Amnion Membranes

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Amnion membranes are an exciting advancement in dental membrane technology. Derived from natural human amnion, these membranes are versatile and provide impressive protection and healing during and after surgical procedures.

Any dental professional looking for an exceptionally reliable and innovative membrane with impressive handling characteristics will want to take a closer look at our SteriShield II™ amnion membranes. Our products are comparable in design and performance to Snoasis membranes, with some unique advantages.

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What is Amnion?

Amnion is a natural membrane that covers the human embryo in the early stages of its formation. This placental tissue protects the fetus throughout its development while in utero. The very same characteristics that make amnion essential for growing life make it the ideal material for protecting wounds in the oral cavity.

Based on organic materials derived from human donors, amnion membranes are technically considered allografts. They are processed and sterilized to ensure biocompatibility and eliminate negative immunological responses.

We provide SteriShield II™ amnion membrane, a SteriGraft™ product developed by Bone Bank Allografts.

Unique Benefits of Amnion Dental Membranes

Amnion membranes have been proven to provide several key advantages in clinical environments. Amnion tissue has powerful protective and healing properties. Our Snoasis membrane-comparable products offer the following benefits to dental surgeons and their patients:

  • A biocompatible and natural membrane material that improves wound healing.
  • Improved patient comfort with a decrease in pain compared to typical dental membranes.
  • Less post-operative inflammation and fibrosis after dental procedures.

SteriShield II™ offers specific benefits that are comparable to Snoasis membranes.

  • The material is thick yet highly flexible, allowing it to mold closely to the surgical site.
  • The surface layer of amnion dental membranes is textured with a dimple pattern, improving handling and stability during placement.
  • Amnion is packaged and stored dry. When hydrated in a saline solution, it unfolds and is ready for immediate use.
  • Our amnion membranes display excellent adhesion properties, allowing them to be quickly secured to the surface of a wound.
  • All membranes are sterilized with gamma radiation to ensure safety for patients.
  • Amnion dental membranes can be manipulated in place, which is useful for correcting placement errors. Amnion allograft membranes can also be removed from the oral cavity to be rehydrated and repositioned (only for use in a single cohesive surgery).
  • Our membranes can remain exposed in the oral cavity. They can safely touch tooth surfaces without damage or adhesion problems. Trimming is unnecessary in most cases.

Is It Safe to Use Placental Membranes?

Surgeons concerned about the risks of our unique Snoasis membrane-comparable allografts can take confidence from the intensive preparation and processing steps.

All SteriShield II™ membranes are derived from donor tissue that is collected with aseptic techniques by licensed tissue banks. The placentas used to formulate SteriShield II™ are sourced from C-section births. These births are planned and healthy, minimizing any risk of contamination.

Donors are pre-screened to ensure compatibility with the Amnion tissue harvesting program. The material in SteriShield II™ complies with the rules set by the U.S. FDA for Human Cellular and Tissue-Base Products.

Amnion is safe for use in a dental context. Similar membranes are used in all types of surgical environments and wound healing procedures, ranging from optical procedures to external injury healing.

How Does SteriShield II™ Compare with Snoasis Membranes?

SteriShield II™ is a highly trusted product, regarded for its strength, healing potential, protection, and surgical handling. Membrane products are comparable with those from Snoasis and provide similar surgical outcomes. Our products are competitively priced to ensure that surgeons have an alternative that keeps operating costs and patient/insurer costs low.

SteriShield II™ and Snoasis amnion products can be considered equivalent in their technical abilities.

Availability of SteriShield II™ Amnion Dental Membranes

We have amnion membranes in stock today. SteriShield II™ is a reliable and durable resorbable product, suited to a range of advanced dental surgeries. We offer convenient sizes for any surgical application. Membranes can be trimmed prior to use, but this is typically unnecessary due to the variety of sizes available. Each membrane is provided in sterile packaging for single use only.

  • SteriShield II™ Amnion Membrane Resorbable 20mm x 20mm (SKU: BBA-82020)
  • SteriShield II™ Amnion Membrane Resorbable 15mm x 20mm (SKU: BBA-81520)
  • SteriShield II™ Amnion Membrane Resorbable 10mm x 25mm (SKU: BBA-81025)
  • SteriShield II™ Amnion Membrane Resorbable 10mm x 13mm (SKU: BBA-81013)
  • SteriShield II™ Amnion Membrane Resorbable 10mm x 10mm (SKU: BBA-81010)

Our SteriShield II™ membranes are comparable in performance to Snoasis membranes. Surgeons familiar with Snoasis products can easily transition to SteriShield II™ with no adjustment in typical surgical procedures and techniques.

Total resorption time is typically one to two weeks, depending on oral conditions and the patient’s metabolism. SteriShield II™ membranes can be stored for up to three years. The product manufacture date is indicated on the packaging.