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Order Grafting Plugs from the Best OsteoGen® Suppliers

OsteoGen® Plugs are an innovative option for clinicians seeking reliable bone grafting materials. These plugs simplify the chairside process with minimal preparation and direct insertion into sockets.

Clinicians seeking a better way to preserve and enhance the alveolar ridge can order OsteoGen® Plugs from Dental Implant Technologies. We're among the best OsteoGen® suppliers in the United States.

Innovation Meets Reliability with OsteoGen® Plugs

Dental professionals will find that there's a diverse range of grafting solutions available for preserving and enhancing the alveolar ridge. Traditional methods like preparing grafting material and packing the socket are time-consuming. They're also resource-intensive and can increase the cost and complexity of dental procedures.

OsteoGen® Plugs reduce cost and complexity by simplifying socket preservation.

  • Preserve dental sockets with ease.
  • Prepare patients for bridges or future dental implants.
  • Easy handling.
  • Excellent wound stabilization and tissue regeneration.

A simple, pliable plug can be shaped and inserted into an extraction socket or other defect. Collagen provides near-immediate wound stabilization. An added grafting material supports structure and tissue regeneration.

The best OsteoGen® brands are the authentic OsteoGen® Plugs made by Impladent, and available to order from Dental Implant Technologies.

Bone Graft Syringes (Putty)

Putty bone syringes are derived from 100% human bone harvesting methods without the addition of materials that could dilute the compound. Our putty syringes can be directly applied to a surgical site with no need for pre-mixing with other grafting materials.

We supply PentOS OI™ grafting syringes that offer the highest level of biocompatibility and osteoinductivity. For superior handling and reduced surgical procedure complexity, rely on autogenous bone harvesting syringes from Dental Implant Technologies®.

OsteoGen® Bone Grafts are More Than Collagen

Collagen plugs have been available for many years. They are excellent for managing bleeding in an extraction socket. Collagen can support tissue regeneration. It is enhanced when combined with a material that promotes bone regeneration.

OsteoGen® bone grafts combine the wound stabilization of collagen with resorbable calcium apatite crystals. The crystals in OsteoGen® bone grafts are porous, allowing for the passage of fluids and nutrients. These crystals perform similarly to donor trabecular bone without any of the complication of bone harvesting and preparation.

This results in a treatment that goes beyond standard wound dressing with collagen. OsteoGen® bone grafts promote new bone formation while supporting the ridge and preventing resorption.

OsteoGen® bone grafts are radiolucent on the same day as implantation and become radiopaque within six months. This allows clinicians to carefully monitor regeneration to ensure successful treatment.

Any clinician seeking a more streamlined workflow with a reliable grafting product will find that OsteoGen® bone grafts are suitable in diverse cases.

Simplified Handling and Preparation with OsteoGen

What are the Best OsteoGen® Brands?

There may be some confusion surrounding OsteoGen® brands with some clinicians seeing the term as synonymous with standard collagen plugs. The best OsteoGen® brands are the original OsteoGen® Plugs produced by Impladent Limited. These plugs differ from standard collagen plugs with the addition of calcium apatite for enhanced grafting performance.

Clinicians seeking the performance of a collagen plug with the stabilizing and regenerative properties of a grafting material can order these plugs from Dental Implant Technologies.

Ideal Technique for OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plugs

Using reliable OsteoGen® grafting plugs is incredibly simple. Any clinician familiar with standard collagen plugs can quickly adapt their technique to OsteoGen® products.

  • Debridement and cleaning remove debris and any infected material from the socket after extraction.
  • Evaluate the size and shape of the extraction socket to determine the best plug size.
  • Prepare the plug, and gently compress it if necessary to place it into the socket.
  • Trim any excess material protruding from the socket and verify proper placement.
  • Plugs don't require a membrane. When correctly fitted to the defect, plugs are stable and will form a protective barrier. Clinicians may secure plugs with passive sutures when necessary.

Bone grafting plugs may be used with packed grafting materials at the base of the socket. This is typically unnecessary for socket preservation procedures.

All Sizes Available from the Best OsteoGen® Suppliers in America

As the best OsteoGen® suppliers in the U.S., Dental Implant Technologies stocks all available varieties.

Large plugs are commonly used for the majority of cases. Trimming plugs is an option for irregular or minor sockets. Extra-large plugs are suitable for significantly large extraction sockets.

Dental Implant Technologies makes the ordering process simple. Rapid shipping is available on request.

Talk to a representative today to discuss shipping options within the United States.

Order OsteoGen® Plugs Today

Dental Implant Technologies is the premier choice when you need the best OsteoGen® suppliers. Order in confidence from our secure storefront. We supply the most comprehensive range of dental instruments, implant solutions, and bone grafting supplies. Find the most reliable and innovative products for your practice. OsteoGen® Plugs and our complete range of products are available to order today.

We are the best OsteoGen® suppliers in America. Order OsteoGen® Plugs in:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
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