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Order Bone Apatite Syringes Online

Bone apatite is a generic name referring to a type of synthetic bone material designed to facilitate regeneration in the oral cavity and supporting facial bone structure. Bond Apatite™ is the world’s leading bone grafting material for a range of dental surgeries.

Developed by Augma Biomaterials Ltd., Bond Apatite™ works rapidly to minimize downtime between procedures.

Explore the benefits of bone apatite compounds and order in confidence from a leading American distributor of dental implant products.

The Advantages of Bone Apatite Syringe Applicators

Augma Bond Apatite™ is packaged in a single-use syringe applicator. Developed using a composite of HA granules and calcium sulfate, the syringe allows for controlled distribution to the target area. The syringe contains two chambers to separate the HA granules and delivery solution, these are mixed as the syringe is compressed, allowing for a fast setting and a greater level of control for the surgeon. The viscous substance is suitable for grafting sites and eliminates the need to mix synthetic bone compounds with a liquid solution manually.

Several advantages are offered by the proprietary dual-chamber system.

  • Time is saved, lowering expenses for the surgeon and minimizing cost for the patient.
  • Membrane coverage is unnecessary, providing that the soft tissue is stabilized and sutured. This reduces surgery duration and complexity.
  • The material is resorbed naturally within ten weeks. Results as fast as four weeks are possible. Bone apatite application can hasten the bone regeneration process.
  • The syringe enhances handling. It is easy to work with and can improve surgical results.
  • The dental cement is moldable and self-setting once ejected from the tube.
  • The materials are 100% surgical grade, biocompatible, safe, and cleared by the FDA.

This is an innovative product that replaces the older version of Augma Bond Apatite™. It completely eliminates the need to inject saline while delivering dental cement. Surgeons looking to cut down on surgical time, complexity, and the difficulty of grafting procedures will appreciate the key advantages of this bone apatite all-in-one applicator system.

Augma has kept costs reasonable despite heavy investment in research and development. These savings are passed directly to practitioners and their patients. With our low-overhead ordering system, prices are competitive with the market, including other synthetic bone syringe options. Only Augma has developed a patented dual-chamber delivery system of this type.

Surgical Applications of this Novel Bone Grafting Cement Syringe

Dental surgeons can find applications in cases where highly precise delivery of dental cement is necessary. Clinical applications are varied, and can include:

  • Augmentation of the sinus floor.
  • Repair and remediation of periodontal bone damage and defects.
  • Augmentation of the alveolar ridge.
  • Crest widening and repairing horizontal defects.
  • Filling cavities left by the removal of extracted bone before implantation.
  • Filling cavities caused by cysts.

Bone grafting is a highly precise procedure that requires the most reliable materials and application methods. For bone to regenerate, it requires an effective organic or synthetic additive in the form of dental cement.

A high-quality dental cement and applicator can limit potential complications of bone grafting surgery.

Bone grafting infection can be caused by poor surgical procedures. Because a syringe delivery method is effective and less complicated, it can result in a superior surgical application.

Bone graft exposure is another potential complication. When a graft is exposed post-surgery, it will become compromised as blood flow is inhibited. The simple application method of a syringe and the fast setting dental cement can limit the risk of exposure post-surgery.

Improper technique can also lead to problems for patients. Even highly qualified and experienced dental surgeons can find it difficult to work with grafting paste that is manually mixed and applied with standalone surgical utensils. The syringe application method allows for the most effective technique with a limited risk of mistakes.

Provide a better service to patients with a limited risk of complications. Augma bone apatite and applicators are designed to improve surgical outcomes. Order in confidence from our secure online portal.

About Augma Biomaterials Ltd.

We are a proud supplier of Bond Apatite™ from Augma Biomaterials Ltd. This company is a true innovator in the regenerative surgery market, developing novel products for dental surgeons that improve handling and the surgical process. Leading-edge technologies ensure high efficacy with reduced patient downtime between procedures.

Based in Israel, Augma’s primary goal is to develop better bone substitutes and accessories for bone augmentation procedures. The company distributes worldwide through select suppliers, including Dental Implant Technologies®.

The company has published countless reports from clinical cases, demonstrating the impressive handling and results made possible with Bond Apatite™. From procedures like sinus floor reconstruction to endodontically treated tooth surgery, the company is a leader in both dental education and product innovation.

Dental surgeons seeking a reliable, well-handling, and fast-acting bone grafting material find that the bone apatite produced by Augma is one of the best solutions available today.

Order Bond Apatite™ From a Leading American Supplier

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It’s simple and more affordable to maintain your inventory with our Buy 6 Get 2 Free offer. Each package contains a single 1cc Syringe of cement-based bone grafting material.

We offer 100% surgical-grade bone grafting products that are designed to perform in the most demanding surgical applications. Bone apatite products like Bond Apatite™ can enhance the service that you deliver to your patients.

Order online in confidence or talk to a sales representative today to learn more about our products and enjoy our industry-leading sales support.