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PTFE membranes are non resorbable membranes used to protect periodontal grafting sites from bacteria and cell migration during guided tissue regeneration. Available to use even when primary closure isn’t possible, these membranes can help to improve patient comfort and surgical outcomes.

We stock reliable PTFE membrane dental products comparable to Cytoplast™ membranes. Explore our products, their advantages, and order plastic membranes today from our secure online store.

What are the Advantages of Non Resorbable Membranes?

Nonresorbable membranes like Cytoplast™ membranes, Gortex membranes, and TXT membranes are designed to be used in demanding surgical applications where a resorbable product wouldn’t last the lifetime of the regeneration process.

Nonresorbable membranes have the strength and mechanical stability to ensure that tissue regeneration is completed to the patient’s needs, without having to replace the membrane during the recovery process. While this does create the need for a follow-up visit to remove the membrane, this is often deemed preferable to replacement part-way through the grafting stage.

PTFE membranes are made from polytetrafluoroethylene, a synthetic polymer that is used extensively in the healthcare industry. Products from various brands are often referred to as Teflon membranes. Teflon is a consumer-focused type of polytetrafluoroethylene. Because of the fluoropolymer content, some products are also referred to simply as plastic membranes.

Common brands in the dental industry include Cytoplast™ membranes, Gortex membranes, TXT membranes, and the advanced Cytoflex® PTFE dental membranes that we stock at Dental Implant Technologies®.

Regardless of the brand or naming convention, there are several key benefits that all high-quality PTFE membranes share.

  • Excellent handling due to the thin and pliable nature of PTFE dental membranes.
  • Excellent antibacterial properties due to micropores in the PTFE membrane dental design.
  • Can withstand exposure, allowing for nonsurgical removal after grafting.

Beyond these advantages, unique brands offer their own compelling benefits in terms of performance, handling, and even price. Our affordable Cytoflex® membranes perform similarly to Cytoplast™ membranes (TXT membranes), and other products like Gore-Tex® (Gortex membranes).

Cytoflex® PTFE Membrane Dental Supplies

We believe in offering the highest quality Teflon membranes for dental procedures. We take care to select products that offer the highest levels of reliability, quality, and surgical performance. Our Cytoflex® PTFE membrane dental supplies are comparable with Cytoplast™ membranes, TXT membranes, and Gortex membranes.

Surgeons familiar with other brands will appreciate the competitive price, excellent handling, and technical properties of Cytoflex® plastic membranes.

Cytoflex® is developed by Unicare Biomedical, a leading innovator in dental technology. With a microporous structure, Cytoflex® offers excellent wound and graft protection, while ensuring stability throughout recovery.

Our PTFE dental membranes are offered with both smooth and textured surfaces. We will explore the benefits of both options in the following sections.

Cytoflex® TEF-Guard Smooth PTFE Dental Membrane

Our smooth Teflon membranes from Cytoflex® are designed to provide performance advantages over the Cytoplast™ and Gore-Tex® membranes that many surgeons are familiar with.

The microporous structure ensures that trauma is limited during nonresorbable membrane removal, while also ensuring that nutrients can penetrate the membrane to aid in grafting. Even with these properties, Cytoflex® limits cell migration to ensure that regeneration only occurs where intended. The membrane can be exposed because its structure prevents bacterial entry. The membrane will perform for up to five weeks in most cases.

With primary coverage, the membrane can easily be removed through a small incision. Without primary coverage, Cytoflex® membrane can be removed using dental forceps.

Surgeons love the handling properties and technical advantages offered by our Teflon membranes. Cytoflex® is an innovation that performs beyond earlier PTFE membranes.

Our smooth nonresorbable membranes are designed for single use. Trimmed membrane pieces cannot be sterilized by the surgeon and should be disposed of once the procedure is completed. Membranes can be ordered today in singles or packages of five.

Cytoflex® TEF-Guard Textured Plastic Membranes

Our textured membranes offer some slight variations that can improve handling and performance in some procedures. Based on the same underlying technology as smooth non resorbable membranes from Cytoflex®, the textured version has a key difference.

The visible macro-texture is designed to improve soft tissue adhesion while minimizing any splitting or deformation at the grafting site. The texture also improves grip and stability while the membrane is wet.

Textured membranes are sold individually or in packs of five. Each membrane is sterile and is designed for single use. Trimmed membrane pieces cannot be sterilized and should be disposed of.

Safety of Cytoflex® TEF-Guard PTFE Membrane Dental Products

Thanks to the synthetic PTFE material, Cytoflex® membranes are completely inert. They are 100% biocompatible and there have been no confirmed cases of allergic reactions. Our membranes have been cleared by the FDA since 2002.

Our plastic membranes are passive, meaning that they aren’t designed to bear a load. They should be used only in surgeries where a flexible membrane is suitable. They are considered safe for all patients who are in good health and prepared for oral surgery.

Choose Cytoflex® for a reliable and high-performing alternative to Cytoplast™ membranes.

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Our PTFE membranes are available to order today. With improved handling and performance over brands like Cytoplast™ and Gore-Tex®, you can provide the best possible care and recovery to your patients.

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