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Bone Grafting Syringes

In restorative dentistry, the bone grafting procedure is one of the most critical steps to ensure great patient outcomes with long-term results. For the efficient application of grafting material, precision instruments must be used. Dental Implant Technologies® offers a range of bone grafting syringes designed for easy handling and accurate placement of grafting material.

Explore our reliable bone syringes for sale today, and order online for swift delivery to your practice.

Types of Bone Graft Syringes Available to Order

Curved bone graft syringes are available to order today. Our syringes have been designed for the most efficient handling so that clinicians can apply grafting materials to the dental site with ease and accuracy.

We have four available sizes to suit any application:

  • NX-BGS-30 – this is a 3.0mm diameter grafting syringe with a curved shaft.
  • NX-BGS-35 – this is a 3.5mm diameter bone graft syringe with a curved shaft.
  • NX-BGS-45 – this is a 4.5mm diameter grafting syringe with a curved shaft.
  • NX-BGS-65 – this is a 6.5mm diameter bone graft syringe with a curved shaft.

Size selection depends on the unique surgical needs. When applying grafting material to a narrow space, the smaller 3.0mm and 3.5mm bone graft syringes may be used. When accessibility isn’t an issue, the larger 4.5mm and 6.5mm diameter bone graft syringes can be used with standard grafting particulates.

Most practices will benefit from keeping both the larger and smaller diameter sizes in stock so that there’s always an efficient solution available for specific procedures. A set of four syringes is available to order at a discounted price. Please see our assorted sizes of curved bone graft syringes to order single units or a complete set.


Our Bone Syringes are Made from Surgical Stainless Steel

Our bone syringes are made from the highest quality surgical stainless steel to offer long life and efficient sterilization between procedures. Surgical stainless steel offers maximum rigidity and material strength with the highest level of corrosion resistance in our bone syringes.

Like other stainless steel instruments for dental professionals, our bone syringes can be cleaned with pH-neutral detergents to remove solid matter and then sterilized using accepted methods including dry heat oven, rapid dry heat transfer oven, unsaturated chemical vapor, and steam autoclave.

How to Load an Allograft Syringe

Allograft syringes are bottom loading. Avoid filling a syringe from the funnel-shaped top, as this can cause blockages and will reduce the efficiency of our syringes.

Simply prepare the grafting material, pull back the thumb ring of the allograft syringe, and then repeatedly tap the head of the syringe into the grafting material until it is filled. Gently pushing the thumb ring down is all that’s needed to distribute the loaded material to a grafting site.

Our allograft syringes are suitable for all prepared grafting materials for dental restoration and rehabilitation.

Grafting Materials Available from Dental Implant Technologies®

We are a leading supplier of dental implants, instruments, and regenerative products in the United States. Our allograft syringes can be used with a range of prepared materials to help promote bone regeneration in patients.

Examples of grafting materials suited to our bone graft syringes include:

    • PentOS OI Max Premium Particulate – This 100% allograft material uses an inductive collagen matrix that can be combined with autologous blood or a saline solution to create a moldable graft.

Our bone syringes are suited to all of our particulate and putty grafting materials. Browse our complete range of regenerative products today.

Order Bone Grafting Syringes Online Today

Dental Implant Technologies® is a trusted supplier of regenerative and restorative dental supplies. We supply clinicians throughout the United States. With competitive pricing and a range of sizes, you can find the ideal bone grafting syringes for your practice. Our reliable syringes make the placement of grafting materials simple and stress-free. Excellent handling with ergonomic grips reduces fatigue during procedures.

Insist on the most reliable bone grafting syringes and enjoy our rapid delivery turnaround. Order your bone grafting syringes and regenerative supplies online today.