone grafting materials. Discover the benefits of collagen bone grafting plugs and order from the best OsteoGen® suppliers in California today.

What is OsteoGen® in CA?

OsteoGen® Plugs are specialist implantable grafting plugs that aid healing and promote bone growth. Made with purified bovine collagen, OsteoGen® is biocompatible and safe.

Plugs are inserted directly into a socket after debridement. They conform to the irregular shape with ease. Unlike traditional grafting materials, there’s minimal preparation. This simplifies chairside workflow for a more efficient procedure. OsteoGen® in California is more cost-efficient when compared to loose grafting materials while meeting or exceeding the performance of allograft and xenograft products.

OsteoGen contains both collagen and calcium apatite crystals. This makes it an all-in-one grafting solution. Collagen acts as a hemostat to quickly stabilize the socket. It also supports tissue regeneration during healing. Calcium apatite crystals provide a porous scaffolding for cell proliferation and adhesion. Plugs are comparable to spongy bone without any of the necessary preparation and complexity.

Available in a range of sizes from the best OsteoGen® suppliers in CA, collagen plugs are an ideal choice.

Benefits for Clinicians

Dental professionals will enjoy practical and technical benefits when choosing OsteoGen® in California.

  • Enhanced Bone Regeneration - OsteoGen® Plugs promote bone regeneration to improve and preserve the alveolar ridge.
  • Highly Biocompatible - OsteoGen® Plugs are safe and biocompatible. There's an exceedingly low risk of irritation and immunological reaction.
  • Reliable Bovine Collagen - The bovine collagen is purified and processed to ensure safety and biocompatibility. OsteoGen® Plugs are packaged sterile in individual blister packs. Shelf life is four years from manufacturing.
  • Collagen is a Hemostat - Collagen in the plugs quickly stabilizes sockets after debridement.
  • Clinicians Can Customize OsteoGen® Plugs - Plugs can be compressed and inserted into sockets. They are trimmable to fit unusual defects. There are three unique sizes available from Dental Implant Technologies.
  • No Membranes - Plugs are easy to work with. There's no need to cover the treatment site with a membrane barrier. Plugs are trimmed at the soft tissue level and can be cross sutured for security. Unlike particulates, there's no risk of washout.
  • Fewer Complications - Patients expect efficient solutions. Complications can reflect poorly on a dental practice. This situation can be devastating in a competitive market like California. OsteoGen® Plugs create stability and support for surrounding tissue, dramatically reducing the risk of post-extraction complications.
  • Ready for Further Treatment - Regenerated tissue is suited to dental implants after healing. The treatment site becomes radiopaque within three to six months.

Plugs are available in three sizes from OsteoGen® suppliers in CA.

These benefits extend to patients in the form of more reliable treatment and a better overall experience.

What are the Best OsteoGen® Brands in CA?

The best OsteoGen® suppliers in California stock authentic Impladent Ltd. Products.

OsteoGen® Plugs are well known in the dental community. Some clinicians may even refer to a range of bone plugs, strips, and blocks as OsteoGen® in a generic sense.

However, there isn’t technically a range of the best OsteoGen® brands in California or elsewhere. OsteoGen® refers to a specific trademarked product line developed by Impladent Ltd. Clinicians who want all the benefits of the best OsteoGen® brands in CA can rely on Dental Implant Technologies to supply authentic and safe collagen plugs.

OsteoGen® Suppliers in California Can Cover All of Your Bone Grafting Needs

Dental Implant Technologies is a supplier of reliable bone grafting materials in America. We are the best OsteoGen® suppliers in California. Our range extends beyond collagen socket preservation plugs, covering any clinical scenario.

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Ordering from the Best OsteoGen® Suppliers in CA

We prefer FedEx for shipping and delivery to practices in California. Order confidently from the best OsteoGen® suppliers in CA and get the best bone grafting plugs delivered to your practice.

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  • Tracking is available for all products, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Our customer service team is available to handle your order today.

With technical benefits and reliability, OsteoGen® in California is one of the most effective ways to preserve an extraction socket. Ensure predictable healing and regeneration with every patient. Browse OsteoGen® Plugs and place your order today.