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There are very few aspects of implant and restorative surgery more important than wound regeneration. Achieving rapid and predictable healing is a challenge that all surgeons face. For better patient outcomes, the most innovative treatments are necessary. Dr. Joseph Choukroun PRF is a patient-focused solution that derives platelet-rich fibrin from autologous blood to improve the healing process.

Dr. Joseph Choukroun PRF is an evolution of PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy. Learn about the system, its advantages, and its applications. For the best patient outcomes using advanced L-PRF and I-PRF processes, order Dr. Joseph Choukroun PRF centrifuges, instruments, and supplies from Dental Implant Technologies®.

The Choukroun centrifuges and kits, combined with instruments and supplies at Dental Implant Technologies® use slower centrifugation that is more effective with enhancements in PRF quality compared to the protocols used by Salvin® Regenerative (Salvin® Medical), DDS Gadget, and other centrifuge suppliers.

Platelet Rich Fibrin is the Underlying Concept Behind the Dr. Choukroun PRF System

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is an organic compound that is developed when whole blood samples are processed with centrifugation. There are no additives or coagulants used in the process. The unique Dr. Joseph Choukroun PRF protocol develops a fibrin clot in a sample tube, which contains the white blood cells and platelets in high concentrations.

This clot is referred to simply as PRF. It may also be referenced as a PRF bone membrane or PRF sticky bone. This clot can be applied to injury sites where it will release growth factors to promote healing and recovery.

To develop PRF from autologous blood, the unique Dr. Choukroun PRF protocols should be followed. This can be achieved with the help of a specialized centrifuge developed specifically for PRF membrane, PRF injections, and PRF plasma preparations.

At Dental Implant Technologies®, we supply the authentic DUO Quattro Dr. Choukroun PRF centrifuge. This unique design offers usability advantages over products from Salvin® Medical and others. It offers pre-programmed protocols to ensure consistent preparation of all currently used forms of PRF. We sell PRF kit dental supplies, as well as individual units, starter kits, instruments, and general supplies.

Dr. Choukroun PRF is a general term relating to a range of protocols used in the dental industry. The DUO Quattro centrifuge can develop various forms of fibrin including L-PRF, I-PRF, and A-PRF. The differences and applications of each type of PRF will be covered in detail in the following sections.

The centrifuges, instruments, and accessories sold by Dental Implant Technologies® are competitive with those offered by DDS Gadget, Salvin® Dental Products, and BioHorizons® Dental (BioHorizon Dental).

What are the Clinician and Patient Benefits of PRF Plasma Therapy?

Investing in PRF kit dental supplies is a major step for any practice. Choukroun centrifuges are priced competitively with other models on the market but come with the advantages of pre-programmed PRF plasma protocols and even custom programmable settings to suit the needs of surgeons and laboratory technicians. Compare Choukroun centrifuges to devices from Salvin® Medical and similar suppliers.

A centrifuge for developing Choukroun liquid PRF or PRF membranes is a reliable investment that can provide significant patient and clinician benefits to improve the productivity and reputation of any practice.

There are clear benefits to be gained with the aid of PRF kit dental supplies:

  • PRF plasma is a natural autologous material that is 100% biocompatible with the donor patient. Unlike some xenogeneic and allogenic materials, there is no risk of cross-infection or allergic reaction. PRF membranes and PRF injections are developed without the use of additives.
  • Preparing A-PRF, L-PRF, and I-PRF is easy and simple when using reliable PRF kit dental supplies. The DUO Quattro centrifuge supplied by Dental Implant Technologies® offers the most effective way to prepare APRF membranes and other forms of platelet-rich fibrin.
  • APRF membranes, injectable PRF (I-PRF), bone grafting PRF, etc. have been clinically proven to provide more growth factors and better healing performance when compared to previous generation platelet-rich plasma therapy.
  • PRF for bone graft and other procedures is considered extremely safe. In many cases, it is safer than using biodegradable synthetic or naturally derived barrier membranes.
  • L-PRF, I-PRF, A-PRF, PRF for sticky bone, and PRF for bone graft are all examples of cost-effective treatments. Because PRF is derived from autologous blood, the cost of using synthetic or organic packaged membranes is eliminated.

Joseph Choukroun IPRF techniques and protocols for APRF membranes are open access. Clinicians can adapt the protocols to suit unique procedures and patients. This dramatically lowers costs while creating a more collaborative environment within the wider dental industry. Products from Salvin® Dental Products, BioHorizons® Dental, and DDS Gadget, may appear to have similar qualities. However, only Choukroun PRF protocols offer superior tissue growth, improved natural healing, better infection resistance, reduced pain, and faster healing time when compared to traditional PRP therapies. Choukroun PRF protocols have been described as simple and cost effective by researchers, allowing for reduced clinical times and lower risk of complications like localized osteitis following extraction [1].

Our reliable and affordable DUO Quattro centrifuge includes both Joseph Choukroun IPRF protocols and membrane protocols as well as memory for a user-defined protocol. This further reinforces the open nature of the Choukroun injectable PRF and APRF membranes system.


Commonly referred to as LPRF this form of platelet-rich fibrin is processed in a centrifuge at a speed of 2700 to 3000 RPM for between ten and fifteen minutes. The resulting LPRF is a thick yellow substance that can be compressed and used as a membrane. LPRF is sometimes the protocol referred to when a surgeon creates a PRF bone membrane. The recent development of the A-PRF protocol allows for more growth factors and the preservation of these elements when transferring a PRF bone membrane to a patient. L-PRF was the initial protocol used in PRF treatment. A-PRF offers the best surgical outcomes.

The DUO Quattro centrifuge can develop LPRF from the patient’s whole blood. LPRF was previously used for bone grafting, socket preservation, and for healing around infections, particularly at the root canal. Now with the availability of the A-PRF protocol, L-PRF has been overshadowed.

Choose the DUO Quattro system as a cost-effective and versatile centrifuge that outperforms products from BioHorizons® Dental, Salvin® Dental Products, and DDS Gadget. A 2020 in-vitro study found that the lower centrifugation speeds used in the Choukroun A-PRF method result in platelets and growth factors in membranes that display superior mechanical properties when compared to older PRF protocols [2].

Comparison of APRF vs. L PRF for Pain management in Socket

Choukroun’s protocols have been clinically proven to reduce post-operative pain in patients. It is recommended that clinicians seeking membrane-like preparations transition from the older L PRF (LPRF) protocol to the newer and more advanced APRF protocol.

Studies have been performed to compare the effects of APRF and L PRF (LPRF).

In one study that followed patients having third molar (wisdom tooth) removal, the effects of APRF and L PRF were compared [1]. The comparison was performed on the first, second, third, and seventh days after surgery.

27 patients were followed, with a mixture of 15 females and 12 males. The patients were split into two groups, one treated with the newer APRF protocol, and the second with the older L PRF (LPRF) protocol.

It was found that patients in the group treated with LPRF reported higher pain and higher use of analgesic pain medication in the days following treatment. Patients who had APRF material inserted into the socket post-extraction experienced less pain and relied less on analgesic pain medication.

While research is still ongoing, it is understood that Choukroun protocols can reduce pain and enhance healing in human tissue. This study reflects the importance of switching to the newer APRF protocol over the older L PRF protocol. APRF is an advanced protocol that can produce an easy-handling membrane that can be applied directly to defect or extraction sites. Like L PRF, the APRF protocol is produced chairside, making it a simple and efficient method to control pain and enhance healing. Dental professionals using L PRF in the past can easily transition to A PRF without any significant change in equipment or investment. In fact, the Choukroun PRF system as a whole represents an excellent investment because it can be continually leveraged to deliver enhanced services to patients using the same centrifuge.

One of the most significant advantages of the Choukroun system is that new protocols can be programmed into the centrifuge as they are developed. This offers an element of futureproofing to clinicians. Invest in a Choukroun PRF today and take advantage of new protocols and techniques as they are discovered. In this way, your clinic can gain access to the cutting-edge of centrifuge PRF technology now, with the ability to implement new developments without any additional investment in the future.

I-PRF (Choukroun Injectable PRF) Definition

This type of platelet-rich fibrin treatment is also known as IPRF, Choukroun injectable PRF, Choukroun IPRF, I PRF Choukroun, and Joseph Choukroun IPRF.

This Choukroun liquid PRF isn’t clotted like APRF dental membranes. Instead, it is a thinner viscous liquid that contains all of the same products found in other forms of platelet-rich fibrin. This includes platelets, white blood cells, stem cells, growth factors from skin and gums, and bone morphogenic protein. I PRF Choukroun isn’t a direct replacement for A-PRF or other forms of PRF. Instead, it should be used only in cases where a Choukroun liquid PRF would benefit the patient’s unique needs.

PRF injections are widely used. Bone grafting PRF can be performed with injection. The PRF can be injected into the grafting site to support healing and recovery. PRF injections are also commonly used for infected root canals and repairs of periodontal defects.

Surgeons can prepare Choukroun injectable PRF with the DUO Quattro centrifuge system. Choose Dental Implant Technologies® for affordable centrifuge packages comparable to those offered by Salvin® Dental Products, BioHorizons® Dental, DDS Gadget, and similar suppliers.


Often referred to as A-PRF+, this is one of the most advanced protocols for the creation of APRF dental membranes. This protocol is different from Choukroun liquid PRF. It takes the form of a spongy, wet, natural membrane.

APRF dental membranes are used to reduce patient pain, improve healing, and protect wounds in the oral cavity. This protocol uses a slower spinning speed to produce a membrane that can be compressed and easily manipulated before being applied to a wound.

APRF dental membranes are technically identical to those used in other types of surgery. Joseph Choukroun IPRF and APRF protocols have been so effective that they are used in dermatology, orthopedics, heart surgery, and plastic surgery. The latest PRF bone membrane protocol can be achieved with the DUO Quattro centrifuge.

Buy a reliable centrifuge for chairside procedures or laboratory preparation. We offer high-quality medical devices comparable to products from Salvin® Dental, DDS Gadget, and BioHorizon Dental.

Grafting Bone with PRF and the Duo Quattro System

In dental environments, liquid PRF and PRF bone membranes are often used for grafting procedures. Bone grafting requires a high level of surgical skill and an effective membrane barrier to both protect and nourish the grafting site.

There are several techniques available for grafting bone with PRF. The most common are PRF sticky bone and APRF plugs.

  • PRF sticky bone is a term that describes the combination of I PRF Choukroun with a bone grafting material. The material is typically a particulate, as this allows for the easy formation of a sticky bone graft. When using PRF for sticky bone, it’s possible for the particulate and I PRF Choukroun to solidify within five minutes. This is useful for filling extraction sites. The combination of particulate grafting material and PRF is quick and easy to prepare chairside.
  • APRF plugs can also be developed when grafting bone with PRF. Traditional collagen plugs and grafting plugs may need additional protection. While some plugs form their own membranes, the addition of PRF for bone graft can help to feed nutrients to the wound site and prevent infection. Bone grafting PRF membranes can be compressed and cut just like synthetic and organic membranes. Handling is similar to commercial membrane products, but with the advantage of full biocompatibility, high concentration of growth factors, and low cost.
  • Some surgeons develop unique in-practice techniques to form custom APRF plugs using particulate materials. Many particulates are designed to be combined with autologous blood. Using liquid PRF to form the plug and then applying a fibrin membrane can ensure the best conditions for patient healing.

Whether using a PRF sticky bone technique, APRF plugs, or simple fibrin membranes, bone grafting PRF is an exciting area of regenerative dentistry. The growth factors and healing properties of PRF for bone grafting are impressive.

Grafting bone with PRF is only possible with a reliable centrifuge and PRF kit dental supplies. Order the DUO Quattro system from Dental Implant Technologies® today. DUO centrifuges are comparable to and in some areas outperform products from BioHorizon Dental, Salvin® Regenerative, and similar dental supply companies.

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Whether purchasing one of our centrifuge packages, butterfly blood collectors, or PRF tubes and instruments, you will have confidence knowing that products are approved by Dr. Choukroun and compatible with his advanced protocols.

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies advanced centrifuges and supplies that can develop more effective PRF treatments than Salvin® Dental (also referred to as Salvin® Regenerative and Salvin® Medical), BioHorizons® Dental (also referred to as BioHorizon Dental), DDS Gadget, and other well-known suppliers.

Customers familiar with Salvin® Regenerative and similar companies will find a convenient online ordering system, rapid delivery turnaround, and an excellent product range within our store.

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The Choukroun PRF system is the most advanced platelet-rich fibrin system today. Improve recovery times and promote healing in your patients. From PRF for sticky bone to membranes for oral wounds, the Choukroun protocols are versatile and open access.

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1. Hoaglin, D. R., & Lines, G. K. (2013). Prevention of localized osteitis in mandibular third-molar sites using platelet-rich fibrin. International journal of dentistry, 2013, 875380.

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3. M G Caymaz, L O Uyanik, Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice, Comparison of the Effect of Advanced Platelet-Rich Fibrin and Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin on Outcomes After Removal of Impacted Mandibular Third Molar: A Randomized Split-Mouth Study, 22 April, 2019,