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Periosteal Elevators

Safely severing and elevating a dental tissue flap is achieved with periosteal elevators. These instruments are designed to both detach or reflect the periosteum and elevate or retract it from hard tissue. Used for a range of procedures from bone grafting to complex implant dentistry, the quality of periosteal elevators has a direct influence on the success of a procedure.

Insist on the most reliable periosteal elevators with ergonomic designs and the best materials. Dental Implant Technologies supplies a complete range of cost-efficient periosteal elevators, ready to order today.

The Best Materials Used for Periosteal Instruments

Periosteal instruments are typically made from stainless steel, although other advanced materials can be incorporated into the design to improve durability.

Our periosteal instruments are made from surgical stainless steel. This is a special alloy used for surgical instruments that has higher corrosion resistance when compared to other types of stainless steel. Dental instruments are exposed to biological fluids, soft and hard tissues, and debris, all of which can cause corrosion quickly. The stainless steel alloy resists corrosion and will remain rust-free when properly cleaned and sterilized between procedures.

Our cost-effective periosteal instruments also incorporate materials like gold titanium. Used as a coating for the tips of periosteal instruments, gold titanium prevents sticking, resists corrosion, and remains sharp so that instruments are more reliable and safer to use.

For the best materials and reliable periosteal instruments, browse our selection and order from our secure online store today.

Unique Styles Available When Ordering Periosteal Tools

All of our periosteal tools are available to order by following the links above. We offer a range of different styles to suit unique surgical cases. Periosteal tools all achieve similar results with the key difference being in handling. Some of our periosteal tools have smaller ends to allow detachment in even the most delicate of tissue. Larger periosteal tools have increased size at the retraction (elevation) head, allowing for easy maneuverability and less trauma when lifting a gum flap after making an incision.

Examples of our unique styles of periosteal tools include:

Most clinicians keep a variety of elevators on hand to cover their expected caseload. Please browse all of our periosteal tools to order cost-efficient solutions for any chairside scenario.

Ergonomic Periosteal Dental Instruments

Our Nexus periosteal dental instruments are designed to be reliable with an ergonomic fit. Periosteal elevators are most comfortable with a pen grip. The shafts of our periosteal dental instruments feature tapered grooves that improve grip and handling, giving the clinician confidence.

The curvature of shovel-type heads is uniquely designed to allow for ergonomic and safe elevation of the periosteum. Angulated heads can make it easier to detach and elevate the periosteum at areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach.

For the best handling and comfort, insist on high-quality periosteal dental instruments from our secure online store.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Stainless steel periosteal dental instruments are suited to in-office cleaning and sterilization.

  • Periosteal dental instruments can be hand washed or machine washed in ultrasonic and electronic bath devices.
  • Sterilization is best achieved with steam autoclave or dry heat oven methods.

Washing should be thorough. Nonabrasive sponges and brushes should be used with pH-neutral detergents. Tools should be fully immersed when hand washing. Cleaning and sterilization on the first use and between every subsequent use are necessary and will prevent cross-contamination and limit the deterioration of the material.

Our Nexus periosteal elevators are offered with five years of warranty coverage.

Browse Periosteal Elevators and Order Today

Cost-efficient periosteal elevators are available to order now. With the most ergonomic designs, a range of styles with various heads, and the highest-quality materials, we have the best elevators available to clinicians in the United States.

Perform safer and more efficient surgeries with periosteal elevators from Dental Implant Technologies.