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Dental hemostats are used for effective bleeding control during surgical procedures. Dental professionals rely on our hemostat products for managing bleeding in a range of scenarios.

Dental Implant Technologies is a supplier of the most reliable dental hemostats in the industry, with competitive pricing and convenient ordering with delivery to practices in the United States.

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Surgical bleeding can increase the risk of complications during surgery. Notably, excessive bleeding also makes it difficult to work within the surgical area. Dental hemostats provide rapid and effective bleeding control.

Hemostats like Kelly hemostats, tissue solutions, and pad-like products are separated into three main categories.

  • Surgical Clamps – The most common dental hemostats are surgical clamps. Operated by hand, they are used to grasp and manipulate tissue to restrict bleeding. Examples like Kelly hemostats are used frequently in the dental office.
  • Dental Hemostat SpongesIdeal for dental procedures, hemostat sponges are specialized dressings designed to quickly stop bleeding. Collagen is a common material used for hemostat sponges, thanks to its natural ability to induce hemostasis.
  • Tissue Glue HemostatsClinicians today have access to advanced materials for bleeding control. Tissue glue is an effective solution, applied directly to a wound site for bleeding control. Tissue glue is ideal around awkward organic structures and when there is limited possibility to use an instrument like a Kelly hemostat, or when sponges would be difficult to place.

More recently, soft tissue lasers have emerged as an alternative to achieve hemostasis, while also providing multi-function advantages in other areas of dental surgery.

With an extensive range of dental hemostats including Kelly hemostats, tissue glue, and tissue sponges, Dental Implant Technologies is the ideal supplier for your surgical inventory.

The Kelly Hemostat Design is Essential for Every Clinician

Dental surgeons, family dentists, and specialists all rely on some essential tools during surgical procedures. The Kelly hemostat design is an example of an instrument that should be in every dental office.

The Kelly hemostat is a traditional handheld hemostat that manipulates tissue and constricts blood vessels to stop bleeding. Beaks are serrated to ensure an excellent grip on tissue, without causing excessive trauma. Kelly hemostats are available with a curved beak design, essential for dental surgeries where access to the surgical field is difficult or awkward.

Although one of the most important tools in the surgical inventory, Kelly hemostats are also surprisingly affordable thanks to a simple time-proven design. Our Kelly hemostats are made to the highest quality standards with surgical stainless steel.

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