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Tissue Glue – Cyanoacrylate Tissue Adhesive

Clinicians seeking a convenient and easy to use alternative for wound healing will find that cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive provides handling and technical properties that make it an excellent choice. Suitable for minor oral wounds, cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive is a specialized tissue glue that can be used in place of membranes and dressings. Easily applied and with excellent handling properties, tissue glue can simplify procedures to enhance the patient’s experience.

Discover the advantages of tissue glue and order the most reliable cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive from Dental Implant Technologies.

Technical Properties of Cyanoacrylate Tissue Adhesive (Tissue Glue)

Tissue adhesive is used to quickly stabilize dental wounds, ensuring that there is effective regeneration of both hard and soft tissues. The material is easy to apply with pipettes, and there is no preparation necessary. Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive is an essential product for any dental clinician, whether in a general practice dental clinic, a specialized oral surgeon’s office, or any other type of dental care facility.

Tissue glue enhances soft and hard tissue regeneration without the need for sutures. It can be applied directly to incisions, preventing both oozing and bleeding. This makes it simple to manage wounds during a procedure, keeping the surgical field clear without membranes in many cases. Beyond stabilizing wounds, tissue glue keeps healthy tissue in place while injuries rebind and regenerate. When used with membranes, tissue glue can be applied to the edge of a membrane in place of sutures. It’s an excellent choice when primary closure isn’t possible.

  • Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive doesn’t require tensile strength to be held in place. It quickly binds with tissue to create a secure bond, without trauma.
  • The use of tissue adhesive can aid in patient comfort while also simplifying the chairside procedure.
  • Cyanoacrylate is safe and non-toxic.
  • The material is suitable for wounds on the gingiva and for extraction sockets and other forms of periodontal treatment.

Cyanoacrylate has been extensively tested by the National Toxicology Program, which has found that its usage is safe and without adverse effects. Tissue adhesive is widely used throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and other highly developed nations.

Application of Cyanoacrylate Tissue Adhesive

As with many dental products, handling and usability are key considerations when choosing tissue glue. At Dental Implant Technologies, we supply Glustich PeriAcryl® Multi-Use Tissue Glue. The packaging includes 5ml of tissue glue along with 50 pipettes with an autoclavable tray that makes procedures simple and stress-free.

5ml of tissue glue is sufficient for up to 50 procedures. Clinicians can simply collect the tissue glue using the included pipettes, allowing the ideal amount for the specific procedure. Pipettes are disposable. This ensures that a single 5ml bottle of tissue glue can be used for different patients. Only the disposable pipettes come into contact with each patient.

Combining Tissue Glue with a Traditional Membrane

Alone, cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive is most suited to minor wounds. However, tissue glue products can be used in conjunction with traditional membranes to provide enhanced wound management and healing.

In cases where a more durable wound management solution is needed, clinicians can apply a dental membrane to the wound or defect. Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive can then be used to secure the membrane, rather than using sutures. This is suitable when using resorbable membranes. The tissue glue and resorbable membrane will be metabolized and broken down as the wound heals.

Choosing to use tissue glue can simplify a procedure while minimizing trauma for the patient. Note that tissue glue shouldn’t be used when high tensile strength is necessary to secure a membrane.

Choose Reliable Tissue Glue

Dental Implant Technologies is a supplier of the most reliable tissue glue for dental cases. We supply clinicians throughout the United States. Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive is an effective alternative to sutures in many cases. It is effective, easy to use, and offers excellent performance for wound healing in minor and moderate cases. Enjoy the convenience of a reliable dental adhesive by ordering from our secure store today.