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Order the DUO Quattro PRF Centrifuge Online

With the aid of a PRF centrifuge, dental surgeons can improve the wound healing process for better surgical outcomes. As an advancement over traditional blood spinner technology, a DUO Quattro PRF centrifuge is an essential tool for every surgical practice.

Learn about the advantages of a dental membrane centrifuge for sale, and order in confidence from Dental Implant Technologies® for low dental centrifuge prices.

APRF Centrifuge and IPRF Centrifuge Technology with DUO Quattro

The PRF DUO centrifuge has been designed from the ground up to work with APRF centrifuge and IPRF centrifuge processes. Dental Implant Technologies® offers competitive dental centrifuge prices.

For professionals only loosely familiar with the terms associated with an innovative PRF spinner, let’s recap the most important ones…

  • IPRF centrifuge – Relating to Injectable Plasma Rich Fibrin. The injectable autologous plasma, which is rich in fibrin, can help to repair areas of soft tissue.
  • APRF centrifuge – Relating to Advanced Plasma Rich Fibrin. This platelet-rich concentrate is developed through the blood spinner process. It can develop a membrane that is exceptionally rich in growth and regenerative abilities.

The use of a PRF DUO centrifuge allows for the concentration of growth factors that promote healing. Blood spinner technology helps to concentrate:

  • Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) to stimulate tissue reparation.
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor to stimulate angiogenesis.
  • Epidermal growth factor.
  • Insulin-like growth factor.
  • Platelet factor interleukin.
  • Transforming growth factor.

These factors are only concentrated and activated with the use of a blood spinner. The PRF DUO centrifuge ensures that platelet-rich therapy can be achieved within a dental surgery environment.

Surgeons that have access to a PRF DUO centrifuge could gain increased customer loyalty and recognition in their local market. Platelet therapy allows for faster healing times and fewer complications following traumatic dental restorative and regenerative procedures.

Each unit includes a DUO Quattro manual covering system advantages, applications, and operating guidelines.

Advantages Over Traditional Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

When blood is processed through centrifugation, growth factors are forced, by gravity, to the bottom of the collection tubes. This is how a DUO Quattro PRF centrifuge can generate such highly restorative blood-derived compounds.

Inside the DUO Quattro PRF centrifuge, a fibrin clot is developed. This separates the acellular plasma from the red corpuscles base. The bottom of the clot is then removed and applied to the surgical site to promote healing. Loss of growth factors is minimized when using a high-quality dental membrane centrifuge for sale. Dental Implant Technologies® is a supplier of the PRF DUO Quattro centrifuge.

Growth factor concentration using a PRF DUO Quattro centrifuge is notably higher than older methods like standard platelet-rich therapy (PRP).

For the most reliable centrifuge for PRF treatment, professionals rely on the DUO Quattro. With included DUO Quattro centrifuge manuals/PRF centrifuge manuals included with every device, it’s simple to train technicians and surgeons to use this innovative centrifuge.

Typical Dental Applications of a PRF Spinner using IPRF and APRF

In the dental environment, a PRF spinner has several key applications, all of which should be considered carefully by surgeons seeking faster healing and fewer complications.

The most notable examples include:

  • Healing and protecting extraction sockets.
  • Healing following sinus grafting.
  • Root coverage to promote healing.
  • Bone defect procedures.
  • Periodontal implant defect procedures.
  • As a healing compound used around new dental implants.

IPRF and APRF therapies using a PRF DUO Quattro centrifuge also have potential applications in facial injections and antibody-based therapies for some cancers. Research is ongoing. The PRF DUO Quattro centrifuge is one of the most innovative machines on the market.

First-time users of the DUO system will find that the included PRF centrifuge manual helps to outline operating conditions and guidelines. It’s easy to transition a surgery or dental laboratory with the help of the detailed DUO Quattro centrifuge manual.

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We Offer the Most Competitive Choukroun Centrifuge Prices

At Dental Implant Technologies®, we are committed to offering the lowest Choukroun centrifuge prices for dental professionals. High dental centrifuge prices can leave some smaller surgeries without adequate equipment. Surgeons looking for an affordable PRF spinner can consider the DUO Quattro.

The Dr. Choukroun DUO Quattro has been designed from the ground up to provide impressive performance with six easy settings. Spin protocols can be selected to meet the needs of the patient. In addition to the pre-set protocols on the PRF DUO centrifuge, the device also offers programmable memory for a single customized blood spinner setting with adjustable cycle time and spin speed.

Every practice in America must have access to the latest blood spinner devices to ensure exceptional patient results. We offer Choukroun centrifuge prices that are competitive with the wider industry. With lower dental centrifuge prices, every practice can take advantage of APRF centrifuge and IPRF centrifuge technology.

See our product pages for the latest Choukroun centrifuge price. Combined with affordable shipping including priority overnight to major regions, it’s possible to enjoy the lowest dental centrifuge price online.

Technical Support and DUO Quattro Manuals

Each centrifuge is sold with a comprehensive DUO Quattro centrifuge manual. The PRF centrifuge manual offers detailed operating guidelines, technical information, intended use directives, and specifications.

The DUO Quattro centrifuge manual also includes regulatory information for peace of mind. The device is FDA registered and cleared by the FCC. The Quattro has no risk of causing electric or radio interference with other devices in a surgery or dental laboratory.

Before operating the device, ensure that the PRF centrifuge manual has been read in its entirety. It includes special installation and operational condition guidelines. Failing to adhere to these guidelines could result in unexpected operation or faults with the unit.

The DUO Quattro manual includes guidelines for placement, covering the need to rest the centrifuge on a flat and level surface, with at least 10cm clearance on the sides and 30cm clearance at the rear to ensure optimal cooling.

DUO Quattro manuals are offered in the packaging with the unit itself and a USB device with the latest operating protocols. Contact our customer service team today to learn more.

Our Dental Membrane Centrifuge for Sale is In Stock Today

We have the reliable and innovative DUO Quattro in stock and ready to order today. Bring your dental surgery up to date with the latest procedures by investing in a Choukroun centrifuge.

Order now or contact our customer service department for more information and shipping assistance. We supply dental professionals throughout the United States.