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Buy OsteoGen® Collagen Plugs Online Today

Resorbable collagen plugs are the preferred choice for dental surgeries that require socket filling and regeneration along the alveolar ridge.

By combining socket preservation and bone grafting materials into a single surgical material, practitioners can reduce complexity, cost, and the time needed for procedures. At Dental Implant Technologies®, we offer reliable OsteoGen® collagen socket plugs.

Learn about our bone plug products and order online for competitive pricing and industry-leading customer service.

Advantages Over Particulates When Choosing Resorbable Collagen Plugs

Dental professionals have a robust lineup of grafting materials on the market today. For implant surgery and alveolar ridge regeneration, resorbable collagen plugs are a popular choice.

Particulate granules are sometimes used to correct defects along the alveolar ridge, but the handling is significantly improved when using socket plugs. With plugs, there’s often no need to mix a dental compound during the surgery. This can reduce the complexity and time taken to complete a procedure. Resorbable collagen plugs are typically more affordable overall, especially when choosing our trusted OsteoGen® socket plugs.

Collaplugs(Bone Graft Plugs) for Dental Grafting

Bone plugs have been referred to as many names in the industry. While some professionals simply use brand names to describe products (even some of the more generic brands), there are some variations used in marketing and educational materials. Understanding the various terms used for collagen socket plugs can ensure that the right products are selected.

When referring to products similar to OsteoGen® collagen plugs,, the following terms are often used:

  • HelioPlug and Heli Plug (Referring to branded HeliPlug® products).
  • Socket Plug.
  • Collaplug (A variation of collagen socket plug).
  • Dental plug.
  • Bone Graft Plugs.

From bone graft plugs to collaplugs, all terms are equally valid and refer to the same type of surgical material. Dental plugs, bone plugs, socket plugs, etc. all describe a type of pre-shaped collagen-based compound that is inserted directly into a socket to promote healing. Bone graft plugs are used extensively for socket preservation.

OsteoGen® collagen plugs are one of our most effective options for socket preservation, thanks to the combination of collagen to promote healing and a crystalline bone grafting material that promotes regeneration.

Key Benefits Surgeons Enjoy When Using Collagen Dental Plugs.

Resorbable collagen plugs provide impressive handling characteristics that can increase the safety and efficiency of grafting procedures. As we have discussed, time is saved when using bone graft plugs. There’s no need to mix a collagen compound in advance.

Additional benefits of bone graft plugs collaplugs include:

  • OsteoGen® Bone graft plugs are radiolucent on the first day of surgery.
  • The cost per dental plug is significantly lower than using loose materials or putty.
  • The collagen compound found in collaplugs enables regeneration and supports the bone graft.
  • The likelihood of graft washout is significantly reduced with bone graft plugs.
  • The risk of infection is significantly reduced.

When looking at HealiAid® and OsteoGen® bone plugs, clinicians will find similar advantages but there are some differences. Consider both options and make an informed choice when ordering online. OsteoGen® collagen reviews have been positive when considering the vast amount of feedback available from trained clinicians.

HeliPlug® Resorbable Collagen Plugs

HeliPlug® bone plugs (HelioPlug or Heli Plug) are our most affordable collaplugs. The low cost doesn’t impact performance, and many professionals find these resorbable plugs to be the ideal solution when addressing bleeding and protecting a wound site.

Heli Plugs (HelioPlugs) are packaged in single-use blister packs to minimize waste and cost. Each plug measures 1.0cm by 2.0cm, ensuring that a single size is suitable for all patients. The collagen in these plugs is derived from bovine deep flexor, also known as the Achilles tendon. It’s the same source used for OsteoGen® collagen plugs.

HealiAid® plugs help to control bleeding, promote clotting, and protect the site of extraction. Collagen from bone graft plugs is resorbed into the body over a period of up to 14 days. Surgeons should note that HealiAid® products aren’t intended specifically for regeneration. The plug promotes healing but lacks the regenerative properties of OsteoGen® collagen plugs.

For an all-in-one collagen plug and regenerative dental material, clinicians can consider OsteoGen® instead.

Each OsteoGen® Collagen Plug is a Complete Bone Graft and Collagen Plug Solution

OsteoGen® collagen plugs combine the healing and restoration potential of a HealiAid® plug with the added value of including a bone grafting material. Because Osteogen® collagen plugs are intended for regeneration as well as healing, they work over a longer period.

There’s no need to mix a particulate graft or to use a grafting compound in addition to the dental plug. Patients can be ready for implantation within a matter of weeks after being surgically treated with OsteoGen® plugs.

Membranes aren’t required when using these plugs. The material will form its own membrane to hasten healing and limit cell migration. Infection and washout are eliminated because plugs are form-fitted into the socket during the initial procedure.

OsteoGen® plugs are available in two sizes for convenience. OsteoGen® collagen prices are competitive. Boxes are typically available for as low as $279.00 but can vary depending on size. Considering the cost per plug, OsteoGen® prices have a minimal impact on the billable cost of a socket preservation procedure.

  • Extra Large plugs measure 15mm x 20mm and are sold in boxes of five.
  • Large plugs measure 10mm x 20mm and are sold in boxes of five.
  • Slim plugs measure 6mm x 25 mm and are also sold in boxes of five.

Like all our surgical dental supplies, Osteogen® collagen plugs (socket plugs) are highly biocompatible and are packaged sterile ready for use.

Choosing the Right Osteogen® Collagen Socket Plug for the Procedure

The choice between OsteoGen® bone plugs and a product like HealiAid® is simple…

  • OsteoGen® is the preferred choice for procedures where a grafting material and collagen socket plug will be combined in a single application. Surgical cost and complexity are reduced.
  • HealiAid® is suitable for procedures where a separate grafting material is already applied or unnecessary. HealiAid® also reduces the complexity and cost of surgery. Keep in mind that HealiAid® primarily provides wound control and stabilization but does not contain any bone grafting material.

Both plugs provide similar functions with the key difference being the grafting material. Many professionals choose to keep both products on hand to ensure full coverage for a range of procedures.

HealiAid® and OsteoGen® Collagen Plugs Dental – The Process

HealiAid® and OsteoGen® Collagen plugs dental treatment is a major evolution over the “socket seal surgery” technique. The socket seal method was widely adopted because it didn’t require flap advancement and overcame the inherent disadvantages of previous methods of preservation. Minimally invasive, this method did sometimes use an autogenous graft from the palate, which added to the complexity and post- surgical discomfort for the patient.

Recent advances have gone far beyond this, especially when considering the collagen plugs dental method. Plugs can be used without a membrane after placement because the material naturally seals and protects the defect. This eliminates the need for any kind of autogenous harvesting. The collagen plugs dental method also eliminates the need for complex mixing and blending. Clinicians can simply use a prepared particulate if necessary, before finalizing the socket preservation with the placement of a collagen plug.

The protocol for the collagen plugs dental process follows in simplified form…

  • The target tooth is extracted following a standard atraumatic protocol. Granulation tissue and the periodontal ligament should be removed with a diamond bur or suitable tool, before flushing and debriding the socket.
  • Bleeding is then stimulated in the socket by creating lingual or palatal holes at the lower half where the trabecular bone is available. This blood contains osteoblasts and osteoclasts that are integral for socket preservation to succeed. Significant bleeding is not considered a complication. The collagen plugs dental process, through the plug itself, will control bleeding.
  • Antibiotics can be administered. Low-pH antibiotics should be avoided as they are detrimental to rapid bone formation. Many clinicians prefer to use Metronidazole thanks to its slightly acidic profile.
  • The collagen plug is then inserted into the socket. Sterile tweezers can be used to taper the plug apically to conform to the socket. The plug is then compressed aggressively so that it is leveled to the soft tissue layer. The plug should never be compressed to the crestal bone height.
  • The collagen plugs dental process doesn’t require the use of dental membranes. The plug itself will protect the socket when leveled to the soft tissue layer. Non-resorbable sutures can be passively crisscrossed over the plug material. Patients must avoid brushing around the socket for two weeks. Soft tissue should bridge the treatment site within 14 days, at a rate dependent on the patient’s natural healing ability, sutures can be extracted in a scheduled post-procedure consultation.

The collagen plugs dental process is intuitive for any experienced clinician, simple to learn for recently trained clinicians, and is an efficient method of preserving the patient’s socket.

With the most reliable collagen plugs dental solutions, Dental Implant Technologies is the best place to purchase bone graft plugs for use at practices in the U.S.

Buy Resorbable Bone Plugs Today

We maintain stock of both HeliPlug® and OsteoGen® products. Order in confidence from our secure web portal and enjoy excellent delivery turnaround times with overnight priority shipping available to major centers.

Our socket plugs are competitively priced, and we carry the world’s most trusted dental implant and grafting brands. Order HealiAid® and OsteoGen® collagen plugs now or contact us for customer support and more information.