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Dental Implant Positioning Kits

With a reliable dental implant positioning kit, guesswork and inaccuracy are eliminated in the surgical process. Implant positioning kits contain stoppers and guides to ensure that sufficient space is left between implants. The right kit can even help to guide the basic drilling depth to ensure that the first osteotomy is suited to the dental implants selected for treatment.

At Dental Implant Technologies®, we supply implant positioning kits with which clinicians can follow simple implant guides that are intuitive and easy to work with. Learn how to position implants with an implant positioning kit and order the most reliable instruments for surgical procedures.

Our Solutions for Implant Positioning

We offer implant positioning kits designed to simplify chairside procedures and provide the best possible patient outcomes. Correct positioning increases the long-term success of dental implants and abutments.

    • Our Implant Positioning Kit (SD-IPO) is an all-in-one solution designed to be a convenient implant guidance system. This implant guide kit contains a positioning drill, positioning guides, and guide pins. The kit is suited to single and multiple implant restorations along the ridge.
    • For clinicians seeking an implant guidance system that also serves as a bone harvesting solution, our Bone Collector & Guide Kit (SKU: BCG-01) can be considered. This kit includes stoppers and positioning pins as well as a bone collection system. The harvesting tool can remove dense cortical tissue, improving vascularization and increasing the likelihood of implant success.

Our implant guidance systems make implant procedures faster, more efficient, and safer for patients. Clinicians looking for more reliable solutions compared to traditional implant guidance systems and techniques will find the best implant guide kits at Dental Implant Technologies®.

An Implant Guide Kit Allows Proper Positioning Between Teeth and Implants

The conventional rule on dental implants is that the implant prosthetic should have a gap of 1.0mm to 1.5mm between adjacent natural teeth. An implant guide kit ensures that this industry-standard guideline is followed in every case.

Beyond helping to maintain the space between implants and natural teeth, an implant guide kit allows planning of the osteotomy for each individual implant. An implant guide kit eliminates the risk of creating osteotomies in incorrect positions. Using an implant guide kit to plan the position of implants can significantly reduce the risk of dental implant failure later.

A simple implant guide is the most cost-effective way for clinicians to perform better procedures. At Dental Implant Technologies®, we supply the instruments that help clinicians to better their reputations in their local communities.

How to Position Implants with Guide Pins

Clinicians have several options available when perfecting the technique of how to position implants. In older literature, clinicians are instructed on how to position implants using wax guides. Known as a wax-up, this type of implant guidance system allows the clinician to plan the osteotomies and implant positions based on a model. There are more steps involved when learning how to position implants with a wax-up.

Another method involves the use of periodontal probes and accurate calculations. Clinicians consider the size of the implant and planned prosthetic, and the distance between neighboring teeth and implants. While it’s possible to plan implant positioning using this manual method, it does little to enhance the process when it comes to placing the initial osteotomies. There’s also a large margin for error.

A system using guides and pins is much more intuitive and extremely accurate. Here’s how to position implants with guide pins…

  1. Measure the space between the adjacent teeth to select an appropriate positioning guide. Keep in mind that at least 1.0mm of space should be maintained.
  2. Take the positioning guide and slide it over the positioning drill. Prepare the osteotomy.
  3. For multiple adjacent implants, take a corresponding guide pin and place it into the osteotomy, and repeat the process for adjacent osteotomies.

Knowing how to position implants effectively is one of the most important skills that an implant dentist can have. Dental implant positioning kits are the most efficient and effective method used in modern dentistry.

It’s More Convenient to Use Simple Implant Guides

Simple implant guides are more convenient than traditional methods. They are more accurate and provide a visual representation of implant placement and the size of the final restoration. Using simple implant guides is intuitive and reduces the overall time spent on the surgical process.

After using simple implant guides, clinicians can continue to prepare the osteotomy for the implant. A bone tap may be necessary for dense bone. Some self-tapping implants can be inserted into a sufficiently prepared pilot osteotomy. They will condense the bone during insertion, allowing for efficient osseointegration.

Simple implant guides don’t eliminate the need for standard planning, including imaging to plan the size and type of implants that will be used.

Sterilizing an Implant Guidance System

Implant guidance systems contact patient tissue and biological fluids. Like all dental instruments and components, they should be sterilized between procedures, and before the first procedure. Implant guidance systems aren’t shipped sterile.

Fully immersed hand washing or ultrasonic bathing will eliminate debris and fluids from implant guidance system components. Sterilization can be completed with standard in-office procedures like autoclave sterilization.

Order a Dental Implant Positioning Kit from Dental Implant Technologies®

Ensure safer and more reliable dental implant procedures with our dental implant positioning kits. Our kits are convenient whether placing a single implant or a series of implants with unique sizes. Guide pins preserve space and provide a visual reference when drilling additional osteotomies.

Our dental instruments are made from high-quality materials to the highest standards in the industry. Purchase the best dental implant positioning kits from Dental Implant Technologies® today.